Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-09C: Stupidity high and low

By Nathan Barton

Good morning, to all my “non-stupid” readers.  It is so easy to get frustrated with the demonstrated lack of competence across the board these days.

DHS tells the Romeike Family “you can stay”, just the day after the U.S. Supreme Court denied their appeal for asylum. HSLDA is glad, but baffled, as we all are.  But maybe the DHS figured that the distraction value had reached its limit.  Or maybe everyone in DHS is as stupid as the TSA thugs in most airports seem to be.

Putin claims that Russia has no plans to annex Crimea as well as stating that the Crimeans should determine their own fate, and pointing out that  Yanukovych was overthrown by a coup and NOT by a revolution or rebellion.  Whether we believe him or not, he is more plausible than the “messiah” or minion Kerry, to say nothing of Uncle Joe.  Picture what it would be like if a French Canadian prime minister were overthrown as the result of a bogus street revolt in Ottawa led by a cabal of Western provincial English speakers, encouraged and aided by Russia.  How would many in the US respond? Or for that matter, France, if the use of French were outlawed by the new “populist” “English-only” regime?

Related to this, an RT (Russia Today) TV newsbabe resigned from the network, on air, claiming she was sick of repeating Putin’s lies.  The woman (an American and “proud” to be one) whose grandparents were Hungarian refugees from the Soviet occupation admitted doesn’t have a good opinion of Russia and Russians, which might be influencing her.  While I suspect that she might be buying into the White House propaganda (as WAY too many conservatives are), I suspect that she will have to find another profession, as whatever other network or “news” outlet she hires on with is very VERY likely to have even MORE troubles with the truth than RT.

Targeting Student Aid, that is, making financial aid dependent on a student’s college readiness could better target taxpayer dollars… according to an article republished in Daily Policy Digest.  Well, that may be, but a FAR better solution is to get the government (at ANY level) OUT of the education financial aid business.  There are multiple advantages, including moving higher education closer to a free market so that prices and demand/supply determine the value, not some legislature or session of Congress, ending government meddling with the content of education, and allowing money to be spent (voluntarily) on those who can benefit from a college education and not just four more years of childhood.  But even THIS modest reform proposal is going to be rejected as elitist and racist, since to sort potential students into sheep and goats is obviously discriminating and sure to harm their delicate little egos.  And show up the public (government-ruined, theft-funded) primary and secondary schools as the worthless institutions that they are.

“In an effort its spokesman has described as ‘outreach to rednecks,’ the Kentucky Baptist Convention is leading ‘Second Amendment Celebrations,’ where churches around the state give away guns as door prizes to lure in the unchurched in hopes of converting them to Christ.  The “social gospel” gone to seed, as Baptists no longer have much faith at all in the REAL Gospel, and must bribe people to come in (not just to win one of the 25 handguns being given away, but for a free steak dinner)!  Fortunately, most Baptists have departed so far from the simple christianity of the New Testament that their stupid actions won’t bring as much reproach on true faith as they might have, say a century ago.

Once again,Quebec’s Free Quebec Party is trying to get a majority in the provincial parliament, leading everyone to think that they will again try to get enough popular votes to be their own nation.  No doubt, once again they will be disappointed: too many Quebecois see too many advantages to staying in the federation.  Too bad: a seventy-state solution for North America would be a big improvement.

“A judge in the US has ruled that lawyers representing Amazonian villagers used bribes to secure compensation worth billions of dollars from oil company Chevron in Ecuador. So the Amazonian villagers can’t use US courts to enforce the ruling.  Tom Knapp noted, “I bet there was some bribery going on. But I wouldn’t be too quick to conclude that bribery only happened in Ecuador …” I note that just because they can’t use the US courts, they could still get a lot in Ecuador and other Latin countries where Chevron operates.  For one thing, who trusts an American judge to tell the truth (or decide truthfully), bribery or not?  Assuming a US judge has ANY jurisdiction, the question is not whether or not there was bribery in Ecuador, but whether or not the damage really happened, and whether or not Chevron is to blame.

“The District of Columbia City Council voted Tuesday to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana in the nation’s capital. These people (as we know from other actions) are born stupid.  The Mayor intends to sign the measure, which replaces jail time with civil fines but does not legalize the use, possession, sale or growing of cannabis; they clearly want the revenue and to save space in jail. Apparently no one thinks that Congress will veto the measure, because Congress is divided and both houses must approve a veto.  Of course, it is STILL going to be illegal federally (Schedule 1, remember?) so this could be funny indeed.  How many in all those big fancy buildings will toke up, despite federal law?

DNC members can’t think of a single Hillary achievement, at least not one they are willing to admit to.  Those of us who see her an another poster child for nanny-state and Tranzi tyranny can think of lots – but again, none that SHE would be willing to admit to.  Her record can speak for itself, including the way she lets her hubby run wild.

Mama’s Note: Mr. Clinton is responsible for himself. If she had any integrity or moral compass, of course, she’d have divorced him a long time ago, but it’s not her responsibility to control him. She has enough evil on her own plate without that.

Speaking of wives and husbands, the “messiah’s” consort and his incredible Let’s Move front organization have admitted that 1.6 million paying students have dropped school lunches, as apparently there are ‘challenges with palatability’ thanks to the consort’s efforts to promote “healthy” meals for children.  So, as an”unintended consequence” of this wonderful plan to keep children from getting fat and developing deficiencies, the cost of the federally-subsidized school lunch programs goes up as well.  Of course, there are other consequences to her nanny-thug approach.  A correspondent reports to me that school cafeteria workers “tearfully” refuse to let Lakota children on several reservations have seconds because they are “forbidden to” by federal regulations (and thugs), which is a definite problem (as reported) because too many of the children with boozing or drugging parents and siblings have little or nothing (except for some junk food, maybe) to eat at home, and often the school lunch is the only meal that they get on weekdays.  Seems to me like if they are driven to tears over this, they’d try to work around the feds and the thugs, but perhaps being the descendents of seven (or eight) generations of what are essentially welfare drones courtesy of Honest Abe and Carl Schurz and their ilk back in the 1860s, they literally have had initiative and compassion bred out of them

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