Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-32C: Liberty and what? Stupid government

Liberty, sadly, is too often mistaken for something else:  listening to a different talk show a couple of days ago, the guy (who sounded pretty libertarian for a minarchist) attacked Rand Paul (or maybe, upheld him) as NOT being a libertarian.  (Well, he isn’t: except maybe in the 80-80 Advocates for Self-Government way, certainly not even a radical minarchist.)  Why?  Because he (1) believed in God, (2) believed in life before birth, and (3) didn’t go out and drink and drug all the time.  This radio guy really does believe that libertarian = libertine = liberal, which is contrary to any logic.

But this is common today: words are taken and twisted to say whatever the speaker or writer wants to use them for: libertarians (minarchists AND anarchists both) are made out to be right-wing monsters, we are sending troops to 100+ nations to “defend American freedoms” while an occupation army of cops, fire”fighters,” inspectors, and the like steal our liberties at home.  It is time, past time, to end this farce.

Islamic wars: Arab Street revolt
63 Egyptian Christian Churches Looted, Torched or Attacked


Nathan: Apparently one congregation missed having Sunday services for the first time in 1600 years… because they had no place to meet since their building had been destroyed by the protesters.

Politics 2013 – Congress in action
Gov. Scott Walker: No Government Shutdown Over Obamacare


Nathan: This is supposedly news, but it has been obvious that the GOP was NOT going to do anything “drastic” to oppose this piece of garbage.

Islamic wars: Arab Street revolt (2 stories)
Kerry Admits: ‘Many Al Qaeda Leaders Now Operating in Syria’


Nathan: The blindingly obvious, of course:  also known as having to admit to facing facts (even if they don’t really face them and do anything which is right).

Kerry on Al Qaeda in Iraq: Recruiting Young Men to Join ‘Twisted Version of Jihad’

Nathan: Twisted?  Seems to me like Al Qaeda is the only worldwide organization that is properly carrying out jihad as defined by Mohammed (peanut butter und honig) and the others who tried to conquer the world for Allah.

Stupid Tranzi ideas
Harvard Study: Military Should Embrace Openly Transgendered Troops


Nathan: This is obviously for definitions of “military” other than: a combat force armed, equipped, trained, and organized to conduct defense against attack upon a nation.”  There have ALWAYS been people that had genetic defects, and “transgendered” persons are either that OR mentally unstable and in need of help.  In either case, they belong in a TRUE military service as much as a quadriplegic or a Thalimide baby does.  The military is NOT a welfare or reeducation or social engineering program.

Stupid people – Politics 2013
New York: Hundreds Selling President Obama Tickets on Craigslist

(WKBW) – Craigslist is flooded with people selling their tickets to see President Obama Thursday [in Buffalo, NY]. Almost immediately after the free tickets were given out and the UB lottery winners were chosen, ads began popping up online. On Craigslist, one person offered to sell their ticket Tuesday for $250 dollars, but then on Wednesday, the price jumped to $350.

Mama’s Note: How stupid. First, it’s hard to believe anyone would actually pay to be in the same town with him. You couldn’t pay me enough to be there. But, second, this sort of thing is almost inevitable. Why issue actual “tickets” in the first place? The electronic kind, where people simply ID themselves at the door, would make a lot more sense if you wanted to limit the attendance to those “approved.”

Nathan: Oh, I can imagine how a lot of people would want to see their “messiah” – according to far too many people, he is at least a demigod, gross as that is.  And the tickets and trading are a slimy, sly sort of political patronage: the messiah-worshippers with influence can get extra tickets and rake in a little cash by flogging the extras, and STILL get to go to the worship service/rally.  That and bogus claims of security are the reason for the paper tickets.

Stupid people tricks – Results of government attention
Bradley Manning wants to live as a woman

(CNN) — Bradley Manning wants to be a woman. The U.S. Army soldier sentenced this week to 35 years in prison for leaking 750,000 pages of classified documents to the anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks said Thursday in a statement read on NBC’s “Today” show that will seek hormone therapy and live as a female named Chelsea.

Mama’s Note: Pretty sad, actually… but I wonder who he thinks is going to pay for this sex change stuff? Bet you anything the GLB ect. crowd won’t be flooding him with money to pay for it.

Nathan: Heard that on the news a couple hours ago – very sad.  Despite what he did (which needed to be done) he is a very troubled young man, and being confined for three years as he was did not help.  I suspect he was in essence warped and twisted even more than he had been, and this is one way he is trying to escape.

Either that, or this is a disinformation campaign seeking to further discredit him in preparation for the appeals process.  Makes you sick.

Government-ruined, tax-funded schools
71.4% of Full-Time College Students Get Federal Aid, Averaging $10,500 a School Year

Nathan: A story earlier this week talked about how college costs have been climbing like an out of control missile because of a lack of competition.  And while that is certainly a big part, THIS is the other reason (and maybe the major one):  government has DESTROYED the free market and the idea of supply and demand has been derailed because, in effect, demand is almost unlimited because the PRICE doesn’t matter: government will pay for it.  This is 25% more than my total annual college bill was: tuition, fees, books, room & board.

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