Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-10D: Hype and Fear

Good afternoon!  Another week is nearly done, and we can rest up for the next one, right?  Meanwhile, some thoughts worth sharing (I hope and think) about news the last several days.

One thing in the news that is getting more and more tiresome is the ever-increasing hype about “we’re all gonna die” in the next (take your choice: six months, twelve months, by 2016, etc.) and that the conspiracies are in progress and we can do NOTHING (well, nothing except by THEIR book or subscribe to THEIR magazine or buy THEIR brand of overpriced, hyped, bulky food).  Of course, the various private enterprises that do this learned from the “best:” the media and the government.  Saw lots of that in the news and the ads this week.  I don’t need to give you websites – easy to find online.

In a case I’ve been watching for some time, a Saudi cleric has been released from prison after he paid blood money to the mother of the daughter he killed. The popular “TV imam” admitted he had beaten his five-year-old daughter because he suspected she had lost her virginity.  Yes, read that again, that is really what happened.  She hung on for ten months before she died: he was sentenced to eight years (you read THAT right too) in prison for this “lawful deed” [sic AND sick] (according to Shari’a) but was allowed to paid compensation of $270,000 (50% of what he’d had to pay if it had been a son) to the mother (his divorced ex-wife) and get out of jail four months early.  Islam IS a death cult: this sort of thing is written into their holy books, unlike Christianity in which the inquisition, the religious wars, and the auto-de-fe are contrary to the New Testament scriptures.  Yet, the Saudi criminal gang lords are our friends… far better to have Mexican drug lords or Italian capos.  Is it any wonder that just a few short years after the Spanish overran the last Muslim-ruled territories in Iberia (in 1492, SEVEN HUNDRED years after the Muslim invasion and “submission”), when they discovered the murderous Azteca religious rites, that they decided to wipe the Aztec out? But today, we invite this venomous snake into our homeland.  In this case, we aren’t all “gonna die” and it is unlikely that too many Americans will die in this sort of honor killing anytime soon.  Of course, the more Islamist Muslims move into the country, the more this kind of thing will happen here.

As the Malaysia airliner mystery deepens, it seems that no debris has been found after all; and supposedly the plane flew for 4 hours after losing contact? Four hours would be about 2,000 miles: a big area.  The conspiracy types are just freaking out over this: the latest theory is that this was a “digital hijacking” using the unique electronics of the aircraft, and that the airliner, with or without its passengers and crew, could be someplace in India or Pakistan, being prepared for another Bloody Tuesday.  As usual, the US is identified as the evil mastermind of the plot…  And the result?  We are all gonna die…

As Kerry is involved in a last-minute effort to stop Crimea from voting to join Russia, it appears that the Crimea’s are going to exercise the same “democratic rights” that people in places like Kosovo and Slovakia – and even Catalonia and Scotland – are willing to, despite the fact that the much-vaunted “leader of the free world” (the ‘messiah’) has said that the Crimeans should not be allowed to do so.  Unfortunately, here at home, the FedGov’s propaganda effort seems to be working as we find a new poll released Friday shows, the highest percentage of Americans since the break-up of the Soviet Union believe Russia is a threat. Sixty-nine percent say Russia presents a “very” or “moderately” serious threat to America — up 25 percentage points since April 2012, according to the CNN/ORC International poll. The percentage who say Russia is a “very” serious threat (29 percent) has nearly tripled since then (11 percent).  This is exactly what the ‘messiah’ and all his allies and puppetmasters want, as the Islamic terror threat no longer seems to motivate Americans enough.  Again, the horrormongers are running wild: the major theme seems to be that a century later, Crimea is the new Serbia and all Europe will be drawn into a massive “accidental” war as happened in the Great War of 1914-1918.  Except, of course, the United States will be involved from the gitgo.

The Nanny State metastases still more, as the DNC defends ObamaCare: ‘You have to take your medicine’ no matter what.  To add insult to injury, one of the “messiah’s” thugettes said, “There will be no delay in the penalty most Americans face under President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform law if they fail to obtain health coverage this year.” Sebelius also said there would be no postponement of this month’s deadline for enrolling in coverage through new private health insurance marketplaces or the Medicaid program for the poor.  There seems to be an intent to force more and more people into dire straits, perhaps to “encourage” them to join their side as being the least painful way to survive.  Once more, the Chicken Littles are screaming about White House plots to set up a national health service (single-payer system); but others are pointing out that the whole house of cards may come tumbling down.

Here are some items from around the various States:

In Wyoming, a family is being persecuted for having a stock pond on their eight acres, by the EPA (threatening $75,000/day fines), despite having state permits.  The congressional delegation is begging the EPA to stop.  Right.  This is an example either of total hypocrisy (the two senators and representative are playing both sides of the street) or proof that Congress is a worthless collection of wealthy babblers with no real power.

Mama’s Note: You forgot a third possibility… both are true.

In Colorado, a state-employed public defender (a lawyer) has been fired for having sex with one of her clients in the Denver County Sheriff’s Office building.  But apparently, no legal action is contemplated: we must of course protect the members of the bar.

In Connecticut, a hockey referee has been arrested at instigation of the parents of a teen hockey player he ejected from a game, because he “physically” escorted the boy off the ice.  Sounds like a lot of parents in that state need to get a life.  Or maybe they should ban hockey?  Where were the REAL adults?

In Mississippi, a Baptist preacher was badly injured in an accident.  That wasn’t the government’s fault, but the ObummerCare provisions that caused his medical insurance to be jacked up by 15% and therefore unaffordable IS.  It took them months to find an alternative through the dysfunctional “health care exchanges” but the insurance didn’t go into effect until next month: result, NO insurance and a hundred thousand in medical bills.  To add insult to injury, they could have kept their original, lower-cost plan thanks to the new post-de-facto extension the FedGov so generously gave.  At least this man and his family have a family of faith to try and help.

In Texas, mainstream media used an innocent picture of a Trail Life USA troop to blacken the alternative to BSA as being neo-Nazis.  The media has for the most part refused to correct the outright lie – but then, what do we expect?  Trail Life USA was established as a breakaway movement from the Boy Scouts of America after open homosexuality (boys and leaders) was accepted by the 104-year-old group, which continues to be attacked both by the atheist and homosexual activists because their abject surrender did not go far enough.

Have a good weekend.  On the road and so there may be another extended weekend!

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