Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-20C: This and that

The “messiah” – Killing
Obama ‘Respects Inherent Dignity of Every Human Life’—When Deciding Whether to Abort Terrorists


Nathan:  Cute headline, and seemingly true.  Of course, the squatter at 1600 PA is not alone in this: he is one of many who are inconsistent.  Many “liberal” religious people seem to have the same mindset.  It is the misunderstanding of innocent life versus those who are a danger to others.  Right now, of course, the greater danger to American lives is NOT the terrorists, it is not even the murderous abortionists: it is the federal government and the state governments themselves.  If they really respected human life, they’d stop taking so many innocent lives themselves (at home and abroad), and bring justice to those who are aggressors and take innocent lives.

Islamic wars: British front
British PM Declines to Comment on Claims That London Attackers Were Known to MI5


Nathan: There are many troubling aspects to this: “British subjects” of Nigerian origin, Muslim (they claim as many as 50% in London are Muslim), “youth” (like all those “Swedish youth”) and wandering around armed in a land where even knives are more and more illegal, and now this.  What the attack DOES show is that if the soldier or those passers-by who witnessed this had been armed, the 20-minute police response would have been to clean up the bodies of these two Islamist murderers, and probably the soldier would not have died.  Brits need to wake up and see what they have created for themselves.  They can expect a LOT more of this.

Mama’s Note: We can hope, but I suspect that the response will be to make knives even MORE “illegal.” That’s been the direction they’ve traveled for a long time, and the attitude of those who witnessed this insanity is not encouraging for any change just yet.

Culture wars: homosexuality
Boy Scouts Change Membership Guidelines to Allow Homosexuals


Nathan: More on this later, but it is important to note that NO one is happy with this: many of us believe that the BSA has betrayed its principles completely.  And of course, the homo lobby is NOT satisfied: they demand ALL positions be open and that the BSA not only “tolerate” but PROMOTE their sickening lifestyle.  Let them do whatever they want, adult or youth, but keep their activities away from the families who do NOT want it, and the sponsoring organizations who have moral objections.  Once more, religious and traditional religious morals are relegated to the backseat of the bus, if not kicked off entirely yet.  You cannot have “freedom of association” of there is no possibility of refusing to associate.

Mama’s Note: Yes, this is turning out tragically for the established BSA, but I do see a silver lining possible. Those families and sponsors who refuse to support or promote homosexuality can and should leave the old BSA and form their own private clubs. The key, however, will be to completely refuse any connection with those who accept tax money or use of government facilities. I’d even go so far as to avoid using “National” or “state” parks if possible. A total divorce from government, and strict maintenance as a private club, would be the best way to avoid the problem in the future. Now we just have to see if these folks truly have the courage and strength of their convictions.

Europe’s collapse – Theft by stupid government
Spain’s new S-80 class submarines sink but won’t float

(Digital Journal)  Madrid – Just as Spain’s Ministry of Defense has seen its budget cut by some 30% as part of recent austerity measures, it turns out they have spent some $680 million on the design of a brand new S-80 class submarine. One big problem, the darn thing won’t float.

Mama’s Note: This would be very funny… if it were not for the stolen money spent on it. How sick, when the people the money was stolen from are fast headed for poverty, if not starvation. I’m sure none of them have any use for a submarine, floating or otherwise.

Nathan: Once upon a time, I believed that government could, at least, provide the necessary function of defense of a nation, a society, rights, and liberties.  This, of course, is not the FIRST stupidity of this nature done by governments, going back to Henry VIII’s Mary Rose, as I recall: a galleon which could not safely leave harbor.  Many other examples are found through history.  This is particularly ironic since the Spanish economy is collapsing right now, as Mama Liberty points out.  And since Spain has all but surrendered its sovereignty to the EU and its new Muslim invaders, you wonder why they bother?  Pride?  Welfare for corporations and workers?  Or just plain… stupid?  How the mighty have fallen.  Britain was next – and to some degree France.  Russia much more recently.  Are we next?

Self defense – Home front
26-Year-Old Woman Stabbed and With a Knife to Her Throat Fights Back…with a Gun

(The Blaze)

Mama’s Note: This lady needs to learn more about situational awareness, and maybe buy a dog, but she gets full kudos for keeping her cool even after being stabbed… and pulling her gun! What a rush to think she was actually armed. I’ll bet the attacker was soiling his drawers as he fled. Now she needs to learn more about how to use that gun effectively. Wish I could work with her for a few weeks.

Nathan: We all need to learn more, but that is one reason that weapons are so important: they give us an opportunity to correct our poor awareness far more easily than being unarmed.   It again points out the need to train, as well: most people in this situation would fail to do anything – but die.

Mama’s Note: Indeed… but this story is unusual because even the best trained experts will tell you that once an attacker is that close with a knife… especially if they know how to use it and have the WILL to use it, having a gun is often not very much help. She is just very lucky he did not stab her in a vital place immediately. If he had actually cut her throat, she would not have survived even if she’d been able to draw and shoot. Very, VERY scary situation. The fact that she kept her cool and was able to effectively draw and shoot after being stabbed is simply amazing.

Stupid government tricks
Red Tape Record Breakers

(WALL STREET JOURNAL/COMPETITIVE ENTERPRISE INSTITUTE) Pages in the Code of Federal Regulations hit an all-time high of 174,545 in 2012, an increase of more than 21 percent during the last decade…

Nathan: I don’t even know if it is possible to read all  of this: certainly Congress is unable to keep track of what they “authorize.”   Notice this does not include all those regulations and interpretations of regulations that are “internal” to the various government agencies.  Enough is enough!  Government continues to explosively grow, when we just need it to melt down.  Of course, the more moribund it becomes, the more unable to react, the better off we are, in the long run.  But short term we are miserable indeed. Once, it was just the tax code that was this stupid, but today…

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