Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-32D: Government-ruined schools and other stupid tricks

Government-run, Tax-funded schools (3 stories)
Education Dep’t. Expanding Mental Health Services to Boost Children’s ‘Social Skills’


Nathan: It’s right there in the First Amendment:  Children have the right to have government give them mental health services so that they will grow up with better social skills.  Right beside the part about free phone service and free internet service.  Which is right beside the bit that says that postal service is a government monopoly but is NOT to be provided free.

WH: Obama Looking ‘to Fundamentally Rethink and Reshape’ Higher Education

Nathan: As with the first, so the second:  since when does the FedGov have ANY role in higher education?  Any LEGAL, CONSTITUTIONAL ROLE?  Secondly, why would we WANT the FedGov to have any role?  (I know the answer to that: so we can steal money from our fellow citizens/taxpayers/future taxpayers to pay for our own college education.)  The truth is, now that the PS-12 education system in this nation has been DESTROYED by the FedGov (except for the parts that it uses to gain more and more control over those it “serves,”), they are looking for new fields in which to expand from the current “measly” role to one with vastly more power: hence more and more control over pre-pre-school child education and care (right down to cradle roll) and more and more control over post-secondary education.

WH: Obama’s College-Funding Proposals ‘Not Going to Be Popular With Everybody’

Nathan: I certainly would not expect them to be:  imagine an ObummerEd program and legislation to go along with ObummerCare.  What would such a plan have in it? Not the first go-around, but what will ultimately be in place? (Of course, like the Abominable Act, we should not get to see what is in it until it is passed, to make the world safe for totalitarians and Tranzis.)  How about “single-payer education” in which all colleges and universities (and don’t forget technical schools and adult vocational education) are under direct and detailed government control (although of course, in the usual corporatist/fascist manner, they would appear to still be owned by the various states or the private foundations).  How about one-size-fits-all education, with various bureaucratically manned boards deciding who can’t have more education, in order to control costs.  How about other boards that review to see if there are already too many colleges in an area, or if the tuition paid (and of course, therefore the instructor and staff salaries) is too high or too low?  All the average citizen would have to do is obey. In the modern world, no need for saluting or uniforms or anything like that.   Come to think of it, Germany and Italy already did something like that.  Just like Nixon and gun control, all the “messiah” needs to do is find someone to do a bit of research and translation!

Stupid conservatives
Conservatives Split Over Continuing U.S. Military Aid to Egypt


Nathan: No, libertarians are NOT conservatives: libertarians know exactly WHAT to do about US military aid to Egypt.  End it, all, right now.  Let them buy superior US equipment and weapons in the open market: let US companies dicker with them and win their sales the good old fashioned way: both to the Egyptian Army and to the Muslim Brotherhood and to the Arab Street “protesters” and even to the Copic christians there in Egypt, to defend themselves, their homes, and their meetings.  Conservatives have this very confusing world view that says government is wrong, but only most of the time.  They believe that government is incapable of doing most things right, but incapable of doing things related to military matters wrong.

Stupid people
Pilot Group Expresses Concern Over Sharing the Sky With Drones


Nathan: Got news for them: they are already doing that.  And have been for years.  the civilian market drones are getting bigger and better, and the CIA and other government agencies (probably including the military) have been ignoring prohibitions.  I suspect that there are many companies also. And that doesn’t count things like rockets and balloons and such like. But I don’t have any sympathy for pilots:  this is akin to people complaining that them there new-fangled automobiles scare horses what have to share the road with them.  And that the horseriders and wagon drovers don’t want the noisy, smelly, silly things on the road.

Theft by government – New religions
$5.7M NSF Grant For Card Games, Videos To Teach Public About Global Warming


Nathan: Maybe I should put this in the education section today, but this isn’t education, this is propaganda.  I think the local Salvation Army and Hare Krisna and Scientology groups ought to apply for grants like this, too.  Along with the national Atheists-R-Us and Evolutionist groups.  Yes, this is a waste of money, but more to the point, it is government doing things that we tried to force governments to stop doing more than 200 years ago.

Stupid government
Government Gives $179,784 to Study What Motivates Workers: Love or Money?

Nathan: Count on government to try and solve this as a black or white question.  I know the answer already: it varies from person to person: for some of us, love of God, love of family, love of country, love of truth, and love of liberty trump mere money almost completely. Otherwise I’d be living back in DC inside the Beltway wearing a $1600 suit and selling out all of the above.  For others?  I know people who would sell their mother or their kids for a sawbuck.  And whore their wife out for a C-note.  Come to think of it, a lot of those folks ARE living inside the Beltway and wearing the big suits and drawing the big bucks from all sides.

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