Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-06E: Cannibalistic government

Governments turning on each other? That was part of my reading this week, along with other stupid government tricks. Maybe if we can portray government at all levels as they clowns they really are, we can all laugh ourselves back to freedom.

In California this week, the state turned on itself, when a CHP officer arrested a firefighter at a traffic accident scene, because the firefighter refused to do something stupid that the trooper ordered. Of course, photos of the scene show that the trooper himself was breaking the law and risking the safety of himself and the firefighters struggling to rescue injured people from the accident. The arrogance and stupidity of cops grows monthly, especially in states like California and Missouri. How long are we going to put up with this occupation force?

The newly in-office Mayor Bill de Blasio (D-NYC) wants to close schools for Muslim holidays. Apparently ten percent of NYC students are Muslim, so everyone (taxpayers and the other ninety percent) get to be penalized. There are lots of technical reasons why this would be difficult, unlike traditional (Jewish and “Christian”) holidays, because of how Muslim holidays are scheduled. I am not sure about the schools, but according to Wikipedia, 37% of NYC are Catholic, 13% are Jewish, 6% are Protestant, and 17% are “unaffiliated.” That totals 73%, so I guess there could be that many Muslims. Seems like they could have “floating” holidays as long as the homework is turned in ahead of time. That way, even worshippers of the Flying Spaghetti Monster could have off whatever holiday that FSM worshippers have, too… Still, better to get your kids out of these institutions. Quickly.

A poll released yesterday (Wednesday) says that more Coloradoans want armed teachers and school staff, rather than more gun laws. This isn’t really surprising, even though the poll was flawed by having only two choices: a good many folks have come to realize that more gun laws don’t stop the nutcases from shooting people up. Or vandalizing whatever.

It was several months ago, but apparently a team of snipers attacked a power substation in California, knocking it out by taking down 17 transformers in 19 seconds and requiring a month to restore it to service. One agency claims it was a serious terrorist attack, but the FBI poohpoohs the idea. Did this really happen? Or was it a training exercise of some type? Or just a bogus event designed to create more panic and more demand for fortification and more security thugs on the payroll? Usually is pretty good, but…?`

Mama’s Note: OK… but I’d like to know who timed the attack. How do they know it only took 19 seconds? Not saying they couldn’t, but it seems suspect to me that they’d mention such an exact time frame for something that was, evidently, not witnessed. Who was holding the stopwatch?

Meanwhile, a USSC justice (Scalia) says World War Two internment camps could happen again. Duh. Panic is panic, and the government LOVES panic, and they LOVE to lock people up. It has happened again and again, and will probably happen pretty soon, both here and elsewhere in the world. Meanwhile, other folks are claiming that the NFL is a co-conspirator in making their taxpayer-financed stadiums into these internment camps, training their security to work alongside Russian and Pakistani “guest-soldiers.” Right now, I want to know if there are any camps NOW. And no, despite the way the people attending the Superbowl in NJ were treated, I don’t think THAT counted.

Mama’s Note: I suspect that the inner city welfare zones are all the “internment camps” needed. Just no need to spend money for fence and guard towers. If they think they’ll be able to round up those who think independently… well, I suspect they are in for a bad surprise.

The US Postal Service is going to solicit to buy small arms ammunition soon, according to an official announcement. This is, of course, a good thing: we would hardly want someone going postal in the original sense of the phrase to run short of ammo. And we all want our mail to be protected against the rampaging mobs when the Social Security checks stop arriving (except that now, almost NO one gets SS checks by mail: they were all forced into direct deposit several years ago, along with retirees and veterans. The announcement does not say how much or what type of ammo: it could be anything from a couple of cartons on .22LR to a million (or BILLION) rounds of everything from .357 Magnum to .50-cal M2 ammo. But what I notice is how the conservative-libertarian comment community gets all het up about it, based on as little info as we have. Of course, one guy points out that the only armed branch of USPS is NOT mail carriers to defend themselves against dogs or mad rent-seekers not getting their coupons, but the “Postal Inspection Service” which has one of the WORST acronyms of any federal agency I’ve ever heard off (except maybe one their branches, the “Postal Inspection Secret Service”) – just teasing. Anyway, the PI Service apparently has not shot anyone in the line of duty in decades, or at least since they stopped shipping mail by stage coach (the kind with horses) and trains with wood-burning engines. And of course (as always) the USPS is broke. So maybe they aren’t buying too much?

Mama’s Note: Why shouldn’t they buy as much as they want? After all, it’s not like they were using real money… or as if they were using their OWN money.

Congress’ own poster child and basket case, Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) says that the top priority for Democrats right now is to write Executive Orders for [the “messiah”] to sign. Funny, I thought that Congress was supposed to be “lawmakers” and not ghost-writers for the (supposed) president. Congress smells more like Augustus’ Senate all the time. Of course, the reason she is reduced to ghosting executive orders is that much of the time, the GOP majority in the House at least acts as a speed bump to the Administration’s race to total tyranny. Still, it is the GOP’s gutlessness (only if you believe that they are truly conservative, and not just sham artists) that has let things go this far. I still figure that they are sham artists, as the next story seems to support.

According to one source, the five Senators most supportive of the “messiah’s” agenda are Susan Collins (R-ME), Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), John McCain (R-AZ), Jeff Flake (R-AZ) and Rob Portman (R-OH). It is Republicans like these (and a whole lot more) that make me skeptical of what a local politician means when he calls himself a “staunch Republican.” I’m sure that all five of these people are “staunch.” And obviously enemies of liberty.

Speaking of enemies of liberty, apparently the police force of Ankeny, Iowa (population 49,000) serves warrants for a suspected $1000 credit card fraud by conducting a no-knock raid/entry in the middle of the night. AND they ripped out the family’s security cameras – but didn’t get the video already recorded. There is no justification for this kind of aggression. This sort of vicious attack is NOT appropriate for a non-violent crime.

Mama’s Note: Actually, there is no possible justification for this kind of military attack on anyone, regardless of the crime involved. If people give them the authority for one, the other is inevitable.

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2 Responses to Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-06E: Cannibalistic government

  1. Gary W. Anthony says:

    Regarding the shooting up of a transformer station: Reading on another blog (don’t remember which) but that electricity provider had recently undergone massive layoffs, and a (still) employed worker surmised that is may have been some of the ‘laid off workers’ who did the vandalism.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      Sounds very likely to me. Any “grid” or centralized utility will always be vulnerable to attacks of all kinds, of course. Seems to me that the more the actual generation of electricity, and water sources found locally, the better off everyone will be. Serious adaptations will need to be made in how we do things, of course, but I think everyone will benefit in the long run. Then, nobody can hold millions of people hostage by a single act of vandalism, and individuals will be motivated to defend the resources if they have a personal investment and stake in it.

      Big cities, with millions and millions of relatively helpless people will always be vulnerable, I suspect, but I don’t understand why these facilities are not already deep underground everywhere. Each winter I read about places – often the SAME places – where ice has brought down the power lines and people are in the cold and dark, sometimes for weeks. Why in the world were those power lines (and facilities) not put deep underground long, long ago? Why repair them every year when they could be protected, and probably at much less cost? It never ceases to amaze me.


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