Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-44A: Abominable Act – ObummerCare and more

Abominable Act (ObummerCare)
Students at historically black college in Maryland lash out at Obama

(The Blaze)

Nathan: They don’t blame him for having the Abominable Act written and signing it into law, they blame him for not doing something NOW to keep them from losing their $50/semester medical insurance  (wonder how much the school pays INDIRECTLY and collects from them via tuition, other fees, and how it steals (indirectly, I understand) from the taxpayers of Maryland?  These young black students, like too many others, probably do not even RECALL that the Abominable Act was passed in 2010 – or care.  Meanwhile, I am reading garbage from “progressives” who attack people for clinging to their cheap, “substandard,” “get-sick-and-die” health insurance policies and refusing to accept the “messiah’s” gracious offer of better coverage even at a “slightly” higher price.  Where DO these idiots breed and proliferate?  I am surprised that this kind of idiocy is not weeded out of the gene pool by playing in the street, plugging forks into electrical outlets, and drowning in street gutters.

Mama’s Note: Indeed, and the whole tone of entitlement just screams from this. Remember that “black” students are more equal than other students…  Just imagine if a large group of Caucasian, Hispanic, or Korean students complained about this. Why, they’d be “RACISTS.”

Abominable Act (ObummerCare) – Politics 2013/2014
Pelosi says Democrats will ‘stand tall’ in 2014 in support of Obamacare

(NBC News) House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Democrats are not losing confidence in President Barack Obama’s ability to make the Affordable Care Act work and don’t fear Obamacare’s effect on their chances in next year’s elections.

Mama’s Note: Of course not… why should anyone expect these people to see or accept reality now, after all this time doing otherwise?

Nathan: This sort of wild claim is of course an essential part of the various spells that this witch is casting;  some sort of symbolic magic in which perception replaces reality.  Sadly, we know that she has many people, especially in her own district and state, who believe these lies.

Abominable Act (ObummerCare) – Federal tyranny
The Fourth Obamacare Shock Wave Is About To Reach Us

(Forbes) Obama might try to intimidate doctors like he intimidated Chief Justice John Roberts into switching his vote to uphold Obamacare.  Doctors should brace themselves for the same kind of venomous denunciations that Obama has aimed at millionaires and billionaires. Since Obama is an avowed progressive, and previous progressive presidents have given us compulsory measures like government monopolies, income taxes and military conscription – he might consider using force with doctors.  Perhaps an executive order establishing a doctor’s mandate to serve a minimum number of Obamacare patients as a condition for renewing their medical licenses.  Obama could cite the fact that we’re in a state of emergency, originally declared by President George W. Bush on September 23, 2001, renewed in 2012 and most recently extended by Obama on September 18, 2013. But this could backfire, because the average age of doctors is about 56, which means the most likely outcome would be a surge of doctor retirements.

Mama’s Note: Very good analysis, and from a fairly reliable source. I can just see this administration attempting to draft doctors and other professionals into total involuntary servitude. Oh yeah… Atlas is shrugging.

Nathan: Sadly, a lot of people over the years have misunderstood the willingness of the American public (and various elements of the population) to accept abuse of the sort he expects DC to put on the medical profession.  If they DO put in draconian “conscription” of doctors, the retirement status of those doctors will be ignored. This is particularly true of ANY medical personnel who had military service, especially as an officer.  There is NO limitation on calling someone back to “active duty” – just more hoops that have to be jumped through by the bureaucrats to do so – regardless of age.  And that is all without having to pass new laws – assuming they even care.  Otherwise, just another Executive Order (Decree from the “messiah.”)

Mama’s Note: From the military, maybe. I suspect there are not too many of those. But just remember how unpopular the military draft is and always was. Think about the relationship people have with their doctors and how fragile that already is in most cases. No, I don’t see this going anywhere. In any case, the destruction of the dollar and the melt down in the big cities and metro areas will come first.

But in any case, do you want to trust your medical care to someone who is being FORCED to practice? Someone who is virtually a slave? If you think medicine is error prone, unsafe, uncaring and expensive now… just wait until it is “free.”

I keep telling people to learn NOW how to safeguard and promote their own health, to find alternatives for care regarding existing health problems, and most of all to find ways to stop taking the chemical medicines. There will come a time when they are simply not available. One can only stockpile so much and most need regular medical assessment and adjustment anyway. There are alternatives for almost everything. You just have to do some sleuthing to find them.

Politics 2013
Conflict between Pro-PETA Rocker and South Dakota Ranchers Enlivens Thanksgiving

(The Blaze)

Nathan: This singer condemns South Dakotans for politicizing an “entertainment event” like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade – yet she and her ilk have done the politicizing of their entire careers in “entertainment” by doing massive propaganda and brainwashing of her fans, as have hundreds of other “celebrities.”

Community Defense
Citizens in small Georgia town help catch robbery suspect

(Bay News 9) “We didn’t have no leader of it all, we just went all our separate ways. And the people in Rhine they knew they are going to get that rascal,” he said.  Lowery ended up tracking the suspect down roughly 200 yards away from the store. He fired a warning shot from his deer rifle and said the suspect stashed his gun and money and hid in a nearby shed, where he was arrested by deputies.

Mama’s Note: And this story was just rocking along wonderfully… until the “warning shot.” Not good. I can’t think of any situation that would justify that.

Nathan: Sadly, warning shots are seemingly indelibly a part of American culture, considered to be “fair play” and without appreciation of the dangers and risks involved.  Warning shots are related to the traditional coast guard/pirate “shot across the bow” but in those cases, the sight distance beyond the object of attention is clear and easily inspected: such a shot is very unlikely to hit an unintended target.  Not so on land, and especially NOT so in any built up area.  Shots fired into the air have killed innocents, and will continue to do so.  Shots intentionally missing a valid target are too likely to hit an unintended target, and are wrong.  Often, dead wrong.

Mama’s Note: Indeed, which is why the best sort of “gun control” is hitting what you aim at…  Every bullet hits something… and the person who fires the gun is held responsible for all of them. Unless they are government employees, of course.

Freedom of speech – Politics and Nazgul 2013
Internet Kill Switch Plan is Killed…For Now.
(Jonathan Turley)   The Electronic Privacy Information Center recently won the first round of a court action asking that the Department of Homeland Security be required to disclose its plans to pull the plug on regional or national mobile telephone and internet communication systems pursuant to its Standard Operating Procedure 303….

Nathan: The headline is correct and a warning to all: this can change in a heartbeat.  But more important, there is NOTHING to prevent the administration from going ahead and doing whatever it wants to, regardless of all the laws and all the court decisions in the world.  What CAN protect our communications, especially the internet, from the evil actions of government are two things: one, technology which can detour around “kill switches” and other problems, and two, people who are courageous enough to refuse to do what the thugs try and make them do.  This is about freedom and liberty, but more and more about life as well:  tens of millions of people need the power of the internet and related communications systems to survive.  We cannot afford to let government create a permanent noose around our necks.

Mama’s Note: Sadly, all any government entity needs to do to destroy our internet communications is pull the plug on our electricity! They don’t need to kill the internet, and indeed wouldn’t do so. THEY depend on it too much, but they can and do have all the electrical power they want, anywhere and any time. We might give some thought to that.

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