Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-32A: Commenting on Commentaries

Home front – Self defense
California: Deputies: Riverview man shot dead while beating girlfriend

( Rock, who was armed with a .45 caliber handgun, went outside to investigate and found a Daniel S. Robertson beating his girlfriend, Cristy Vasilakos, 40, with a metal object, deputies said. Rock yelled at Robertson to stop, but when Robertson turned and began attacking Rock, she fired the gun at least once, deputies said. Deputies later arrived to discover Robertson dead in the parking lot.

Mama’s Note: Good GIRL!! And an extremely clear case of self defense, I’d think. Can’t imagine any DA thinking about charges. Crazy.

Nathan: Too bad they had to clean up the body; a lesson learned by others who have gotten away with this kind of behavior too much.

History – Home Front
No Justice, no Peace: The Other Reparations Movement

By Thomas DiLorenzo ( Jack Kershaw of Memphis, Tennessee, wants to file a class-action lawsuit against the US government for reparations. Not on behalf of the descendants of slaves but on behalf of Southerners of all races whose ancestors were the victims of the US government’s rampage of pillaging, plundering, burning, and raping of Southern civilians during the War for Southern Independence.

Nathan: Thanks to Scott for this one, commentary of course.  DiLorenzo as always does an excellent job of skewering our misunderstanding (and misteaching) 0f history.  The real reason to note this is that we are seeing the way in which the Feral Guvmint WILL behave in the near future as the Second War between the States – or a general uprising in support of the 1776 Revolution – breaks out.  All in the name of serving and protecting the people (and our liberties) both liberties and many people will be exterminated.  Which reminds me, have you heard about Medicare Plan E – the next addition, courtesy of the Abominable Act (ObummerCare): E for “elimination” or “eradication” or “easing of the cost burden.”

Home front – Local tyranny
Police State Stage 2

(Godfather Politics) …police across the country are using automated license plate scanners to record the movements of millions of drivers on a daily basis. … scanners are now being affixed to bridges, buildings, traffic signs and telephone poles — in short, anywhere that they can get a clear view of traffic. The information is recorded, then uploaded into police databases, where it is kept for years or sometimes indefinitely. The information can be correlated by computers to effectively track individual cars. This gets around the Supreme Court, which ruled in 2012 that police had to have a warrant to track a car’s GPS.

Nathan: More like stage five or six, frankly.  But Tad DOES make a very valid point: it is not that cops have “always” observed and occasionally recorded license plates and makes/models of cars, it is the automation now that is different: the ability to read, recognize, record, collate, and then generate reports without human involvement, which humans can then use to track down anyone:  your girl friend’s other boy friend, your in-laws, the guy that owes you $1000, the guy that stole your girl friend in high school.  And of course, “to err is human, to really mess up takes a computer.”  If Joe’s car has license XS-3838 and Sam’s plate is XS-3338 and the APB goes out for Joe but with a typo, so that the ten cop cars converge and fill Sam’s car, and Sam, full of bullet holes.  Or if the camera reads XS-3338 as XS3838 because it is muddy and finds it parked in front of Sam’s house so does a SWAT assault on Sam and fills his house, him, and his family with holes.  People, criminals, especially those in blue, are canny and cunning and can do all sorts of nasty things with databases and the computer systems.  But even if they could not, it is just plain WRONG – a police state indeed – to track ANYone without probable cause and a warrant issued by a FAIR and IMPARTIAL judge (or better, jury).  Sure, there are work-arounds: from changing plates to hiding them to hacking – but it is critical that we NOT be forced to do this:  that is fine for the Underground or the Resistance in 1940s Germany or France, but NOT freedom.  Not liberty.  We must end this sort of thing NOW and not later.

Big Nasty Urban Battlefields – Home front
Vigilante Detroit residents attack suspected rapist after police fail to act

( Residents in southwest Detroit took matters into their own hands after local police delayed prosecution on a suspected rape in their neighborhood.  According to the Detroit Free Press, a group of residents twice attacked the unidentified 43-year-old man on Aug. 5, believing him to be responsible for raping a 15-year-old girl who has Down’s Syndrome, leaving him with wounds on his legs and head. No arrests have been made in either attack against the alleged rapist.

Mama’s Note: And then…. very interesting.

Nathan: Vigilantes?  Perhaps more self-defense militia, identifying and dealing with a known threat against which no “official” action was taken.  But then, maybe they were acting like cops: abuse and attack with nothing but accusations and “smell” to support them.  WHERE was the local or state government to protect this disadvantaged child?

Islamic wars: Arab street revolt – Saudi tribal thugdom
Saudis Warn the West: We Won’t Forget Your Stance on Egypt


Nathan: If so, exactly what do we have to worry about?  The Saudis might send people to steal control of airliners and attack us?  They might convince stupid people to set off bombs in their shoes or their underwear?  They might cut off oil supplies?  Laissez Faire reports that although the US has only 5% of proven oil reserves, we have 22% of RECOVERABLE oil reserves:  we need the Saudis, the WORLD needs the Saudis less than at any time since the 1960s.  And the Saudis DO need Amis and Brits and Frogs and Fritz to run their oil system:  they treat machinery the same way they treat marksmanship:  “As Allah wills.”

The “messiah” – Abominable Act
Obama: ‘Health Insurance … Is Your Right’


Nathan: The man acts so stupid.  If health insurance is my right, why do I have to pay for it, and why do I have to pay a fine/tax if I do not buy it?  Voting is a right, and I don’t have to pay for it.  Free speech is a right and I don’t have to pay for it (or at least not some kinds).  No, we are seeing the man do his demagogue routine again, trying to rile up the 49% to further enslave the rest of us.

Mama’s Note: You can call voting a “right” just as long as your vote doesn’t impose something or steal from another person. And that can actually only happen within a voluntary association.

The “messiah’s” minions – Abominable Act
HHS Launches Video Contest to Attract Healthy, Young Obamacare Subscribers


Nathan: Cute, no?  Like the ads we see about signing up for food stamps, and the mini-dramas to get the moms to sign up for WIC and TANF?  Government touting its own services because the more “service” that they provide to more people, the more power that they have.

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