Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-06B: White House Pronouncements

With Super Bowl and the State of the Union address over, it’s politicking time and everyone is going at it.  More and more people are calling for or predicting open revolt.  Others are calling for crackdowns on – well, you name it.  Here are a few stories I’ve seen in the last few hours

The “messiah” tells us, ‘We don’t want two classes of people in America’ which reminded me of an article on Freedom’s Phoenix last week, showing the classic authority pyramid of THREE classes: the “inner party” super-elite of 0.001% or so, their immediate minions (the “outer party” of maybe 5%?) and then the proles: “everybody else.”  This is similar to what Ringo, Weber, and Krautman have suggested IS the Tranzi goal of what could be considered “god-kings” and a “priest” class and then proles.  Actually, of course, we HAVE and WANT two classes: peaceful folks who mind their own business, and people who want to mind everyone else’s business and don’t think anything about breaking the law or inventing laws to let them do so.  Maybe we can figure out a way to get rid of that second class?

As Keystone XL Pipeline clears one hurdle, the White House seems to be planning further delay which makes you wonder about just why the White House let Kerry even accept this silly step of approving the EIS?  Is the “messiah” looking to throw Kerry under the bus?  Scanning briefly the responses the “messiah’s” shill made, it appears like nothing but tapdancing by idiots who don’t know how to dance.

The White House has again made it clear that the “messiah” won’t take executive action to remove pot from the narcotics list, which should not come as any great surprise to anyone who thinks much about it.  What surprised me was to find sources like Reason who seem to be ticked off that he is NOT using his “imperial mandate” to do so.  A tyrant is no less a tyrant just because his decrees are things that you agree with.  Why can we NOT get it through our heads how amazingly stupid it is to give government more power so that it can do something that WE want, when we KNOW inevitably that the government will then use that power to do all kinds of other things, most of which are stupid and evil?

An expert tells us that Obama’s MyRA plan is ‘encouraging people to buy government debt’, just like decades of war bonds and savings bonds and the like have done.  So?  People WANT to believe the propaganda that the FedGov is steady as a rock and that nothing will ever happen.  Just as they are willing to believe the hucksters selling everything else.  The “messiah” and his minions and controllers know that FDR was able to sell them a bill of goods in the 30s with Social Security, and LBJ was able to sell the people a bill of goods in the 60s with Medicare and Medicaid, and they themselves were able to sell a bill of goods six years ago with ObummerCare, so why not one more trip to the trough?  If SS was putting our toe into the polluted water of a communist pond, we are up to our necks, now.  Time to plunge in!     I see that most of my comments today are about the White House and the District of Criminals, so the next story fits in.

I see that a Gallup poll finds that Washington, D.C., is the most liberal place in the USA. Which again, certainly is no surprise (well, except maybe when you look at San Francisco, Berkley, and Boulder).  Polls don’t answer why, of course.  But it is amusing to speculate?  Is it the combination of government employees, lobbyists and corporate parasites on the government and the underclass supported by the dole?  Is it because people know what side their bread is buttered on?  Is it something in the water? Or is it because much of the rest of the country is getting more libertarian and conservative?  Or is it because the entire place is filled with liars.

Lest I be accused of America-bashing, we see more examples of government stupidity in the next couple of stories.

It seems that a new Saudi counterterrorism law criminalizes speech critical of government or society.  Wow!  Isn’t it a good thing that faithful, extreme muslims and Islamic nations so highly prize democracy and freedom?  (A quote from that Islamic website: “It goes without saying that Islam highly promotes democracy and encourages all people to act upon it. However, democracy should be positively perceived and applied, i.e., the positive face of democracy that contradicts tyranny and despotism is to be adopted, not the negative one that gives anyone the right to do anything he or she wants.”)  Imagine if Arabia were a tyranny run by a bunch of despotic gang members like the US and most Western nations are?

Mama’s Note: Not much difference anymore, is there? All of the “governments” that prattle about “democracy” make it clear that the people can “vote” for anything they want, but they’d better toe the line and do what they are told regardless. This is, of course, because all governments assume they have the ultimate authority to rule, however it is expressed. In essence, far too few people can even conceive of actually owning themselves, of having the only legitimate authority over their lives and property.

The UK news is in a dither about a “young” 31-year-old mom who is (according to the coroner) the first woman known in the UK to die of “cannabis poisoning.” Yet, when you read the story, the claim just doesn’t add up.  It appears that they don’t know WHY she died, and the fact that she smoked a small quantity to help her sleep is given as the reason.  Much else in the story doesn’t add up: she was “religious” and “fun” and had a fifteen-year-old son and two other children?  Loved parties?  Normal?  Really?  Of course, deaths from overdose of prescription drugs in the UK was 3,338 in 2011 (latest year I could find), and just tranquillizers and painkiller overdoses killed 807 people in 2013 in the UK.  Seems to me that they have a lot more to worry about.

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