Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-05E:

By Nathan Barton

Good morning, and the end of the week is upon us.  But rest assured, the stupidity of government officials does not flag.  Nor does that of the usual crop of statists, Tranzis, government-worshipers and nannies.

Alan Korwin of JPFO sent me info about a Fox News story “20 children hospitalized for gun injuries each day in US” that reports on a Pediatrics journal release about a Yale study, that as Alan suggested, is the latest Bloomberg effort to use bogus science to get more and more gun control.  While I may comment in a separate rant on this, I want to get my two cents in now.  First, although I haven’t seen the “study” yet, I can assume just from the short description that it makes all the usual wild accusations and produces the data in a way that maximizes their already shaky numbers:  for example, one common practice in gun violence studies is to define “children” as being under age 21.  Another is to classify intentional shootings by cops and other gangbangers and those fired in self defense as “accidents,” and according to the blurb, this count of 7,000+ a year includes broken bones and other injuries that are not directly inflicted by a gun.  (Maybe too excited about getting out of a house or yard that has been targeted for a drive-by shooting and injuring themselves and others?  I’ve seen it happen.)

Steve sent me an interesting article entitled “Why even failed activism succeeds” by David Swanson.  As Steve told me: ” I don’t claim to agree with the general philosophy of the author or his political leanings, but I wholeheartedly agree with his premise.  I have seen it first hand.” As have I.  And I also agree that I am NOT a supporter of many of the political causes Swanson discusses.  Still, like Steve, I agree with his premise, but he is still living in la-la-land.  Especially what he says here: “The beautiful thing about nonviolent activism is that, while risking no harm, it has the potential to do good in ways small and large that ripple out from it in directions we cannot track or measure.”  Any widespread nonviolent activism, if it starts to make a difference, WILL run serious risk of harm to the activists and those who are attracted to them and follow them.  MLKJr’s supposed “nonviolent activism” did that as did the follow-up to Rosa Parks’ nonviolent actions, and today we see it happening nationally and internationally on all points of the political diamond.

Deputy US Attorney General James Cole told the New York State Bar Association annual meeting on Thursday that the guy in 1600 PA will take “executive action’ to reduce prison populations. Now, given that “executive action” is often an euphemism for assassination, killing individuals or groups, and given the “messiah’s” bloody hands (he has ordered actions which have killed thousands of innocent women and children around the world, directly, and indirectly hundreds of thousands), it does pose a very “simple” solution to prison overpopulation.  Maybe I am thinking of this because of recent news stories about 55 graves at the Dozier School for Boys in Florida, from more than a century ago.  What are a few thousand more dead druggies and white-collar crime perpetrators to the people in DC?

The EPA Administrator has told scientists to ‘Speak the truth’ on Climate Change (aka Manmade Global Warmiing) to meet Obama’s ‘needs’, at a conference in Virginia (inside the Beltway, of course).  This amounts to “be good little political scientists” and I am sure that thousands will obey their massa’s commandments.  Is it not curious how the more evidence is actually found that global warming is NOT real, that the more the Administration and the Tranzis and their minions double down on it?

Doug Lawson, president and CEO of Kingdom Trust, a South Dakota firm, says that the “messiah’s” plan to told call his new government-sponsored retirement program “MyRA” in Tuesday’s State of the Union address because that’s the same name as his firm’s four-year-old “keynote” investment product.  Doug, like many others, is learning that the government is a criminal organization that will steal ANYTHING.  I am immediately reminded of the story the prophet Nathan told King David about the rich man stealing the poor man’s only sheep.  Of course, perhaps the “messiah” and his minions can come up with a more accurate name: how about “Social Security eXtreme” – since all this piece of garbage that he spewed out on Tuesday IS, is a new version of the same old Ponzi scheme that FDR got passed through a greedy and stupid Congress.

Pope Francis is telling Notre Dame University: defend the freedom of the Roman Catholic Church. So sorry, but the REAL church is NOT amenable to the laws of man, as Christ Jesus told Pontius Pilate so long ago.  What he and other people of faith should be concerned about is the freedom of christians to live and practice their faith.  The pope, the cardinals and other bishops of the RC Church should be working to defend the faith – and therefore the liberties – of every one of their parishioners AGAINST government.  Anything less will just show that the hierarchy of the RC Church is STILL allied WITH the State against God.

Did you see this?  Attorney General Sergeant Schultz – opps! Holder, proclaims ‘I Don’t Know Anything…’ Holder denies knowing that the IRS investigator was an Obama contributor. What a familiar statement from this evil man.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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