Libertarian News & Commentary, #13-20D: More stupid government abroad and at home

Stupid Government – European Collapse
Five Euro Note Won’t Buy You Soda

(La Republcia (Italy) The Italian daily’s reporters tried using the new “Europa series” banknotes in machines used to purchase tickets, consumer goods and other items in ten Italian cities, and discovered that the vast majority were unable to tell them from false money.

Nathan: Ah, yes, the incompetence of super-government (Dritte Reich v.2.0?) doesn’t surprise me – nor should it surprise the Europeans.  Isn’t it time to go back to being Italians and Frenchmen and Germans and so forth?

And maybe even getting back to REAL money?  God’s money?  Gold – even maybe silver?  The plain fact is that the Euro is a fiat currency, and like the dollar, the Reichsmark, the CSA dollar, the peso and peseta and so on, it will soon be to the point where a five-euro bill won’t buy a soda not because the machine can’t recognize the banknote, but because inflation means the soda costs more than five euros.  Keep in mind that in the mid 1980s a 1/3-liter Coke in a can cost 1 DM (DeutschMark) or about 25 US cents – today, that same 1/3-liter Coke costs 1.5 euros, or about 200 US cents (2 dollars).  Inflation.  The hidden tax; the destructive tax (more destructive than other taxes, that is: all taxes are destructive).

Home front – Stupid government infighting
NJ: Cop charged with firebombing captain’s home

(NBC New York) “A New Jersey police officer is accused of firebombing a police captain’s home where the captain was inside with his wife, two children and elderly mother, prosecutors said. Officer Michael A. Dotro, 36, was arrested at his home in Manalapan Thursday. He faces charges of attempted murder and aggravated arson.” (05/24/13)

Nathan: Actually, I can sympathize with the cop:  bad enough the guy steals the cop’s wife, but to steal his mother and his children, also?  I thought Jersey cops were corrupt, but apparently their firefighters are even worse!

Mama’s Note: HUH? No mention of the fire dept. or family theft in the story. Do we need a “sarcasm” warning on this one? But of COURSE they’re all nuts… they had to be to become cops in the first place.

The “messiah’s” consort – Stupid nanny government
Michelle O Wants Textbooks to ‘Swap Cupcakes for Apples’ in Math Problems

Nathan: You laugh, but you fail to appreciate the deep-seated psychological programming used in these evil math books.  Remember, math books teach that intentions and good will and self-esteem mean NOTHING, just the cruel, pedantic and hard-hearted idea that there is only ONE right answer to a problem.

The role of the “First Lady” in modern times has become a sick joke in many ways: she has her “causes” and her “bully pulpit” and immediately rises to the top 10 or top 50 in fashion and advice to whomever: selling tabloids and tramp magazines and all the rest, while “being a role model” for small-fry everywhere.  Except that she is usually NONE of these things – especially not the current one.

The “messiah’s” take: Outer space border jumpers?
Obama Meets In Oval Office With Illegal Aliens


Nathan: Well, the title fits on the front page of the National Enquirer with those stories about the secret love nest of Queen Elizabeth and the two-headed babies threatening to wipe out the alligators in the Florida swamps. Heaven forbid that a REAL newspaper would report that the guy infesting 1600 PA shows such cavalier disregard for the law.

More and more, the “messiah” starts to resemble some modern-day edition of Caligula or Nero.  His flaunting of the laws, his disdain for American customs and liberties and most Americans, his constant partying, his rank tribalism, and his insatiable hunger for more power and more control  makes Nixon’s Imperial Presidency look like some comic-operatic court of a German micro-state.

The “messiah’s” take – Islamic wars: Arab street revolts
Obama: Benghazi Terrorist Attack Was a ‘Localized’ Threat


Nathan: No threat to any Americans except those within 1 A.U. or so, right?  And everyone knows that bodyguards are much like sand-lizards in dishrags: totally expendable.

Localized?  He may consider it a localized threat to his presidency, his regime.  But when coupled with all the other things, it may be a wee bit more serious than he thinks.  I am not holding my breath, but this perfect “trifecta” (Benghazi, IRS intimidation, and the DOJ media raids) may finally get a few people to seriously think about taking out this administration with its culture of revenge and corruption and power-madness.  Someone has even wondered if this man is liberalism’s Gorbachev.  Sadly, if he goes, though, he will be replaced by yet another Tranzi stooge or figurehead, unless the true revolutionary spirit of 1776 is revived.  And I don’t think so.

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