Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-39D: Stupid is as stupid does

Politics 2013: Shutdown – Theft by government
NIH Stops Therapy Dogs From Visiting Sick Children


Nathan: Of course, this is NOT “essential” because it is NOT the FedGov’s responsibility to do this – but again, don’t you think that someone might have been willing to do this without pay, “for the chillun’s sake?”

Politics 2013: Shutdown – Theft by government
‘Shutdown’ Day 7: Government Buys $47,174 Mechanical Bull


Nathan: Oh, yes, of COURSE this is essential: safety training and all that.  Never mind the couple that almost died in the desert when they were cast out of Big Bend National Park in Texas last week – that isn’t about safety like mechanical bulls are.

Politics 2013: Shutdown – Theft by goverment
Roll Over Plan: Treasury Needed to Pay Off Record $7.5T in Maturing Debt in FY 2013, Issued $8.3T New Debt; Increased Net Debt $777B


Nathan: Funny, I thought that there had been no new debt for the last six or nine months, yet here we see $777,000,000,000 NEW net debt?  Not only are they not telling us the truth, they are not playing with a full deck.

The “messiah’s” minions
HHS Secretary Goes on Comedy Show to Defend Obamacare Dysfunction


Nathan: Well, the venue is appropriate – if you like black comedy.  The entire nation is one big joke today.

Politics 2013: Shutdown – Theft by government
Obama Says He’s Willing to Negotiate, As Soon As Republicans Do What He Wants


Nathan: Hmm.  Channeling a whole bunch of folks now: Nero, Caesar, Napoleon, Onkel Adolph, Uncle Joe – oh, and don’t forget Abe Lincoln and FDR.  This is practice for when he pulls off the velvet gloves and we all see the mail-armored fists.

The “messiah’s” minions – Theft by government – IRS Thugs
IG That Watchdogs IRS–And Uncovered Targeting of Tea Party–‘Shut Down’

Nathan: Definitely not essential.  We know HIS answer to “who watches the watchers?”  NOBODY.

Abominable Act – The “messiah”
WH: We Will Release Obamacare Enrollment Data on Monthly Basis


Nathan: Of course you will – after all, you are the most transparent administration in world history – indeed, in the history of the universe.  We know about every hole of every golf course and every vacation day and stop and what you have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and where she buys her dresses and where the kids go on vacation (all at our expense).  And we know all about how you stripped off your dress suit and leaped across the Atlantic in your supersuit to get Osama and to slay the dragon.  So I am sure we will know exactly who enrolled – even if they didn’t.

Politics 2013: Shutdown – Theft by government
Let’s Move? Park Police: ‘It’s Against Law’ to Use Mt. Vernon Trail


Nathan: And the trails at Valley Forge, even if the parking lot isn’t blocked.  Of course, that is $100 to offset the budget deficit, right?  Just as it is illegal to walk across federal property to get to a private business, whether on private land or on a long-term lease for which they paid through the nose.

New religions – Culture wars
National Cathedral Leader: ‘Homophobia’ a Sin; Same-Sex Marriages Will Be Performed


Nathan: No doubt from the Orange Catholic Bible, new “messiah” edition.  Sorry, don’t really mean to dis Frank Herbert’s great novel, but it was the first thought that popped into my head.  The NC is Episcopalian, of course, which used to be the same as Anglican, but isn’t any more, as a lot of “Anglican” priests and parishioners have decided that enough is enough and they are tired of trashing (and ignoring) the real Bible.

Stupid people tricks – Hoplophobes
Newtown residents vote to tear down Sandy Hook, build new school on the same site
( In the greatest voter turnout since the 2008 presidential election, the overwhelming majority – nearly 90 percent – voted to spend over $49 million in state funds to demolish the school and rebuild it on the existing site.

Mama’s Note: Well, how about that. They all voted to spend other people’s money… lots of it. 90%… of what? Not the state taxpayers, just the thieves in Newtown.

Nathan: What, they are building on that bloody ground?  Not a new location, demolishing two or three dozen homes and adding another $11 million or so?  What pikers!  The essence of welfare, for this rich community.  And the insanity of the once free State, and its legislature, to do this for sentimentality?

The “messiah” – Stupid government: The Shutdown
Obama to GOP: ‘I Will Talk about Anything’ If You Pass a Clean CR, Debt Ceiling Bill


Nathan: Sounds reasonable, doesn’t he?  Like ANY tyrant, do it my way and I’ll be nice, listen to you, and even talk back nicely.  Just, do it MY way.

Mama’s Note: Sure, exactly as “reasonable” as the rapist who says, “don’t make me hurt you.” It’s all your fault you got hurt if you resist.

Stupid government – World wars
GAO Audit: U.S.-Bound Cargo Not Monitored at Half of ‘High Risk’ Seaports


Nathan: So, where is the government’s responsibility for defending the nation against attack?  The reason we are supposedly in virtually EVERY country in the world is to defend America, but we don’t do it.

Nazgul – Home front
Judge Sued After Sending Girl Back to Her Home Where She Was Raped


Nathan: Sovereign immunity, of course, will get him off this – that and a total lack of any concern for the mundanes.  It literally is no skin off his nose: he has no obligation except to his superiors to collect his paycheck.

Mama’s Note: And yet, this is the perfect example of why the “courts” and police can do little or nothing to solve the real problems, and most assuredly not domestic violence problems. The very best they can do is interfere with the things the people themselves need to do. The courts and judges are not omnipotent, and we don’t want them to pretend to be. Lawsuits don’t solve the problems when they make inevitable mistakes.

This girl was obviously NOT a “child,” and should have been perfectly free to defend herself by any means necessary, including finding another place to live. Her learned and enforced helplessness – and that of her mother – didn’t start with this court decision, by any means.

Stupid people – Welfare state
Randi Weingarten: ‘Women Actually Have to Work to Feed Their Families’


Nathan: Really? All those welfare single mothers will be surprised to hear this:  their kids are nothing but a ticket to free government handouts, just as THEY were to their mothers, and now back about three generations.

Mama’s Note: The multi-generational “welfare family” is not actually all that common, except perhaps in a few major metro areas. I couldn’t find any recent studies, but in the 90s the average welfare recipient received benefits for only a year or so. Many would take a job if they could find one. The fact that most jobs they qualify for pay less than the welfare benefits – including free health care – is not a good incentive to work.

The answer, of course, is for government to completely get out of our business and stop destroying the economy. A truly free market would create enough opportunity for everyone to work, whether for themselves or others. The strangle hold of taxes, regulations and fiat “money, debt and nanny government, not only attracts people to dependence, it cements them there all too often.

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