Why are Americans so Discontented? (Part 3 of 3) A Baker’s Dozen reasons

By Nathan Barton

A good friend of mine sent me an article, which readers of her column (to remain anonymous for now) had sent her several times.  I could not find a source, but still wanted to share my own responses to the claims and the “solutions” presented in the original article.  It is entitled, “Discontented?”  I commented extensively on that article in Parts 1 and 2 of this column.

This third part is my own thoughts on the subject.  Why are we so discouraged and discontented and disgruntled?  I’ve cut back on my own news reading and listening because it is such a drain on me.  Even so, just hearing from friends, family, neighbors, and even acquaintances, it seems that things decline month by month.

Here are some thirteen reasons: a Baker’s Dozen (TM), reasons why so many Americans might be upset and angry.  Note, they really don’t have all that much to do with the media: more to do with government.


  1. Each month, a US dollar buys less and less: food, clothing, services, other products.  Yes, some products (like fuel) are very volatile in price, but overall, the trend is UP, UP and UP!
  2. Each month, the governments (federal, state, local) tell us more and more lies about more and more things:  whether it is heath care, or spying on us, or telling us that we really can’t do what they told us we could do; the lies are bigger and better all the time.
  3. Each month, we discover more lies that the governments told us in the past, back when we trusted government a little bit more, and find out that their lies cost us more money and more freedom.
  4. Each month, we hear two to four stories about children in school being suspended or expelled or otherwise disciplined for such hideous crimes as pointing their finger like a gun, drawing pictures of guns or crosses, wearing a Jesus tee-shirt, or kissing each other (unless they are the same sex).
  5. Each month or so, we have a “mass shooting” (four or more shot or dead), usually a school, where no one is armed and prepared to defend the students and teachers against murderous nut jobs or drugged-up shooters.
  6. Each month, while a few (maybe a dozen) children and teachers and others are killed in horrific mass shootings at schools or theaters or malls, hundreds of children are gunned down one at a time in the big cities where the gun laws are the “best.”  They don’t make the national news, of course.
  7. Each month, we read multiple stories about how celebrities are caught drinking or drugging and driving, and also multiple stories about how celebrities think America is a totally evil nation and filled with bigots and this-and-that-phobes who need to give up God and common-sense morality.
  8. Each month, we see another list of dead (but not the much longer list of severely wounded) American soldiers sent by the White House (with collusion of Congress) to “fight terrorism” or “keep the peace” or something else that has little or nothing to do with protecting the nation and our freedom.
  9. Each month, while American troops are protecting other people’s borders (and maybe freedoms), we see more or less immigrants, terrorists, drugs, and whatever else slide across our borders (especially the Southern border) while being told it is wrong to try and protect our own borders.  And we hear of cops killing and beating and abusing and robbing more and more people of their money and their freedoms here at home.
  10. Each month, we see politicians squander billions, including millions and millions for their own pleasure in travel and entertainment and paying off their own families and foreign governments, and stupid studies and subsidies for this and that, often in remote locations far from home.
  11. Each month, we are told how more and more government services are being reduced or eliminated because they don’t have enough money, at the same time as they pass or jury-rig new taxes on more and more things, at all levels, and waste the billions. (#10).
  12. Each month, we read of judges who decide that yet another part of American and biblical morality is unconstitutional and must not be not allowed, but the destruction celebrated and embraced by all of us.  And we see the judges and media and others punish people for trying to maintain old standards of morality.
  13. Each month, we are made subject to more and more laws that make things we have always done illegal, while being spied upon more and more, and being forced to do more and more things that we don’t want to do, but have to do because government said we should (or shouldn’t).  And we hear politicians and their supporters who claim that all these laws and agencies are “keeping us free” and “keeping us safe.”

We could add a baker’s dozen more reasons, but this is enough to show that although we live in a wonderful land and have so many blessings, many of us are disgruntled and discouraged.

The real question, though, remains unanswered: WHAT DO WE DO ABOUT IT?  Perhaps, with thoughts from readers and others, I can come up with a Part 4.

Mama’s Note: The one thing that each person can “do about it,” immediately, with full integrity, is to stop thinking that any government, any group of people, has any legitimate authority to control their lives or property. It is this false, utterly diabolical superstition of authority which binds most people to the abuse and outright destruction going on all around us. They simply cannot imagine being true self owners, and self responsible. They have been conditioned for centuries to NEED and believe in the need for permission of their overlords, even when they hate and resent them. That’s what has to change.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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