Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-05D: Sad examples of government goons

By Nathan Barton

Good morning!  There are always some bizarre things to report in the news.  If the thugs and mentally/morally-challenged people in government didn’t treat us all like serfs and lord it over us, they would be comic relief most of the time.  Today we have some examples of just how sad they can be.

Our beloved HSS (Homeland Security Secretary, emphasis on SS) tells us that all the border jumpers have ‘earned right to be citizens.’ Ignoring the dubious benefits in 2014 of being a citizen, exactly how have their earned it?  By finding their way across an imaginary line in the dirt (and sometimes over or under a fence)?  Even advocates of totally open borders have to view this as proof of the insanity of government and those currently in it.

Just to make it clear, I did NOT watch or listen to the big talk made by the squatter in 1600 Pennsie, but just reading to comments from both sides makes it clear he speak with forked tongue, big time, and that his imperial posturing is just getting more pronounced.  Among other things, apparently he has credited Michelle Obama with lowering childhood obesity and several folks have opined that he was just offering some new handcuffs to try on.  I don’t know why he would bother: plenty of those around already, and if you don’t have one handy, zip-ties work pretty well.  But the real thing to remember is that WE (you know, the American people) GAVE him and the rest of the goons the handcuffs.

Apparently, I was not alone in NOT watching, as it seems that Obama’s State of the Union attracts 33.3 million viewers, fewest since 2000 (or so sayeth the WaPo).  I am glad so many of us are learning not to waste our time.  And I bet stress levels nationwide on Tuesday night were lower than they could have been, too.

Well, “my” representative, Kristy Noem (R, SD) is crowing that she helped get the $956 Billion Farm Bill out of the House on a bipartisan 251-166 vote, It was ONLY 954 pages: what a BARGAIN!  Less than $1 billion per page.  And they DID NOT cut ANY money from SNAP (you know, the PC name for Food Stamps) so we will not see any bodies of people dead from starvation on the highways in South Dakota (just those who froze to death because of manmade global warming).  And as ALWAYS, it was filled with the tastiest kinds of pork to let all the usual participants feast for the next five years.  Congress is so NICE to us, isn’t it?

(By the way, I was reminded that one of the nifty little things hidden in this is a NEW tax of fifteen cents on every living/formerly living Christmas tree (I’m sure it is politically correct and refers to it as a “holiday tree”) sold in the US, to create a slush fund for the national Christmas tree growers association to blast us with advertising to “buy real.”  Since they could not get their growers and members to cough up the money voluntarily, they are using the fists and guns of the IRS and government in general to shake down their own, and therefore everyone of us who buys a tree.  (Not me: went artificial years ago.)

Mama’s Note: I have a potted Norfolk Island Pine tree in the living room. It’s been my “christmas tree” for a long time. I didn’t bother with any decorations this year, but usually it is hung with .22lr rounds as “ornaments,” and a few little bows. Fantastic conversation starter.

Were you shocked?  I sure was, to learn that the “chief minion” of the “messiah” (Vice President Joe Biden) thinks he’d make a good president starting in 2017.   At least, that is what his heart tells him! I was kind of hoping his heart would be like that guy in “Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy,” the worst poet in all of history, time and space, whose heart leaped out through his throat and strangled him to save the galaxy.  Of course, that would have been hard, with that foot in the way.  And I guess he IS of that branch of Tranzis or liberals or democrats whose hearts are Sooo big that they had to sublet space in the skull, which doesn’t leave room for any brains.

Reports come from the Philippines that dozens were killed after a “peace” agreement was reached in Mindanao apparently because cops tried to arrest some of the Muslim rebel leaders.  Mama Liberty pointed out that she can’t seem to get over how violent these people seem to be, Muslim or otherwise.  The Philippines’ history is in so many ways a continuation of 1300 years of Iberian history, and this is not the first (or even the tenth) “peace agreement” and is not much more likely to succeed than the previous ones.  Spain’s centuries of military government warring against Muslims continues halfway around the world for the same reasons: fear, hatred, revenge, and people unwilling to take responsibility for their own actions.

Meanwhile, in Nigeria, the shoe is on the other foot – or the other body.  Boko Haram, an Islamist terror organization, killed at least 85 people and injured 40 more in the latest Sunday attack against christian villages.  Islam continues to be a religion of peace – in death, at least.  It is this sort of thing that can make us more sympathetic to the attitude of the people in the Philippines, even though I condemn their aggression against the Moros.

A new study claims that humans can’t live in space, or so the mainstream media is slanting it.  The body isn’t prepared for space because we didn’t “evolve” in space, or so they say.  Putting aside the obvious error about “evolving,” this seems to be a typical Luddite/Tranzi reaction.  Folks, we are NOT getting out of this life alive!  We are all going to die, and even if our lifespans were cut decades short because we live in micro-gee in space, will it be any different than in the bad old days (you know, the 17th or 18th century, or the 20th century on most of the planet) where the average life expectancy was 50 or so?

Mama’s Note: The silly part of this sort of ludditism is the idea that humans can’t adapt and invent machines, etc. to compensate for the problems. Humans have had to adapt their machines and technology to survive in a great many hostile environments, and will continue to do so. Space is a very large challenge, on many levels, but it is not insurmountable in the long run.

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