Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-06D: New inventions and more

Good morning, all.  Today, there is some neat news about new ideas and inventions!

A school and lab in Karlsruhe (Germany) has developed a new material which is less dense than water, and stronger (in some ways) than many kinds of steel, AND which can be used in 3D printers!  This, coupled with news passed on from friends about BATFE and other fedgoon agencies in a panic about 3D-printed M-4 and M-16 clones (although using metal barrels), perhaps does see a time approaching when NO government can keep gun control as a real possibility.  Although the big news back in November was that BATFE “proved” that 3D-printed plastic guns were dangerous and exploded, the actual facts were ignored.  A Defense Distributed Liberator pistol printed using ABS (a common plastic used in construction) could fire AT LEAST nine shots, and cost $25 to print on a $2,000 printer.  Even with normal business costs, amortization, and a limited printer life, it is likely that the Liberator could be sold on the open market (admittedly, a BLACK market as far as the goons are concerned) for about $50 (plus postage and handling).

In still MORE high-tech news, researchers at UWis-Madison have come up with yet another way to turn trees and other plant mass into fuel both easily and economically.  Although they are doing it only on a small scale and at a cost equal to $5/gallon of gasoline, this conversion of cellulose to fuel-grade ethanol opens even more possibilities for fuel production on both a large and small scale and probably without the need of the huge infrastructure the petro-fuel industry now requires.  Not only that, but this ends the need to decide between food (as is the case with traditional ethanol) and fuel, and I suspect the price will drop very quickly as the process is refined (pun intended) and tinkered with.

And apparently, Dread Pirate Roberts is back in business on the Silk Road, according to a fascinating interview in Ars Technica. Using Tor and other techniques to work around the government (as more and more people are doing) is a good thing.  We can no longer afford to have the weight of government’s millstone around our necks as we try to swim even across the river.  DPR sounds increasingly not just libertarian but moving from minarchist to anarchist (with a ways to go, I admit).  In particular he (or she) points out “The State is no longer a protector of the people in many ways.”  (Actually, the State has become less and LESS a protector of any people except its own goons and the “elite” for a very long time.)

Mama’s Note: Correction! The non-voluntary government has NEVER actually been a protector of the people, except perhaps in the manner of the farmer protecting the livestock.

In St. Louis, a federal judge ruled that flashing your lights to warn others about cops radaring is “free speech” and cops can’t harass you or ticket you. Or at least not legally, but it took Michael Elli fifteen months to see justice done.  Apparently in Missouri, that free speech was punished by a $1000 fine.  Now, to go after a few thousand OTHER stupid laws…  And see if this ruling will apply across the nation.

Scott referred me to an NBC story about how Colorado pot shops are being terrorized by robber gangs, and asks, where were their guns?  Well, actually, the massive and continuing series of robberies, burglaries, and the like are MOSTLY (according to the story) in Denver.  Now, maybe that is just because the NBC idiots are too lazy to set foot into real Colorado, or maybe that IS the only place seriously being hit.  If so, it is obvious:  Denver has LONG believed that IT is above both the federal and state constitutions and works very hard to keep its citizens AND people just passing through Denver from being able to protect themselves with ANY weapon.  In reading the story, which does talk about similar problems in California (guess what, the whole state there is in the hands of the hoploclasts), it is obvious that government shares much of the blame for millions of dollars of damage and theft.  Why?  Because banks and other financial institutions are afraid of, and refuse to, get deposits from marijuana companies because they are still illegal in the eyes of the feds, including the FDIC and Federal Reserve.  And secondarily because apparently the Denver Police are too incompetent to adjust to, and respond to, the threat faced by hundreds of businesses and probably thousands of citizens.  (Indeed, I wonder how many of the criminals have some tie to law enforcement?)

Speaking of cannabis, apparently a White House minion, Michael Botticelli, admitted to Congress that marijuana is less deadly than alcohol, but not “benign.”  Clearly, the White House can’t get its act together, and the War on Some Drugs is fraying ever more badly.  Whether or not pot is “benign,” we know that the fight against it is anything BUT benign:  leading to thousands of deaths and billions of dollars of stolen money being squandered, each year.  Today, the cops have more excuse for militarization, but what started that trend was the War on Some Drugs, for the last forty years.  Of course, cannabis is not the only excuse for the War, as the next story reminds me.

An 82-year-old retired Army Veteran in Burlington, Vermont, will go to trial in April on felony and misdemeanor charges triggered by a mistake made by a pharmacist in issuing him the wrong prescription, in January of 2013.  He and his wife were attacked by a cop after the pharmacy called the police on them, and the entire thing is insane and evil.  With the end nearing on the “pot front” of the War on Some Drugs, the cops and federal agencies are cracking down on “prescription drug abuse” to keep their jobs, their funding, their task forces, their corruption, and their power going as the cannabis action winds down, state by state.  Now, where are the veterans and the rights groups and the rest of the “concerned persons” to help this man and his wife?

Like Tom (Freedom News Daily), I’d love to see Google, trashy though they are, move out of California entirely, in response to bureaucrats telling them their barge (under construction) has to leave Treasure Island.  How stupid to think that it is wrong – or even requires permits – to build a barge on a site that was constructed to build and maintain ships, and did so for half-a-century.  But that is government for you.

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