Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-39C: Stupid government, dangerous people

The “Messiah” and the Mainstream Media?
Why reporters fear Team Obama

(New York Post) Many reporters covering national security and government policy in Washington these days are taking precautions to keep their sources from becoming casualties in the Obama administration’s war on leaks. They and their remaining government sources often avoid phone conversations and e-mail exchanges, arranging furtive one-on-one meetings instead.

Mama’s Note: Ah, privacy and confidentiality are now “furtive.” I wonder if the “journalists” are starting to realize that they were never really part of the privileged elite after all.

Nathan: My oh my, and here I thought that only Republican Administrations hated and abused the Press.  But somehow, I suspect that the Media elite will continue to back/kiss up to the “messiah.”  Obviously the peons are NOT part of the elite: not until they demonstrate their allegiance to the PTB by crushing stories and doing other things to demonstrate their loyalty.  Certainly, getting info from whistleblowers hardly proves that.

Stupid-stupid government
Could shutdown make federal government dumber?

(NBC News) A 2011 government study found that, across all occupations, federal workers took home paychecks of about 26 percent less than non-federal workers doing comparable work. Within the District of Columbia, that number jumped to 37 percent. But those calculations did not include the value of benefits received other than pay.  The conservative Heritage Foundation calculated in 2010 – incorporating benefits like health insurance and retirement plans – that federal workers are compensated 30 percent more than those in the private sector.

Perhaps the most commonly cited number is from a 2012 Congressional Budget Office report, which estimated that federal workers, on average, received about 16 percent more compensation than private sector employees. But that difference was much higher among workers who did not have any college education. Highly educated federal workers actually took home almost 20 percent less than their counterparts outside the government.

Mama’s Note: You can’t wet a river…

Nathan: True, but when you are dealing with human stupidity in groups, it is impossible to reach the bottom of the gutter and not find a way to get MORE stupid.  Of course, remember that a BIG reason for people to go to work as a civilian in the federal government is “job security” so this IS going to scare some people off – but at the same time, they know that inevitably, Congress restores them their back pay.  As for the government studying itself to see how their pay compares with the private sector – yeah, right, of COURSE they are going to report the truth.  Not outright lies, of course, but using statistics in the way that governments tend to use them: leaving out inconvenient facts. And clearly, NBC wants to present the shutdown in the worst possible light.  Me?  The more brains drained from the FedGov the better: if we soon have a bureaucracy with an average IQ of 75 or so, we’ll all be better off.

By the way, I have been referring to “stupid government” and “stupid government tricks” about as long as I’ve been writing these commentaries, so what can I do now?  More-stupid government?  Stupider government?  Stupid government extreme? Of course, we constantly have examples of how stupid the government is right now, as the next story reminds us.

Mama’s Note: The bottom of the “stupid” barrel is the grave. Ultimately, stupidity is fatal.

Islamic wars: African front – Stupid government
Failed Navy SEALs raid on Somali target could bolster Al Shabab

(Security Watch) The predawn raid Saturday came unstuck when the US troops were faced with heavier-than-expected return fire, and pulled out to avoid civilian casualties, two security sources said. No Americans were injured.

Mama’s Note: Should be of interest especially to those who cry that it is futile to resist the might of the US military.

Nathan: Indeed.  It is not just al-Shabab that will gain from this.  Even the success in the equally-illegal Libyan raid does not offset this failure.  Given the circumstances and the limits and orders, I do not fault the men on the ground for pulling out, if the reason (keeping from killing more civilians) is the real one.  But I very much question the entire legitimacy of the operation, and the senior officers in command for executing this without constitutional or moral authority.  And you wonder just who at some civilian level made the decision to try and pull this off – and WHY?

Mama’s Note: I was thinking more of those here who moan that freedom folks can’t ever hope to stand against the regular military or all their tanks and bombs. The history of Iraq, etc. gives the lie to that one.

Self-defense – Stupid crooks
Stork Clerk With a Machete vs. a Crook with a Gun: Guess Who Wins


Mama’s Note: The key, as I see it, is that the clerk thought the robber had a toy gun. The robber, even though actually armed, wasn’t interested in being cut up with the big knife, obviously, and decided to run. I very much suspect that the round fired was reflex because the dumb cluck had his finger on the trigger.  All in all… good outcome. And NATURALLY, the stupid police tell the guy he should just “give them what they want.” Dumb owner too… Hope this guy goes out and finds a better job. He won’t be so lucky always.

Nathan: Many people fear naked steel more than a gun.  But we have to also remember that this thug seems like most: his courage is so small that ANY resistance with some basis: gun, knife, club; is enough to get him to run.  And we have to remember, the big advantage of firearms is that they level the field of combat: a weaker, older, slower person can offset the advantage of a stronger, faster, younger attacker.  But ANY use of weapons requires courage to some degree.  Who said, “there are no dangerous weapons, only dangerous men.”? Speaking of which…

Man Wielding Scissors Stabs 5, Including Toddler, in 9 Minutes at Upper West Side Park: Officials
(NBC News, New York)

Mama’s Note: Aren’t we so glad that nobody there had a gun? Why, someone could have gotten hurt!!  …oh, wait!!

Nathan: Nine minutes is a long time, but not long enough for cops to respond.  But if even ONE person in that park had been armed…  This man could have been armed with a ice pick or a steak knife… it is impossible to disarm people enough to keep this from happening when a disturbed person goes wild:  but it IS possible to have enough self-defense weapons available to counter them.

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