Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-02D: Light bulbs and News Quickies

Stupid government tyranny and theft – New religions: environists.
More Incandescent Lamps GO AWAY – BUT!
(RumorMill Still smaller wattages of Edison incandescent lamps are now banned as of the first of the year.  However, there ARE alternatives.

Nathan: The Light Bulb Store of South Hackensack, New Jersey (Yes, I know it sounds like Rush Limbaugh’s “Spatula City” ads.) is offering “Newcandescent Lamps” in sizes up to 300 watt.  (PLEASE NOTE:  This is NOT a commercial endorsement; I know nothing about this company’s reputation or business, except that they are trying to provide a product, made in the USA, which sticks it to Congress, the EPA, and all the rest of the Nannies, from the heart of the evil East Coast (the “Other” Left Coast).)  Going to their websites is fun, especially their splash page, and their history page. Larry, the owner, claims to be the grandson of an associate of Thomas Edison, so they go way back.  You can buy their stuff at their customer page. (Again, this is NOT an endorsement, and I don’t know these guys and they haven’t paid me a dime, but I will probably buy some of their stuff.)

The point is, ONCE AGAIN, Congress and the White House have shoved something about the size of one of those old 200-watt clear incandescent bulbs down our throats with NO authority except the guns of EPA, DOJ, and all the rest of the hired thugs.  And made a worse mess: CFLs present significant hazards to everyone from your pet cat or dog to your kids and your grandmother.  Yes, we can deal with them, but why should WE not individually decide what and which risks we want to take?  (And frankly, spiral CFLs are UGLY and collect insane amounts of dust and grit. And unless you buy them by the pallet load, they probably do NOT break even unless you are paying 25-cents a KwHr.) LEDs are WONDERFUL – but only if you can afford to replace a 50-cent item with a $15 item.  Do you know how many bulbs you have in YOUR house or business?

Self Defense – Home front
Miami man fights off home invaders with AK-47

(NBC Miami via Eagle Rising) A Miami man is very thankful for being a proud gun owner after he was the victim of an armed home invasion. Last week three armed men entered a man’s apartment, pistol whipped him, and proceeded to beat him. At some point in the altercation the man was able to get a hold of his AK-47 and fight back.

Nathan: Details are sketchy, and the report seems to contradict itself in several places.  The Davie Police captain is a poor spokesperson, in my opinion.  But it appears that the police believe that the man (“the attacker” according to the TV) who used his AK-47 to shoot and kill one invader and either scared off or wounded and chased off two others was acting in self-defense in accordance with Florida law, since the police have released him.  (Fate of his weapon is unknown; pray he has something to deal with the other two men if they return.)

Mama’s Note: This is something I’ve pointed out to several new gun owners… if you ever actually have to use the gun for self defense, you’d better have a backup gun or you will wind up with NONE. And the way these things go sometimes, you may never get the original gun back anyway. The key, then, is to carry an adequate gun that is not too expensive, and keep at least one in reserve. In some places, that would need to be kept very well hidden.

Stupid government tricks – Stupid people tricks
San Francisco:  Can’t have anything but automobiles in your garage

(Institute for Justice) In San Francisco, one of the examples of leftist policies that are just simple outgrowths of leftist philosophy, is the micromanagement of a community. In this case it has to do with your garage.

§ 603 GARAGES. [Added by Ord. 399-89, App. 11/6/89; amended by Ord. 161-92, App. 6/4/92; Ord. 350-95, App. 11/3/95; Ord. 256-07, App. 11/6/07]

(a) No automobile or other motor vehicle shall occupy any portion of an apartment house or hotel except in a garage which meets the requirements of the Building Code and other provisions of the Municipal Code.

(b) Use. Private and public storage garages in apartment houses and hotels shall be used only for storage of automobiles.

(c) Separation. See Section 406.1 of the Building Code. When approved, existing separations in existing buildings may be acceptable.

What’s that? You want to put your old Christmas decorations in a box in the garage? Well you could… but you’d be breaking the law. Want to store your bicycle in your garage instead of your living room? Criminal. Read more here.

