The government WILL disarm us, IF we let them

By Nathan Barton

Usually, the columnists over at are thoughtful, make pretty good analyses, and understand the world we live in.

Sadly, Tim Brown fails to meet that mark, when he writes, “Our government isn’t going to disarm us.” Although the headline is to the effect that government “can’t convincingly justify disarming” the people, he states baldly and wrongly a different proposition.  When I started reading the column, I thought he would point out how many millions of us are armed, how many millions of firearms and other weapons are out there, and how much ammunition and training and practice many Americans have.  I was wrong.

Here is part of what Tim Brown wrote.

“It can’t. Let me explain why. We currently live in a constitutional republic. Because of that, our elected and appointed leaders are legally obligated to defend and uphold the Constitution. Our Constitution currently protects our citizens’ right to keep and bear arms. There are really only two ways our government could disarm us: They could abandon the Republican principles upon which this country was founded, or the people themselves could willfully disarm.

“One way our government could disarm us would be to label us all enemies of the state. Historically, governments have disarmed people because they perceive them to be a threat.”

Tim, oh Tim, what on earth are you thinking?  This is pathetic.  I cannot believe that Freedom Outpost would even publish such a piece without extensive editing.

First, ONCE UPON A TIME we were a “constitutional republic.”  But no more: daily, in virtually every state and a hundred times in DC itself, the principles AND the letter of the Constitution are violated with impunity by government employees, from the very members of Congress and the occupants/employees of the White House down to meter maids and dog catchers and low-level bureaucrats in cities and towns and villages.

It has been decades since “elected and appointed leaders” (itself a poor phrase to use) have been held to their freely-taken oaths to “defend and uphold the Constitution.”  As L. Neil Smith and many others have pointed out, the Constitution protects NO rights, as it is toothless and ignored: not just the Second Amendment but EVERY one of the ten of the Bill of Rights.

The Federal government and state governments have long ago abandoned the republican (NOT “Republican”) principles upon which this country was founded, just as they have abandoned the basic and essential concepts or principles of liberty, moderation, and personal responsibility.  LONG AGO.  And much of the population of this country HAS willfully disarmed, desiring security more than liberty, allowing fear to rule their lives and lead them to try and rule the lives of others.

And Tim, virtually all Americans HAVE already been labeled as “enemies of the state,” including the very soldiers that Congress and the imperial White House send out to “police the world.”  Certainly anyone who actually believes that the Constitution has ANY authority in 2014 is such an “enemy of the state.”  But that is understandable, because we ARE a threat.  Indeed, the government officials and their minions have made us a threat, by treating us like slaves, stealing our liberties and our money and our self-respect, in ways that only a few great tyrants of history have dared to do.

Later in his article, Tim Brown goes on to caveat his initial words, but STILL refuses to admit the fact that the government of these formerly united States in 2014 is unconstitutional, illegal, immoral AND seeks and works actively, daily, to take away the liberties of its own people and people around the world.  This government HAS ceased to be representative, and it does not matter WHAT ideals it was founded on, those ideals have been abandoned.

The people in charge, not just in DC but in most state capitals, not just CAN disarm us, they are working actively to disarm everyone they possibly can.  And they WILL succeed if we let them.  And if we believe that all these things Tim claims that are so, we will let them.

The hollow, un-dead shell with its pretense to following the procedural elements of the Constitution is fooling Tim, I guess.  Let us try not to let it fool us.

Mama’s Note: Unfortunately, the “constitution” was a hollow shell as well – right from the start. “Representation” only works if the people so “represented” actually agree to it, and are free to repudiate that agreement whenever they wish. The difference is obvious if you compare any level of civil “government” and a person’s relationship with an attorney. You can hire and fire the attorney at will… can you opt out of the US Government?

Nobody in the world is actually free to opt out of the control and chains, regardless of the political system that claims the place where they live. Those with the means to do so may choose a lesser evil, a more benevolent master, or one that just doesn’t pay as much attention… but none of us are free. And none of us ever will be free unless we can eliminate the idea that any person or group of persons has any legitimate authority to control our lives – or even to “protect” them – without our full consent, and subject to our withdrawal at any time. There is no such provision in the “constitution” or the “republican” form of government.

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