Crimes of government: daily harm, daily death (Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-10C)

By Nathan Barton

Good morning.  Every day, I see a dozen or more news stories which describe how government, at some level, for some reason, has harmed people.  Sometimes a government agent has killed or maimed yet another innocent person, or a person involved in something which might be morally wrong but did NOT justify their death or permanent disability.  Sometimes the government employee has simply refused to do something they claim to have authority to do, and this inaction results in someone’s death or injury.  Sometimes, the government does or refuses to do something that results in great financial cost to one person, a family, a few people, or thousands or millions of people.  These are not rare cases: this sort of harm takes place every day, right here in one of the Fifty States, perhaps in EVERY one of the Fifty States.  Some states are more prone to see it than others: Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, and California all come to mind.  But EVERY state has this happening AND reported in the media daily.  How many more are NOT being reported?

Even if only 10 – TEN – persons were harmed each day, on average, in each state, that would be 182,500 people a year.  But it is certainly much higher than that.  Here are some very recent examples from the Fifty States:

  • A (presumably off-duty) cop in Connecticut used Facebook to threaten another man (“kick your door in and take your guns”) because of comments made about the new gun laws. (I commented on this previously.)
  • Tens of thousands of shareholders and business-owners in Herbalife, a network nutrition company, lost millions of dollars in investments and sales because the FCC sided with a billionaire opposed to the company and began “investigating.”
  • In California, a teen was found unresponsive, supposedly after overdosing on a “new street drug,” a problem due in VERY large part to the war on some drugs making far less harmful drugs very difficult and expensive to get: a process now happening with tobacco.
  • Like the DC Council, the New Hampshire lower House again voted to “decriminalize” marijuana, so that the state’s revenue sources are protected and the war on some drugs is somewhat reduced.  But it still is a “crime,” when the only victim is the person themselves.
  • In upstate New York, a high school student was suspended for wearing an NRA T-shirt (apparently because the NRA logo has two rifles in it), after he refused to turn the shirt inside out or put tape on it.  Once more, we see that basic human freedoms are not allowed in government-run, tax-funded schools.
  • In Nevada, an elected sheriff defended his deputies acting like Robin Hood and his merry men, stealing money and guns from travelers on I-80 even when no arrests were made or drugs found. Or maybe I should compare Kilgore to the robber barons along the Rhein in medieval times?
  • In DC, that piece of garbage Sebelius made it clear her thug-boss will not delay going after individuals who do not pay blackmail to insurance companies and will make them pay the blackmail to the government instead.
  • In Ohio, still more regulations will harm internet-cafe operators and their customers, as new regs are proposed to “crack down” on illegal internet games and gambling.

I may look at the same kind of thing worldwide another time, but this is enough for today.  How sick a nation, a society, a people we have become, to tolerate this kind of evil, day in and day out in our nation.

On to some other news.

White House Examining Ways to Ease ‘Family Burdens’ on Working Women? Simple, get rid of government so that it doesn’t require two incomes to support a family, and so that all of people’s paychecks are available to buy the goods and services they need at a price which does not have to support the parasites of government and everything else!

This story is almost too painful to read, about how a young man was singled out for his political views and had his life destroyed: a situation made possible because he was training as an Emergency Medical Technician, and who now is not even allowed to visit his dying grandfather.  This is what a police state some states of the Fifty have become.  Who is next, my friends, who is next?

Study: Income Inequality Greater, Growing Faster in Blue States which makes me suspect that a big cause of that is increasingly expensive, intrusive government keeping more people from making a living.  ANYthing that government does to interfere in the economy: in people voluntarily buying and selling ANYTHING, is damaging to that, and results in greater misery.

US Commander Warns: Al Qaeda reclaiming Afghanistan would be ‘Huge Moral Factor’ as well, of course, as a serious moral issue.  This is why for years I argued in support of keeping US and NATO troops in Afghanistan (keeping in mind we live and operate in an imperfect world): that the US had destroyed a nation and had a moral obligation to try and repair that damage.  Of course, one reason I have given this up is that the FedGov has demonstrated over and over its complete inability to repair the damage, and has proven that it has no other desire than to INCREASE the damage wrought both in Afghanistan and everyplace else on this planet, including the homes of those it claims to serve and protect: the people of the Fifty States.  Those people in “charge” of the FedGov have shown themselves to be totally morally bankrupt, hypocritically so in the case of those who claim to be conservative or lean towards minarchism, because they constantly take actions that are not a matter of compromise but rather serving no end but their own gluttony.

That same US Commander went on to say Al Qaeda could see ‘Great Victory’ in Afghanistan after a U.S. withdrawal, and I think that is almost a certainty.  As in Mesopotamia, the US won the war and lost the occupation: it is as if in 1956, the National Socialist German Workers Party again took over the reins of government in both East and West Germany, or as if the British came back and reoccupied the Eastern Seaboard in 1793.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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