ObummerCare and Politics 2013

Abominable Act (ObummerCare) – Politics 2013
Bill Clinton, other Democrats distance themselves from Obamacare

(Washington Times) In a startling rebuke to President Obama, former President Bill Clinton and other Democrats picked apart Obamacare on Tuesday as privacy concerns about the program’s website multiplied and a video investigation suggested fraudulence among volunteers helping people enroll for government subsidies.

Nathan: “Fraudulence?”  I like some of the old-fashioned words:  dishonesty, deception, or deceit.  Typical government.  For a different view of this:

Clinton urges Obama to yield on “health” law
(New York Times)  “Former President Bill Clinton on Tuesday joined the intensifying criticism of the botched health care rollout, urging President Obama to accept a change in the law that would allow all Americans to keep their current health insurance plan. In an interview published on Ozy, a web magazine, Mr. Clinton said that Mr. Obama should make good on the promise that he and his administration repeatedly made to the American public.”

[Tom Knapp, FND, editor: We need to get past the illusion that Obamacare is a “health” law. It’s a corporate welfare law; it has nothing to do with health, and its effects on health will undoubtedly, if measurable, be negative – TLK]

Mama’s Note: Of course, none of them are addressing the real problems, or the fact that the entire idea is one of force, fraud and theft… but it is still remarkable.

Nathan: Do you think that they might just be using this as an opportunity to push for a Brit-style single payer plan?

Mama’s Note: No idea if that was the intent, or the intent of all of them, of course… but I think it is clear that this is the desired direction. A number of pundits have noted that this goal would have been much better reached in far more gradual increments. Medicare and Medicaid were doing a terrific job getting people to accept the government regulation and limitations…

What they did not calculate, evidently, or even recognize at all, is that people continue to insist on having a choice… even if it is a choice among less than optimal things… and that’s the one thing Obummercare destroyed, pretty much across the board. Even the “welfare” types, with subsidies, suddenly lost their choice of doctors and providers, a lot because so many of the providers are quitting!

All this about Obummer restoring the choice, of “allowing” people to “keep the plans they like,” is sheer nonsense because those providers and the “plans” are vanishing. You can’t “keep” a doctor who has retired and moved to Belize. You can’t keep a policy that no longer exists… or from a company that just folded or was absorbed by a larger one.

And there simply isn’t any way for a “Brit-style” plan to get traction here… The British basically took a vast array of local practitioners and small hospitals… and nationalized them overnight. The small town and local medical groups retained their power, just under the umbrella of the more or less indifferent government – following the “rules,” which didn’t much change. The less the regulators had to mess with them, the better they liked it. The only thing that has kept it going so long is the usual citizen’s reluctance to buck the tide, to rock the boat, to DO something positive instead of whine. The “average” Brit has tolerated, even encouraged being controlled and regulated for centuries.

The US has had medical facilities and providers centralizing and consolidating into small, tight consortiums for many years, and they will resist anything that doesn’t add to their bottom lines immediately, and ongoing. But that is quite separate from the average American attitude toward whatever it is they want.

The average American, even those in a total lip lock with welfare, fanatically demand their “choice” in just about everything. I’d like to see any government entity attempt to limit their “choice” to only one or two fast food outlets, one or two soft drinks, or much of anything else they deem important. Of course, that’s the key, what they think is important, but once choices start to narrow, a surprisingly large number of Americans seem to be able to spot it fast, even in unexpected areas. When they finally understand that none of this is intended for their benefit… well, the end is near.

The fact is that Obummer and company may well try to institute a nationalized health “plan,” a “single payer” deal that warms their hearts, but the very powerful insurance companies won’t play along, and neither will most Americans. I can pretty much guarantee you that most health care professionals will not willing play that game either.  So, their goals and intentions are pretty much moot. They lost control of the actual game some time ago. Now they are umpires blowing their whistles while the fans walk out of the stadium.

Nathan: It doesn’t mean that the politicians (like the Clintons and Pelosi and the “messiah” are able to understand this, even if they were not completely dedicated to their own power and wealth and “philosophy.”  And part of this Clinton rejection of Obamacare may be even MORE simple:  striking out at a lame duck and his piece of the Democratic Party to improve their chances of taking the nomination in 2016.  By distancing themselves from this fiasco (see next story), they can still see a path to increasing their own power.

Mama’s Note: I’m sure that’s the intent, but they have seriously underestimated the American passion for choice, and that’s the one thing that is completely incompatible with Obummercare OR “single payer.” It’s a house of cards, and if the “anti-choice” card is removed, the whole thing falls down. It was designed to run on coercion and central control/planning. It can’t function otherwise, if it could function at all. Now liars like McCain are actually switching horses and calling for a complete repeal. This could get interesting.

Abominable Act (ObummerCare) – Politics 2013
Administration: 106,000 enrolled in health insurance in first month of HealthCare.gov

(Washington Post) Slightly more than 106,000 Americans signed up for health plans in the first month of new state and federal insurance marketplaces, the Obama administration reported Wednesday. The figure, which was far lower than the administration predicted, points to the steep challenge ahead as the White House tries to overcome public and congressional frustration with the program’s problem-plagued rollout.

Nathan: Besides pointing out that this IS failure, we have to ask are even THESE numbers real?  The government lies so much, that the only reason that we have any confidence in these numbers is that if they were going to lie about it, they’d surely come up with higher numbers than this.

At the same time, people are still pushing ObummerCare.  Just read a print article (not available on-line that I can find yet) urging enrolled tribal members to “drop” Indian Health Service and voluntarily join ObummerCare.  Talk about a disconnect with reality!  And just yesterday, I heard the story of a family whose medical coverage was canceled by their insurance company because it did not meet ObummerCare standards, just days before one of their children was badly injured and had to be medevaced by air 250 miles – humongous costs and no insurance!  Just one of many stories we are hearing constantly, even in frontier areas.

Mama’s Note: Actually, the failure of the website and the refusal of most people – especially healthy young people – to sign up is actually a victory for freedom. Each person who refuses to join is demonstrating that he/she did not swallow ALL the lies.

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