Libertarian News & Commentary, #13-21B: Society and its collapse, American style

Society, at least at this time here in America, is fragile and fragmenting in many different ways.  Even the more stable and (relatively) more free states are showing the signs of decay.  This both due to the ease of travel: a gangbanger from San Diego or Chicago can be in Cody or Lewistown or Minot within a day or two; and due to the corrosive influence of the education system and mainstream media and the trash they serve up on broadcast and cable television and in the classrooms, it isn’t going to get better. Too many parents refused to accept the responsibility of raising their children right, and THEIR children don’t have the foggiest idea of what to do.  So the third (and fourth) generations are feral: no longer civilized except by a vague fear of being caught doing something that will get them in trouble.  As several stories point out today.

Self-Defense – Society
Clark, Wyo., struggles to cope with triple homicide
(Casper Tribune) Stephen Hammer, 18, and Tanner Vanpelt, 19, will be arraigned Wednesday in Park County District Court. The men are charged with 11 felony counts each, including murder. If convicted, they could face the death penalty. Park County did not have a homicide between 2001 and 2012, … the talk recently was of a shattered sense of security. Residents are now locking their doors; they never did before. “Guarantee if they weren’t packing before, they are now,” said Darren Torczon, a volunteer firefighter in Clark.

Mama’s Note: Indeed… it can happen anywhere. Wyoming response? Carry a gun.

Nathan: I don’t think ANY county in Wyoming, not even Albany, would respond much differently.  The reasons behind the killings are what worry and puzzle me (and I’m sure, others). And the age of the killers bothers me: is that generation so bloodthirsty?  Or is society collapsing so rapidly that we can expect more and more?

Mama’s Note: I’ve been saying for at least a year or two that younger and younger children are committing the most heinous of crimes. The 11 year old who murdered a woman three years ago is a chilling example. It’s possible they just didn’t often get into the news before, but I fear you are right and that these youngsters have become feral killers without conscience.

One of the remote, but increasingly real nightmares for those of us who carry a gun for self defense is being confronted with any young person, but especially a child. I would not want to have to shoot anyone, but I can only imagine the horror of being forced to shoot a child for any reason… and many could not do so. Not to mention the media circus and horrible aftermath, no matter how justified.

Government-run, tax-funded schools
Teacher disciplined for telling students of their constitutional rights

(Townhall via “The Last Resistance”)“An Illinois Social Studies teacher faces disciplinary action for reminding his students of their Fifth Amendment rights when filling out a school survey on behavior…John Dryden was collecting the surveys before class when he noticed the students’ names were printed on them. He looked to see what was being asked and noticed questions about alcohol and drug use…Dryden told his students that they had a Constitutional right to not incriminate themselves by answering questions on the survey.”

Nathan: The good news is that this is basically being reported by a religious webzine, which you would expect to have a kneejerk reaction against anything that might involve recreational drugs.  The bad news: that educrats are increasingly taking away the “First Amendment” rights of students AND faculty, just as “Second Amendment” and “Fifth Amendment” rights have been stolen.  These schools are great for teaching all about permissive sex and drugs (including alcohol but NOT tobacco, right?), but forget about teaching about liberty, freedom, and personal responsibility.  Parents, get your children OUT!

Home front
Record 10,978,040 Now on Disability; ‘Disability’ Would Be 8th Most Populous State


Nathan: This is not a reason to deny disability compensation to those who are truly disabled: who have been injured in work or on duty or in accidents and who have legitimate problems.  But increasingly, we see the “disability” amounting to some mental diagnosis which could not be supported by true science, or exaggerating a condition which is a natural part of growing old, or which is not truly disabling.  At the same time, we need to be careful to remember that this is only about 3 percent of the nation’s population: so it may be a “crisis” that is NOT one.  Who benefits from such a crisis?  The government bureaucrats who are given power to “benefit” the disabled, of course.  And so they promote MORE disability and greater dependency on the state by the disabled.  No need to worry about getting work – everyone else will take care of them?  Again, how society has fallen.

Mama’s Note: Disability is a potential problem for everyone, and must be provided for by personal savings, insurance and community charity just like anything else. NOTHING justifies the use of stolen goods to support the “disabled,” no matter how genuine their situation. And, without the general theft and climate of dependence, truly disabled people would be rare as hen’s teeth.

The “messiah’s” minions – Border jumpers (2 stories)
Biden Tells Trinidad and Tobago: ’11 Million Undocumented’ in U.S. ‘Required to Constantly Live in Fear’


Nathan: Fear of what?  Being sent home?  Being denied more benefits?  Not with this administration, not with this Congress.  The “documented” have far more to fear, as do those born and raised in this nation – not just from the government but from too many of these people who figure that everyone owes them a free ride.

DHS Can’t Locate 266 Illegal Overstays that ‘Pose National Security’ Risks

Nathan: Not even THESE people seem to live in much fear of – you know – getting caught, maybe?  Instead, the FBI wastes time with sting operations to suck stupid, immature, and emotionally unstable teens into enlisting in Al Queda.  And DHS is more concerned with playing bodyguard for federal officials who have to go talk to people – especially in rural areas that are targets for the Great American Commons.  Biden, on the other hand, is more concerned about the fear that border-jumpers have and obviously does not care about the fear that the people he is supposed to serve may have.

Not self-defense
Texas: Employee’s husband shoots man who allegedly held up check-cashing store

(Click2Houston)  “A suspected robber who tried to hold up an ACE Cash Express in north Houston is in the hospital after he was shot by the husband of one of the store’s employees. … Officials said two suspects entered the business through a hole in the roof and waited for employees to show up for work Monday morning. Police said an employee came face to face with two men with bandanas over their faces. They were wearing all back [sic]and holding guns. They told her to open the safe, but she could not, officials said. ‘Luckily for her another employee was waiting outside,’ said Sgt. Fernandez. ‘They spooked the suspects and they took off running.’ Police said the employee’s husband, who was a concealed handgun license holder, was with her. He took off after the men and pointed his gun, pulling the trigger and shooting one of the suspects in the arm. He held him down until police arrived.” (05/27/13)

Nathan: First off, this is NOT self-defense.  The threat was over, no one was in danger any more.  The crime had been averted.  Second, where was their situational awareness?  If he was with her when she was accosted, why did he not take action to protect her then?  Lack of awareness, or lack of training, or just being a coward?  By the way, does anyone else have a problem with the poor quality of writing of this story?  Or do readers really need to have explained the actions of pointing a gun and pulling a trigger?

Mama’s Note: Indeed… poor writing, poor reporting, NOT self defense, and so much more. BUT, it is good to see this kind of story reported even so, and more and more stories of armed self defense that is justified. You take the bitter with the sweet sometimes.

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