Nathan: WHY THE QUESTION MARK ON THE HEADLINE? Because I believe that, after reading the ordinance, the people reporting this are stupid. San Francisco is full of single family dwellings as well as “apartment houses and hotels” as stated in the ordinance.  It therefore ONLY applies to apartment houses and hotels, and NOT to townhouses, rowhouses, detached and semi-detached (duplex) houses.  It still may not make sense, but the IJ and whoever else is spouting this stuff needs to READ THE ORDINANCE (and probably consult both an attorney and a shrink) before they write this stuff.  Secondly, this law has been on the books for at LEAST six years and possibly TWENTY-FIVE YEARS.  Last I checked or heard, there has been NO huge roundup of scofflaws, even IN “apartment houses and hotels.”  This ordinance MAY actually be a dead letter that is NOT enforced or only enforced when a tenant (apartment houses and hotels are seldom owner-occupied) has done something to tick off a landlord.  COME ON, PEOPLE.  There is ENOUGH REAL TYRANNY and abuse by government going on in this country that we don’t have to go out and twist things and make them up.  It makes YOU look stupid and makes anyone who passes it on without bothering to read or investigate look silly.

Theft by and from government
The War on Poverty turned 50 yesterday.


Nathan: Ain’t that just disgusting?  Unfortunately I know a lot of people who are around fifty that seem to have been on welfare for that whole time; maybe with a brief break now and then to get fired from some job or another.  No wonder that idiot in Congress wants to rename it to Temporary Transition Assistance or Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard or something equally silly.  If it WERE temporary and transitional, the best way to do it would STILL be for private, volunteer, local people and groups to pay for it and give it away.  All LBJ and the goonies in Congress in 1963-64 did was institutionalize AT THE FEDERAL LEVEL what had already proven to be unworkable and accomplishing NOTHING at the state level.

Politics 2014
Did Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) use his authority to inflict a traffic nightmare on his opponents?

(CBS, New York)

Nathan: “Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?” (wink, wink)  Still, folks, he is a POLITICIAN: of COURSE he will do someone else, especially a podunk mayor who dissed him, dirty.  It IS NEW JERSEY: that light bulb guy is an exception to the way government AND a good deal of business (see them right there on the other pillow in government’s bed?  Rented by the hour, I admit, but still) ACT in New Jersey.  The only way you tell the OFFICIAL bad guys from the government and business bad guys is that the bodyguards for the OFFICIAL bad guys (you know, the mobs) usually dress better.  And smile now and then.

Islamic wars: Persian front – The “messiah”
Iraq’s Ambassador had some harsh words for President Obama and some kind ones for President Bush.
(Washington Times)

Nathan: Hmmm.  Why kind ones for George W?  Because at least they knew where he stood?  Or just in contrast to the present squatter in 1600 PA?

Politics 2014 – The “messiah”
So the guy heading the investigation into whether or not the IRS was persecuting conservatives is an Obama friend and donor.

Nathan: As the guy (thanks, Mark) who sent this to me said, “Business as usual in Washington, D.C.”  But even more blatant than what everyone from JFK to GWB did:  the Spoils system on steroids, I guess.  What better way to award a donor and buddy, than give him a chance to GET PAID to whitewash you?

Here is a HUGE LIST of all the things that global warming has been predicted to have done/do.

Nathan: thanks to several folks for this.  The list of links appears not to have been updated in a while, but it is truly astonishing, and more than reason to laugh out loud.  Keep in mind that many of these SAME things were predicted of “global cooling” (AKA the “New Ice Age”) back in the 1970s.  And the solutions were always the same: Zero Population Growth (kill the babies, kill the old folks), Stop Harming the [FILL IN BLANK] (more government control and taxes to pay for it), and of course, Buy my books to see what to do/not do.

East Asian front – The final decay of “Communism”
Dennis Rodman has turned into a “useful idiot” for the North Korean regime.

(Fox News)

Nathan: Turned into?  Of course, the “useful” part (except maybe on a basketball court) is highly debatable.  But then, Kim himself is hardly way up on the useful intelligence scale:  kind of a Caligula studying to be a Nero, but without the brains or the looks or the charisma.  Communism today is such a sideshow/carnival event:  China, Vietnam, Venezuela, Cuba, and North Korea.  Obviously, TRAZI-ism is the way to go.

Congress in action – Politics 2014
The GOP is turning up the heat on President Obama when it comes to jobs and immigration.


Nathan: Which might be FINE if he hadn’t jumped out of the pot a while ago.  This is like watching the NYPD cracking down on drug-dealers, child-abusers, and scam-artists: we know it is all just kabuki theatre.

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