Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-44D: Home Front – Evil and Corrupt

Home front
Texas: Man pretending to be cop sexually assaults woman on I-35E

(WFAA TV) Police have asked the public to be on the lookout for the vehicle and if you believe you are being pulled over by someone who may not be a police officer, call 911 and drive to a well-lit location before stopping.

Mama’s Note: Oh sure… and if they are not fakes, you will be shot for your trouble. Catch 22 here. Years ago, I actually did refuse to stop, and they were real cops. This was shortly after a murder of a lone woman motorist just outside of Barstow by a CHP. He was caught and actually sent to prison – where he eventually died… But there were a lot of women who wouldn’t stop for a CHP after that, especially at night. I was coming home from Victorville one night, on that dark, empty road toward Lucerne Valley, and a CHP got behind me. He followed me for miles, then turned on his lights just before I got to town. I was truly terrified. I drove at speed limit into town and turned into the grocery store parking lot. Drove right up to the doors, where everyone knew me (and thank God they were still open!). The cop had turned off his lights at some point… drove slowly across the parking lot behind me, then turned up Hwy 18 and went on. Never had a clue what that was all about, but I didn’t quit shaking for hours. And that was long before they started to shoot at people who don’t stop!!

Nathan: Sometimes, it is not FAKE cops that do this and commit crimes against people, sometimes even at random.  And we know that this short of attack has been attempted even in Wyoming (over by Midwest, as I recall), within recent years. 9-1-1 only works IF (a) the idiots on the switchboard are trained (I think I told you what happened with us about three or four weeks ago), and (b) they aren’t in on the scam or plot.  And if you are in an area where they can respond! As in the next story, we see that this kind of meaningless crime – apparently for the sheer thrill of it and with no “need” (money, vehicle, etc.) but the need to abuse and terrorize and rape.  In the past, we have seen the coddled and privileged scions of the elite, the ruling class, do this sort of thing: since in essence MANY Americans are coddled and privileged today (especially the police forces, but including much of the lower class – free food and housing and entertainment) it should not be a surprise that it is growing more common.

Home front
Three “Knockout” Attacks Reported In Philadelphia Area

(CBS Philadelphia)

Mama’s Note: Seems to be increasingly a problem. Of course, all the victims are walking around totally oblivious of their surroundings and totally unarmed. I suspect that if these punks started getting shot for their crimes, it would stop. But of course then they’d be called evil, probably “racist” monsters for shooting these poor, unloved little boys… bleah

Nathan: As we’ve been discussing, this sort of thing is seemingly growing more common.  I personally attribute it to overcrowding (the “too many rats in the cage”) in the big inner city areas, a crackdown on gun ownership, ESPECIALLY in the big urban areas, as well as inbreeding and a total lack of any real moral teaching.  It is, of course, related to the last story and commentary:  the need for self defense is as great (or greater) than it was in 1813 or 1893.  There are many kinds of privilege and much coddling: welfare clients and juvenile criminals enjoy all kinds of goodies and “passes.”  They cannot and will not see the results of their actions as bad – and will not accept responsibility.  “That is someone else’s job.”  But when people allow themselves to become victims by failing to arm and defend themselves, this is the result.

Home front – Self-defense NOT, but good anyway
Alabama: Dollar Store Robbery ends in shooting

(Fox News via Last Resistance) In the process of trying to rob the place, he was taught the finer points of the Second Amendment, getting himself shot five times by a customer.  He did survive, however. For the time being, he’s been hospitalized, but when he’s good enough to be released, it’ll be into a jail cell. The man who shot White is remaining anonymous, … He told Fox’s Mobile affiliate what happened:  [White] had the gun to [a customer’s] head, he had him on his knees. [I] drew my gun on him and I said, ‘Hey, don’t move.’ At that point he swung around, and before he had a chance to aim the gun at me, I fired. An unidentified member of White’s family—probably his mom—reacted this way: If [X’s] life was not in danger, if no one had a gun up to him, if no one pointed the gun at him, what gives him the right to think that it’s okay to just shoot someone? You should have just left the store….[The man who ended the robbery, based on his hands and his voice, appears to be black, as is the hospitalized robber.]

Nathan: Yep, he could have left the store, could have left his unknown neighbor to the tender mercies of this 18-year-old criminal.  And the family member is wrong: young White DID point the gun at the good Samaritan.  But see, SHE is in line with the liberals, the statists, the Tranzi’s, and the peace-at-any-price cops and hoplophobes and hoploclasts:  Only the cops and OTHER thugs like her son can shoot people, or even have guns. I say that part of young White’s problem is the people who raised him to be a would-be murdering thug who believes it is acceptable to steal money from other people.  I also have to admit that it is too bad the good Samaritan’s five rounds didn’t finish the business, and that the taxpayers of Alabama have to pay for medical treatment, trial, and a jail cell.

Mama’s Note: So, what caused you to call this “not” self defense? Looks like it to me. And I agree that the good Samaritan needs more range time. Five shots at point blank range ought to have been more effective than that. Adrenalin is nasty stuff…

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