Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-32B: Stupidity and economics

Stupid feral govmint tricks
Federal Remapping of Sandy-Damaged Areas May Curb Coastal Development


Nathan: Oh, yes, of COURSE it will: just like it keeps people from building in floodplains. Insurance companies should do this – not government.  This, like so much else, should be a free-market solution, and COULD be if not for government bailouts and programs.

Stupid feral govmint tricks
State Dept. Panel Advises Gay Foreigners in Civil Unions to Get Married


Nathan: More hypocrisy:  They won’t accept polyamorists, especially not those Muslims with four wives (much less those Amazons with four hubbies), but they want this?  Seriously, the US government is dictating (directly AND indirectly) to other nations what is “acceptable” – even if it is immoral.

Mama’s Note: Dictating anything is the problem, whether anyone considers it moral or not.

Theft by government – Congress in action
Congresswoman: High Corporate Tax Rate in Current Law ‘Just a Suggestion’


Nathan: All the laws are “just suggestions” to Congress and the Administration; it is only peons that they force the laws on.  Theft?  Not THEIR problem, except when the level of theft is too low to sustain their every whim.  Amazing that corporations can survive with this sort of thing.

Stupid Tranzis
African Anglican Bishop Plans to Seek Legal Counsel After Dismissal by Dartmouth


Nathan: Of course he can’t work at Dartmouth: by definition he is bigoted and homophobic and hate filled.  So much so that his skin color can be ignored by the Tranzis that run places like Dartmouth.  What an evil place.  And so little competition for Dartmouth and its kind.

The “messiah” – ObummerCare (Abominable Act)
Obamacare Website Misleads on Abortion-Inducing-Drug Mandate


Nathan: And this is new and different HOW?  The lies about the Abominable Act started before it was even written, much less “passed” so that we could know what it said.  In a free-market health system (which we haven’t had for 3/4 of a century), this would not be so dangerous to gullible people as it is in our condition.

Stupid Tranzis – Hoplophobes and hoploclasts
Seattle Mayor Invites Businesses to Post ‘Gun-Free Zone’ Signs in Their Stores


Nathan: Gee, think of all the signs that we can give away from JPFO and Simon says and all the other pro-self-defense organizations!  He isn’t stupid, he knows how well this will go over.  I assume he is a silent partner of most of the fences in town.  Seriously, let them: it will tell people who own and carry guns to defend themselves and those around them to take their business elsewhere.

Stupid Tranzis – New religions: global warming
Dem to GOP: Climate Change Threatening America’s Coastline ‘From Sea to Shining Sea’


Nathan: Oh, boy, I can’t wait to see what the new coastline of the Great Salt Lake (or do we revert to the old name of Lake Bonneville?) will be like.  Really, though, we’ve got more panic over imaginary things than we do over things we can control.  When is enough enough?

Stupid Tranzis – Old religions (state type)
Church of England Won’t Condemn Fracking


Nathan: Incredible.  First they won’t condemn homosexuality, and now they won’t condemn fracking.  What is religion coming to?  Of course, the CoE is a product of anything BUT a free market in religion – which benefits as much or more than a free market in goods and services.

Stupid Tranzis
MSNBC’s Jimmy Williams on Obama Rodeo Clown: ‘Modern Day Lynching’

Nathan: Insanity in the media, as usual.  Wonder if this entire hurricane in a teacup would have made news if it were a totally private venue instead of a “State Fair.”

Home front – Nazgul
NYC Police Commissioner: Our Stop-and-Frisk Law Saved 7,363 Minority Lives


Nathan: An insane and outrageous claim.  Is the Commish sipping the same Kool-Aid as Jimmy Williams?  Of course, now Detroit is trying it, even though a judge with some sanity and ethics found NYC’s program illegal.

Mama’s Note: These folks fall all over themselves denying that just having a self defense tool “might” save lives, but it’s the same argument. We don’t know the numbers, even close, but the facts we do know certainly don’t demonstrate that unwarranted, random searches and detention is either wise or beneficial to anyone.

Islamic wars: Persian front – Stupid US tricks
Iranians, Invoking CIA’s 1953 Iran Coup, Say U.S. Still Interfering in Egypt


Nathan: Yes, of course, and what else is new?  We can go back to FDR, to Wilson, and find that the US has been doing this for a LONG time.  In some places (like Iran) they never stopped.

Troubled Teens Are More Likely to Be Successful Entrepreneurs

(Wall Street Journal) Self-employed workers with incorporated businesses were almost three times more likely to engage in illicit and risky activities as youth than were salaried workers…

Nathan: This does not mean they are criminals, but just troubled and on the edge.  History shows this is the case in more than just business, but this reminds me very much of the old Horatio Alger stories: troubled youth indeed in most of the stories.  Adversity, even if self-inflicted, is the mother of invention and achievement:  one problem I think we have today is that the vast bulk of people live lives (especially as children) that are placid and without any real challenge, especially given the condition of schools and sports.  Scouting, for a while, provided some of that, but today, it is sanitized and dumbed down as much as school and sports.  And these are “fake” – our lives and health and future generations do not depend on whether or not we get an Eagle, or even whether or not we get a diploma: government is “there” to care for us.

Mama’s Note: Few children are raised with serious responsibility (meaningful work), or are required to live with the consequences of their decisions and choices, good and bad. That has to start early to develop a self governing character. For most children, of all ages, the “safety nets” are what they rely on, and scream they are victims when those fail.

Economics – GRTF schools
College Costs Too Much Because There’s No Competition

(Washington Examiner) The nation’s six regional higher education accreditation agencies have restricted entry to the market, limiting the supply of degree granters and thus forcing tuition costs higher…

Nathan: This is especially the case when the public schools, supported in very large part with money stolen from the taxpayers, is used to compete with every other sort of school.  Economic law applies as much to education (including higher education) as it does to selling beans or cars or land or your services.  This is no different than NYC taxi cab medallions or licenses for barbers and engineers.  Government prevents the competition from being free and open, and we all pay one way or another.

Economics – Theft by government
Economist Says Real U.S. Debt $70 Trillion

(Fox News) University of California, San Diego, economics professor James Hamilton says the U.S. debt is $70 trillion — not $16.9 trillion, as reported by the federal government…

Nathan: Or even the 17 trillion now being reported.  The key, of course, is all the unfunded obligations: retirement, Medicare, Medicaid, all the new Abominable Act costs, and everything else.  But that is all pie in the sky: all the current crop of scumbags in DC figure that they’ll be dead by the time these things come due: and remember, they have a hard time looking past the next election!  The amazing thing about the American economy for the past century is that it has even survived and prospered to some degree, given the humongous weight of government and debt it has had to support.

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