Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-46B: This and that

To all readers: my apologies for not publishing this last week, when I thought that I had.

Stupid government – stupid people
Kansas Woman Debbie Nall Ordered By City To Stop Housing People In Need
At Her House

( Nall has said she is not opposed to the rule as a whole, but hopes the city will make an amendment to allow her to “continue to do what I’m doing.”

Mama’s Note: So, she has no real problem with the city tyranny as long as she can be exempt. It’s all those “other people” who need to be controlled, of course…  Really sad. Control freaks come in all sizes and shapes, and some look mighty good until you look closer…

Nathan: I wonder if she is being correctly reported?  Wouldn’t be the first time… But even if she is not one, there are too many people in this country that DO have that attitude: control all the others…  We can appreciate her willingness to help others, but she demands too high a price.

Stupid people – Congress in action
New low for Congress: Just 6 percent approve, finally lower than car salespeople

(Washington Examiner) “What Americans are sure about is how they feel about Congress in general. They don’t like it, and haven’t liked it for a while,” said the poll. “But Congress’s approval rating in this week’s Economist/YouGov Poll matches its all-time low. Just 6 percent approve of the way Congress is handling its job. 72 percent disapprove.”

Mama’s Note: Ok, so why do those same people get elected over and over again?

Nathan: Several answers to that question:  First, this is how people feel about Congress in general, but it is almost always “all those other guys.”  They LOVE their own guy or gal, or at least 51% of them do (34% in three-way races).  So unless their guy killed a motorcyclist while speeding and running a stop-sign, or got his pants unzipped in front of a LOT of people in a public way, or (maybe) had a freezer full of frozen cash, or spit on the flag (more than once), they send them back.  Second, a lot of the races are crooked and cooked:  five votes here, ten there, and voila!  Joe or Jane get reelected to their 15th term.  Third, what people SAY in polls is often very much different than how they pull the lever, or so we are told (see reason #2).  Fourth, people are often idiots, and they allow fear of the opponent to goad them into voting for the “evil they know.”

Abominable Act (ObummerCare) – Politics 2013
Howard Dean: Employers Have No Right to Make Health Decisions, But Gov’t Does


Nathan: So typical a statist and liberal statement – and Dean is not the only one making it.  The mysticism which supports their attitude towards an evil institution staggers the mind.  Keep in mind it is not just employers which they believe have “no right” to make these decisions, the same is true for the patients:  oh, they can make decisions as to whether to have an abortion or get birth control or which brand of cold medicine to buy (but NOT the contents of said medicine), but it is clear that patients have no right to make health decisions like who to use as a doctor, what they want covered by their insurance – or indeed, whether to buy insurance or set up some other method of being prepared.  We, the people, are too STUPID for that right.

Stupid government – Crash of 2009
White House: Food Stamps Are ‘Boosting the Economy’


Nathan: Ah, yes, the old “broken window” fallacy – repeated over and over.  Just like the lies about how it is wrong for a private person or group to kill, maim, rob, and coerce anyone but it is FINE for government to do so.  And just like the lies on all kinds of other things.  Why should people (like “conservatives”) condemn the “messiah” for this while accepting all the other lies? Of course, when his minions are looking for success stories, doubling food stamp recipients in five years IS success – by some standards.

Stupid government – World wars
Terror Threat Rising, Intelligence Chairs Say: ‘New Bombs, Very Big Bombs’


Nathan: I keep seeing that little shepherd, racing back home screaming about the big, bad wolf.  That is what these congressmen are behaving like.  Except that the powers-that-be are the ones that have “new bombs” and “very big bombs.”  Well, them, and propane companies (search “BLEVE” on-line for some sobering information).  Too many otherwise seemingly rational people believe every single claim like this, and want to shovel more money into “defense” and especially into such evils as unrestrained black ops and of course their beloved Homeland Security – especially the thugs of ICE, TSA, and BCP.  Not content with occupying the world, they must also occupy all fifty states.

The “messiah’s” minions – Stupid government
LaHood Says $48B Stimulus for DOT Wasn’t Enough; ‘Should Have Been $480B’


Nathan: If it HAD been $480B, he would have said it needed to be $4.8T, and so forth.  Face it, the government, especially in public works, is NEVER satiated, NEVER satisfied.  They will always want more, and more.

Stupid government – Theft by government
NSF Spends $82,525 to Study Self-Defense by Millipedes


Nathan: Hmmm, perhaps DoD should study this, not NSF?  For their new generation of nano-drones and the like?  The crime isn’t in what the money is SPENT for, but in the fact that the NSF (and all the other government alphabet agencies) HAVE the money in the first place.  STOLEN money, money taken either from living taxpayers or presumed to be paid (with interest) by FUTURE taxpayers.  Better if we could train the millipedes to EAT the thugs and theives.

Stupid government – World wars – Stupid people
Americans Believe U.S. Has Lost Respect At Home And Abroad

(Personal Liberty) The second-term slide of President Barack Obama continues to mirror that of his Republican predecessor. The latest parallel between the faltering Obama Administration and the rocky second term of George W. Bush comes courtesy of a new poll conducted by the Pew Research Center.

Nathan: Again, for what polls are worth.  These stories are all over the place, and serve no purpose.  I see stories gossiping about how the “messiah” is going to resign early (and let his chief minion with foot-in-the-mouth disease take over?) to help improve the Dems’ chances in November 2016 and other similar nonsense.  This is nothing more than whistling past the graveyard.  No matter how many people wake up, the damage is already mostly done.  But still we have nonsense like in the next story.

Politics 2013 – The “messiah”
Cato Representative Suggests That Obama’s Actions Could Spark Revolution

(Personal Liberty) During a Congressional committee hearing Tuesday concerning Presidential powers and President Barack Obama’s failure to implement his “law of the land” Affordable Care Act as written, an expert from the Cato Institute said that the President’s flagrant disregard for the rule of law has the potential to spark an armed rebellion against the government.

Nathan: This may be theoretically true, but in this country today, I can’t see more than a two or three percent probability that this would happen.  As I discussed with several yesterday, people are too comfortable, too content despite the widespread economic woes.  But from a practical point of view, armed rebellion against WHO?  What targets specifically?  IRS offices and agents?  Congressional offices? HHS offices?  (Anybody have any idea where and how many there are?)  Bogus “million-whatever” marches on DC that turn violent?  Nothing short of a nationwide conspiracy striking at hundreds of people in dozens of places at once would even make a tick up on the news outlets.  This CATO guy is as much crying wolf as any Intelligence committee chair.

Mama’s Note: The “revolution” that would actually succeed would be massive non participation, massive refusal to comply, the true “Atlas Shrugged” solution. There are not enough government employees to actually enforce much of anything, and they truly depend on a certain level of voluntary compliance in all of the evil they do. Yes, some would be targeted and dealt with harshly, but that should merely firm the resolve of everyone else. The ultimate answer to a tyrant is a resounding belly laugh, and then ignoring him.

Stupid government – War on some drugs
Mises Fellow Explains The United States’ Senseless Prohibition Of Hemp

(Personal Liberty) Australia, Canada, and many other countries have all legalized the growing of hemp in recent years. France has a long tradition of growing hemp for seed oil and China plans to substantially increase acreage and production of hemp, primarily for textile production. So why doesn’t the U.S. take advantage of hemp production?

Nathan: A good summary of the stupid way our politicians and drug warriors think, and how old, traditional American values and activities have been turned on their head in order to turn millions of Americans into criminals and deny many more an honorable way to make a living.

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