Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-09D: More Stupidity, especially about Russia

By Nathan Barton

Good morning, as we enjoy a nice clear morning in the Four Corners, and hope that you are warm and safe.  After the last column on stupidity, a whole bunch of interesting stories illustrating more stupidity showed up, so I’m doing a second series of commentaries.

The LA Times has a story about a poll explaining how stupid most Americans are, because they don’t know technical terms for computers and the internet.  It may be the case, or it may be that at least SOME of the people responding to the internet/phone poll-by-invitation decided that they were sick and tired of surveys and decided to have some fun.  I know I’ve been tempted, just as I have been tempted to call into some talk shows with insane comments, just to mess with their minds.  Have you?

Mama’s Note: I’ve answered exactly one “survey,” done by a nurse’s group I joined more than 20 years ago. Other than that, I toss those coming by mail and hang up on those who call. It’s not only a waste of time, it leads to more and more misinformation. The “questions” are always slanted to obtain the answers they want. And any that don’t fit can so conveniently be lost…

A long-scheduled Russian ICBM test was successful and on-schedule.  Despite it being scheduled and announced (notification to the US was given months ago), there are a lot of people who are reacting as though it was launched across the bow of a US warship in the Black Sea, as part of the Russian “escalation” of the Ukraine crisis.

Speaking of paranoia, the nut-web bunch seem to be saying that NATO and the US have been planning the current mess in the Ukraine and Crimea since the end of WW2, if I understand their meandering.  These people are as bad as those who claim that Putin is implementing his grand plan to reestablish the Soviet Union.  This is akin to those who claim that all they need to do is say the right magic words in the right place (often, the US Supreme Court) and all the evil FedGov things, from the Federal Reserve to the Income Tax to the EPA will vanish in a cloud of emerald smoke.

Mama’s Note: Don’t we just WISH? And why, pray tell, have these marvelous words not been spoken already then? Sheech.

Back to Russia and Putin: With full justification, Putin points to U.S. interference in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya in responding to the ham-handed, stupid U.S. threats against Russia for getting involved in Urkraine, and specifically the Crimea.  It is not a bad comparison but the hypocrisy of the U.S. (well, the FedGov) is (as always) massive.  And of course, he won’t make the FedGov and the “messiah” shut up: they are too stupid to understand the risks and to understand that there is a reason that Russians love their strongmen rulers.

American politicians and “foreign experts” are apparently SHOCKED that Russia is playing the same cards that the US frequently does, by pushing back at the FedGov’s threats to isolate and punish Russia for “invading” the Crimea.  News and claims continues to be controversial and conflicting, but it looks more and more like (again) the FedGov is lying about what is going on and what happened.

FLASHBACK: Only Minor Punishment for Russia Last Time It Sent Troops Across the Border, in major part because there was no way that the U.S. could intervene in Georgia, given its location.  Of course, if the US wants to get more enemies in and around the Black Sea, the FedGov could intervene in Crimea and drag Turkey into a shooting war with Russia.  Remember, about 160 years ago, Turks (specifically the Ottoman Turkish Empire) OWNED the Crimea and lost it to Russia despite Brit AND French aid and intervention.  Since Turks are the third largest ethnic group in the Crimea (after Russians and Ukrainians), it is a recipe for trouble.

Not really heard much about this in the mainstream news, but an anti-war activist detained and injured in Cairo says that the U.S. Embassy ‘was missing in action’ just like in Libya (Benghazi) and a good many other places around the world.  Not that ANY of us would expect the State Department to come down on the side of anyone who is Anti-War. Kerry’s main job these days seems to be to anger anyone and everyone he can, perhaps in the hope of getting them so mad that they shoot at us.  Of course, his instructions from the “messiah” (or the Tranzi master council) are to push homosexuality and global warming, which are enough to rile anyone sane or insane.  Doesn’t he do a good job?

Former VP candidate Paul Ryan says ‘I can’t believe we lost to these guys.’ Well, Mr. Ryan, it wasn’t due to lack of trying: the Presidential candidate, what WAS his name, oh yeah, Romney, worked very hard to help keep the bogus incumbent, the “messiah” in the White House, and succeeded very well.

Reid blasts Kochs again: ‘two very wealthy individuals who intend to buy their very own Congress’, which of course upsets him: he and his cronies (including the “messiah”) and their backers/controlers paid VERY good money for Congress, and don’t want to lose their investment in both Democrats and Republicans.  Let the Kochs go out and find their OWN country to buy.

Obamacare’s Disincentives to Work Are a Good Thing, NPR Spins, since it will give them more listeners.  Keep in mind, for NPR to flourish, they need “professional” and “middle/upper class” people with no jobs or fewer jobs.  The lower class and the underclasses don’t listen to NPR, they listen to Top 40 and Hiphop (or whatever garbage is currently in style) and (at least in the West and South) the latest excuse for “Country Western” – which isn’t either.  So if those who were “more gently raised” don’t have jobs, well, NPR’s rating boom!  And all their sponsors will shell out more moolah.

A Long Island New York man is facing a manslaughter charge after he shot and killed a suspected burglar almost seven months ago.  Family surveillance cameras will be used by the family to defend him in court, as police claim that the only weapon carried by four men who apparently assaulted his home was a pellet gun, and that he was not within his rights to use a shotgun to wound and kill one of the attackers.  At night. Typical for New York, no?

Mama’s Note: My understanding is that this man fired at the robbers as they were running away. He would have been within his rights to shoot while they were actually threatening him, but not as they fled. That’s the part that is not being reported or discussed, and makes all the difference.

An Obummercare “expert” claims that health insurance “as we knew it” is toast and won’t exist in a few years.  A friend and correspondent was told that it may not be years, but months, and that BlueCross/BlueShield may totally disappear: ending a massive health insurance provider once and for all.  And perhaps triggering a massive meltdown of much of the economy – offering opportunity for a massive FURTHER government expansion into health care.

Mama’s Note: Or not… It will depend a lot on the response of the medical professionals and their organizations. From what I’ve read, most medical professionals will refuse to have anything to do with any form of Obummercare, and those who do will be simply overwhelmed. Some meeting of the minds, to reinstate true forms of catastrophic insurance or other forms of risk pools, would be ideal. Unfortunately, the entire economy and irrational, non-voluntary government will probably have to collapse first.

Health “insurance” as we know it now is doomed, one way or another. What will take its place is up for grabs. Here is someone with great, free market ideas. And it seems to be catching on. The Oklahoma Surgery Center does not accept Medicare, Medicaid or any other insurance or government subsidy. They post their cash prices on line, a tiny fraction of what even the “not for profit” hospitals charge. Dr. Smith blogs here too, and gives us the best of his great understanding of how current “health care” works, and what it will take to fix it.

Bloomberg and other hoploclasts are now urging Facebook to prohibit guns on their website.  In the form of talk, of course.  Does ANYone know of a single person killed or even wounded by a picture or a discussion of a firearm on-line?  One?  The liberal/progressive panic about guns once more.  Pointing fingers, wearing shirts with gun pictures, having key-chains with tiny miniature guns: all of these are MORE important than people being able to defend themselves.

Mama’s Note: This false panic isn’t about self defense any more than it is about safety. It is ALL about control. They want to do things to us that we won’t allow as long as we have guns.

Global warming is destroying the world, one waterfall at a time.  Niagara Falls has frozen AGAIN this winter, because of the “insane” cold in the Eastern US and Canada.  Right, global warming is going to kill us all.  By the way, the pictures at the link are beautiful!

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