The Curtain Rises on the Final Act

Well, time to wrap it up.  Thanks to Margaret for this story – though of course I’d already heard.  And the handwriting was on the wall:

House Passes Deal to Reopen Government
(New York Times – Breaking News Wed 16OCT2013, 2229 EDT)
The House voted, 285-144, to approve a Senate plan to end the government shutdown and raise the debt limit. The deal would finance the government through Jan. 15 and raise the debt limit through Feb. 7.  President Obama said he would sign the measure.
(Read another account of it here.)

Nathan: Of course he will.  He won. Once more, the GOP “leadership” has rolled over and played dead for the tyrant and his minions.

Margaret asked Debby and me to comment on it and give our thoughts as to what we would predict will happen now.  Here is my reply.

More and more, the people we talk to and write with have said it really will make no difference: the nation is lost and it will be a more or less steady downhill slog from here on out.  The GOP helped reinforce the White House message that the GOP was to blame:  at this point, the GOP stands to LOSE the 2014 elections and this 16 days may well be the major meme the Dems use to ensure the defeat is a crushing one.  I’d like to say that if the GOP loses the House, it will just ensure that the last two years of the current regime will be a romp to total victory FOR them and the Tranzis.  But frankly, given the surgery obviously done on the GOP to remove not just the spine but the frontal lobes and not just the testicles but every bit of intestines, it wouldn’t matter.  They are going to roll over on ObamaCare, on immigration, on attacking every little country that the tyrant wants to attack, and we will see the dollar become even more worthless than it is already.  No country will say anything too loud, but they will quietly walk away from us – even Israel and the UK and Korea, and make accommodation as best they can.

There are stories that the EU and China have come to an agreement to drop the dollar, so the worthless pieces of paper will get even more worthless.  And in real terms, personal household income will continue to drop more and more: we are already at maybe 92% of real (adjusted for the government inflation figures, which themselves are bogus) income compared to 2000 (as 100%).  And inflation will increase.

The military will continued to be emasculated, as he relieves more and more of the few flag officers that were worth anything, and puts more and more opportunistic toadies in command: the good people will all too often be treated like Uzziah.  Veterans will be treated as mental cases, more and more – especially after this last weekend.  States will be still MORE browbeatened and bribed into licking his boots and they will fear to do anything at all. This INCLUDES the western states: SD, WY, MT, ND, UT.  The other states already have Stockholm Syndrome: I expect these to get it as well.  Voting in 2014 will be useless: I expect to again see 85% or more of those who choose to run again to be reelected.  (Yes, the polls say 60% of us want ALL of them gone, but that is what they said back in the 70s and the 90s, and it didn’t happen.  And that was when there was still a bit of honesty left in the elections.)

More and more people, having decided that they have nothing to lose, will “go postal” or “go Galt.”  The cops will increasingly resemble the occupation force they really are, and we will see more and more Fallujah-type incidents: more and more men and women and children gunned down and beaten to death for doing ANYthing to outrage a cop or a political office-holder. More and more people will have their messages and calls (already spied upon) used as evidence or as a reason to ensure that they are dealt with.

The only hope is that SOME of the states in the West (I pray for just a half-dozen) will have the courage to do something other than just roll over.  I fear that massive civil disobedience is beyond the capability of the people as a whole.  Anything less than several million people refusing to follow the insane laws and pay the idiotic taxes will be crushed without mercy.  And they can’t be scattered over the whole country: they have to be concentrated fairly tightly.  And that is not going to happen.  It must be left in the Lord’s hands.  But we know that He expects and demands that WE do something to show our faith in Him, and I do not think that we are any different than Sodom:  Abraham and Lot couldn’t find enough people to save the city.  And I don’t think we can here in what was once America.

Let me add some more:  this last sixteen days has broken a lot of people.  The GS government employees (General Schedule) are going to get every bit of their salary paid.  Rumor is that WG (wage grade) employees will NOT get any pay: they are blue-collar, unlike the white collar GS types.  But no government contractor, even if on personal contract and working in the same offices or shops as the GS and WG, will get a single dime.  Nor will the hundreds of thousands of people, from waitstaff in restaurants and maids in lodges and hotels on (or accessed only by) federal lands, no one who paid to buy timber and weren’t allowed to cut a tree down for more than two weeks, or the people who are in the various businesses that we’ve read about for two weeks.  Some of us were only indirectly affected, often in surprising ways.  We will see how being broken affects all of us: will we accept our change (chains) or is this the event that will cause many of us to resort to real disobedience and even… violence?

Mama’s Note: Part 2 of the “Food Stamp” article will be posted later today.

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2 Responses to The Curtain Rises on the Final Act

  1. LiberTarHeel says:

    Dystopic, but accurate. I cannot remember being less optimistic about my fellow citizens’ future.


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