Buddy, Can You Spare A Dime?

Charity has always been a big part of American life, an important part, so free will giving goes on at impressive levels, even with the economy in such a mess and so many people either out of work or unable to find a job at their former pay – or anywhere near it in some cases. Those who are wise, of course, examine carefully those charities they choose to support and often must make seriously painful choices.

The forces of tyranny and destruction are targeting more and more ordinary, innocent people all over the country, and one can’t help but see at least a few pleas for financial assistance in their daily rounds of blogs and new sites. Most are asking for help with legal expenses, and a few with basic living costs. Often they’ve had their total assets seized by government as well as being incarcerated – many times without even being charged with any crime at all.

Heart breaking, a sure sign of the evil that has taken hold in this world, and often simply overwhelming when the desire to help is balanced against one’s own personal limits. Even if one could or should contribute everything they had, the need could never be met. There’s no shortage of potential victims, and all the money we can come up with doesn’t change the biggest problem.

The courts, judges, and lawyers are actually part of and answerable to the exact same system that creates these victims and destroys all of these lives – and yes, that includes all of the “defense” attorneys. They have no “standing” in court, and can’t function at all without the approval of the government “license” and their trade unions – called “bar associations“.  (And yes, I understand there are some ethical lawyers, but they are bound by the system and can only do so much.)

By what logic does anyone expect to be vindicated, let alone have their lives made whole, if they trust to the system that has damaged them in the first place? Yes indeed, there are occasional small victories, of course, but the general trend is for the “law” and courts and judges to have more and more control over the minute actions and choices of ordinary people… they have the OPTION to give or to take, which is truly fearful to any reasoning person. That they do not always choose to destroy doesn’t change the fact that they have that power, and no “constitution” or anything written on paper has any power to compel them to choose what is right.

Then there are the DEMANDS of some very well meaning bloggers, writers, and activists for those who love liberty to “write to their representatives.” The idea obviously being that these politicians simply need to be told what “we” want, and motivated by the threat of not being re-elected.

Ah, sure. I can just see it now… Diane Feinstein gets a ton of letters, calls and emails from thousands of her gun owner constituents and she smacks herself upside the head saying, “Oh, for pity sake! I didn’t know that’s what they wanted. I’ll just have to cancel all those gun control measures I’ve written.”

Worked so well when everybody and his brother voiced serious objection to “Obamacare” legislation, didn’t it?

First, those politicians do not have the same world view as those who love liberty. I can’t imagine that any of them actually see people as sovereign individuals, self owners, with natural rights to live and control their own lives and property. If they did, they would not be in politics. That seems very obvious.

Second, most of them “represent” hundreds, thousands or even millions of people. It is not possible for them to actually carry out the wants and wishes of more than a few, regardless of their intentions or worldview. The whole idea of “the people” being in control of this is ludicrous at best, regardless of how much they protest. If I write to one of them, demanding that they do so and so – and you write to them demanding the opposite… what’s a poor politician to do? He counts the numbers, measures that against his re-election chances, and then does what seems expedient or within his own agenda. And that pretty much has to be a given.

So, is writing, calling, emailing these “representatives” a rational use of time and effort?

Maybe it is time to start thinking of a different strategy…

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