Libertarian commentary on the news, #14-11A: Crimea and America

Good morning!  Well, the Crimea has voted to secede and join Russia.  War hasn’t broken out in Ukraine and the Crimea yet, and the ‘messiah’ hasn’t bombed Moscow yet, or even told Pepsi to stop selling to the Russians.  The “vigor” of the condemnation of that evil man Putin and all his ilk is obvious in the blogosphere AND on the mainstream media.  As it is on a few other things this week.

On Saturday, one of the ‘messiah’s’ minions, John Kerry, has given Russia an ultimatum to get OUT of the Crimea by Monday “or else.”  Of course, the “or else” is that tired old, unenforceable list of sanctions and hand-slapping that doesn’t work for North Korea or Iran, and is not going to work for Russia – even if Russia doesn’t seem to have international law on its side.  Funny how secession is just fine for the other 14 republics of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, or for Kosovo or Slovakia, but NOT for the Crimea?  And that popular votes are fine for electing presidents or joining the EU or all these other things but NOT democracy for the Crimea to decide what they want to do?  Of course, those who are screaming about this conveniently seem to forget that “democracy” is not allowed to apply to giving special rights to homosexuals, nor to redefining marriage, nor to legalizing either medical or recreational cannabis, so who is being the hypocrite here?  It is a very broad brush, indeed.

On further thought, a friend reminded me that the ‘messiah’ is just returning to standard FedGov policy of 150+ years: secession is not just illegal but evil, immoral, and causes bad breath.  It is sure that DC will not dare to allow any of the Fifty States to HOLD an election on the subject, so the question as to whether it would be recognized is a moot point.  The business with cannabis is point of fact:

Supposedly, “the House GOP” passed a law to force the ‘messiah’ to “crack down on Colorado and Washington flaunting federal anti-marijuana laws” by “forcing” the White House to enforce drug laws.  But when I read the bill passed (which still has to go to the Senate) it seems to apply to any law – for the White House to do its job to carry out the laws passed by Congress and signed into law by past presidents.  And it appears that it was passed by the House of Representatives – whether it was a partyline vote or not.  While we can argue the merits of that idea (passing a law to enforce enforcing laws, and the wisdom of the laws in the first place) it is the way this is being spun that is baffling and noteworthy:  why have I read in a half-dozen places this is aimed at drug laws and not immigration laws or marriage laws or education?  I fall back on an old position: neither GOP nor DP can be trusted with ANY authority, and will do stupid things that don’t make sense and just cause more trouble.  And apparently they are also trying to pass a law to let Congress sue the executive branch – another baffling act considering that such a suit is an implied power of the Legislative Branch already in the Constitution.

The EPA is rotten to its slimy little core, as the second study in five years shows.  Zero Hedge reports on an IG report on FY2012 credit card purchases: in a sample of 80 (out of 67,000), 92% were suspicious and probably fraudulent.  What is worse, the 2012 information is about the same as a study in 2008.  DP administration is no better than GOP administration.  If EPA employees are willing to use government money to buy gym memberships for family members and dozens of gift cards, they are no doubt willing to lie and accept bribes and “inducements” to falsify reports: allowing people to either let pollution go unchallenged OR (more likely) to unjustly attack businesses and individuals (like the recent threats against a Wyoming family for digging a pond on their property).

Speaking of slimy government agencies, BATFE just raided a Southern California gun parts store (Ares Armor) for selling lower AR-15 receivers (80% complete, as allowed by law) and stole their customer list, despite a federal judge issuing a restraining order to prevent just that very thing from happening.  Several things are disturbing about that: the first being that the store was so incredibly stupid as to NOT ether delete the list or move it to someplace with SOME reasonable expectation of security, and apparently unwilling or unable to encrypt the list, either.  Secondly, that customers who buy this kind of part are so stupid as to not pay cash and not keep their information private.  Third, of course, that the store’s owners and lawyers would trust a federal judge to do anything but side with the government.  How many more people are going to get stung?  And how long are we going to keep putting up with this?

I think more and more people are agreeing with the strong tone of Dr. Ben Carson, recently comparing the ‘messiah’s’ America to Hitler’s Germany in using intimidation to shut up the regime’s opponents.  The good burghers of Germany MIGHT be excused for letting their nation slide into horror and abject totalitarian tyranny, do WE have that excuse? Imagine if Hitler’s Wehrmacht had the advantages of 2014’s American military in the beginning of his effort to dominate Europe and the world.  We may disagree with Dr. Carson’s specific thoughts (the GOP is NOT innocent), but it is easy to understand his argument.  Yet, no one is willing to do something about it.

Conflicting news is coming out of Houston regarding a double murder on Friday of a lesbian couple.  Some stories are claiming that this was an “honor killing” by the father of one of the two, a Muslim with an extensive criminal and sex offender record.  This is typical for the Islamic nations, as I’ve commented on repeatedly, and has happened in Canada: now we find it here in the States.  Of interest is that the mainstream media (television and newspapers) does NOT report the religious affiliation, although both right- and left-wing sources (Huffington Post and “, for example) are reporting it – and the accusation made by the daughter’s mother.  It is getting increasingly difficult to trust ANY media to accurately report: their agenda trumps the truth.  Again, what are we going to do about it?  “You shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”  You have to FIND the truth: yet all we are getting are lies.

Oklahoma is a much vaunted “red state” but this week, when 41 sheriffs went to the Statehouse for their annual get-together with the legislators, they were asked to disarm or leave.  They left.  Do you suppose the legislators had some reason to be very, very afraid of these 41 elected officials?  Our legislatures, like the Parliament of the late 1700s and early 1800s, have become corrupt, rotten with greed for power and lust for wealth.  And their arrogance is matched only by their fear that someone will treat them as they deserve to be treated: put up against the wall or hung from lampposts.

On that chipper note, I leave you for the day!

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