Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-44B: Tranzis, Communists, Tyrants

East Asian Front – Tranzis and Communists
Coercion and Abuses Remain at Core of China’s Birth-Limitation Policy


Nathan: What WOULD be a proper “birth policy” for any nation or government to have?  “Let  them alone.”  Let the parents decide to have sex and therefore to have children, hold them responsible for their children (unborn and born).  It is not a right or power or privilege of the state to regulate birth or conception.  It is a HUMAN, God-given right.  Which is one of the reasons that the Chinese leaders fear letting people run their own lives.  Sick as it is, this is what many Tranzis in the United States want, like the nut job who wants to make abortion mandatory for 30 years or so.

Politics 2013/2014
Scott Walker: 2016 GOP Nominee Should Be a Former or Current Governor


Nathan: This comes as no surprise: looking at the last century, it is clear that overall, ex-governors (Reagan, Nixon) have done considerably less damage to the body politic (even counting GWB) than those who have been ex-Senators (Truman, Kennedy, Obama) or ex-Housemembers (LBJ, Ford) or ex-bureaucrats (FDR, Bush I). Not perfect, of course: Clinton and Carter show how bad they can be.)  The only group that MIGHT be better is ex-military (Eisenhower).  That is relative to EACH OTHER only. Frankly, they are ALL a  danger to liberty and NONE has been truly successful from the points of view of liberty, economics, or defense.  They ALL have blood on their hands, even Harding and Coolidge and Reagan, all darlings of modern minarchists.  So just getting a slightly better “quality” of candidate is NOT going to reform the presidency.  Indeed, it may not be possible to reform the presidency.  If we MUST have a federal government (not my position as a rational, free-market anarchist), we’d do better with a Swiss-style federal council in which the duties of the executive branch are split between three or five people.  Yes, committees are bad – but emperors and tyrants are worse.

Mama’s Note: You do know what a camel is… A horse built by a committee.

Theft by government – Abominable Act (ObummerCare)
$174K-Per-Year Congressmen Will Get Special Obamacare Subsidy


Nathan: Yup.  Some animals am jes more equal than other animals.  Of course, compared to the subsidies that their staff people will be able to get, this is small potatoes indeed.  It is the principle of the thing, of course, not the actual dollar amount.  People periodically circulate these proposals for new constitutional amendments to make Congressmen and women subject to the same laws they inflict on the rest of us.  Folks, here is what would happen across the board if that were part of the Constitution:  these thugs and theives know how to rob us blind, and will keep doing it UNTIL we remove their power to tax and spend.

Mainstream Media – The “messiah”
Obama Blames ‘the Balkanization of the Media’


Nathan: I’m sure that he prefers the imaginary “old days” in which the administration told the “senior White House correspondent” (usually the WaPo reporter) what to put out, and they did it.  This is like Marie Antoinnette, who wished that the people of France had but one neck to be sliced at will.  I am sure that this “messiah” feels the same way: he HATES and FEARS the bloggers, the Breitbarts and Examiners and Blaze and – yes, even maybe WND.  There is only so much the dying hardcopy papers and other mainstream media – even NPR and CPB – can do to support their beloved “messiah.”

Culture wars: the annual holiday war – Government-run, tax-funded schools
South Carolina: School Cancels Xmas Toy Drive for Fear of Litigation

( A South Carolina charter school has canceled its annual Christmas toy drive after a group of self-described humanists complained that the project violated the U.S. Constitution and accused them of bribing children to convert to Christianity.Renee Mathews, the principal of East Point Academy in West Columbia, S.C., said the annual Operation Christmas Child project was halted because the American Humanist Association threatened to sue the school.

Nathan: This is distressing, first because a good cause should be axed because a group of fanatics put their religion ahead of a good thing to do for children.  Humanism IS a religion – one of the religions favored by the State – the FedGov and especially the Nazgul.  Second, the school administrators probably rightly figure that the courts, the Nazgul, (as well as the media and the DOJ and all the usual Tranzis) will support and sympathize with these humanists.  And third, these school administrators (remember, a charter school is STILL a government-run, tax-funded institution) either do not have the courage of their convictions OR they are also aligning themselves with the courts and the humanists to drive other religions out of the public forum.  If they had the guts to stand up for something as small but kind as this,… but they don’t.

Mama’s Note: The reason for this action is wrong, of course, but I have to say I’m sick to death of all these “toy drives.” There might be a few children in this country without a room full of toys, most broken or unused for some reason, but there aren’t many of them. Remember that even those people with the lowest income have homes, plentiful electricity, gas, water, etc. They almost all have color TV (often many of them), microwave ovens, cars, internet, smoke, drink alcohol, eat fast food constantly (not cheap at all) and indulge in every other expensive habit as a matter of course. And suddenly they can’t “afford” a few plastic toys for their children? What nonsense.

There is simply zero reason to collect truck loads of plastic crap so millions of children can have even more junk to wade through. If these people spent the time, effort and money working to build solid families, honest work opportunities and healthy environments for those same children… involving themselves in their lives with love and integrity, they would have the blessings of God hands down.

Nazgul – Freedom from fear and spying
SCOTUS declines illegal NSA phone spying case

(CNN) “The U.S. Supreme Court will allow the National Security Agency’s surveillance of domestic telephone communication records to continue for now. The justices without comment Monday rejected an appeal from a privacy rights group, which claimed a secret federal court improperly authorized the government to collect the electronic records. The Electronic Privacy Information Center filed its petition directly with the high court, bypassing the usual step of going to the lower federal courts first.” (11/18/13)

Nathan: Once more we see the naivety of even organizations like EPIC who are constantly disappointed when their fantasies of the Nazgul-in-Chief rescuing liberty from the tyrants and thugs are shattered.  But you can be sure that they (and others) will try again to figure out the magic words necessary to get back to Kansas.

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