Libertarian commentary on the news, #14-12E: Having fun? (yet?)

By Nathan Barton

Good morning, readers, and I need to have a little fun.  Not that I don’t take these stories seriously, but sometimes we get in moods, and a little laughter lightens up on the trigger-finger.  Sorry for publishing this late: got tied up on a big project that burned the candles at both ends for two days, coupled with a police invasion where I was working.

Former Secretary of State Condi Rice attacked the Obama administration for its weakness and failure to lead.  Of course, the GOP in Congress defended them, as soon as they got back from their last vacation – or was that “working on the home front.”

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has begun making his move for the White House – he is the first candidate to assemble a ground game in all fifty states! Which he is going to need big time if he keeps supporting establishment GOP and denying he is his father’s son.

The Pope met with the Fuehrer today (there has to be a joke in there) and one of the topics they discussed was the increasing amount of persecution that Christians were facing in America today.  Too bad Benedict retired, or they could have both spoken in the native tongues and understood each other.  For the FedGov to stop persecuting Catholics, all they have to do is agree to pray kneeling and facing Mecca five times a day.  Given the angles, they can pretend that they are facing Rome.

Mama’s Note: Can’t say I’m exactly disappointed with this new pope… heck, we knew he was a socialist like all the rest of them, but I still have to wonder how anyone who professes to love God and people could stay in the same room with Obummer and not vomit. Repeatedly.

Ebony magazine launches into racist attack on African-American conservatives.  Or conservative people who CLAIM to be “African-American,” at least.  Libertarians who claim to be African-American (or even black) are apparently hospitalized until they can be placed in a good, kind zoo.

More than 1 in 4 car crashes involve cell phone use.  Which must mean that overall, traffic safety is getting better and better, since 20 years ago, cell phones were virtually non-existent, and traffic accidents have been dropping pretty steadily in the past 30 years.  I know with all the banged-up cars on the road these days, it doesn’t seem like it.  But that is because most of us can’t afford to get the dents and bangs fixed, and we are keeping our old cars a LOT longer: fearful the “voluntary” junker retirement program might become “mandatory” like everything else has under der Fuehrer.  “If you WANT to keep your old car, of COURSE you can keep your old car.”

Mama’s Note: For an excellent overview of all things automotive, from a truly libertarian perspective, bookmark Eric Peters Autos blog, and visit daily. Great articles, and spirited discussion in the comments sections.

The Fuehrer today claimed that the Anglo-American invasion and occupation of Iceland was worse than anything that happened in Poland or the Low Countries when the Dritte Reich invaded those areas to help their people have self-determination and free them from repressive governments.  Opps, that’s not right.  The Fuehrer today claimed that the Russian occupation of the Crimea after the Crimean people voted for independence and annexation to Russia was worse than the American invasion, occupation, and trashing of the former nation of Iraq. Is it true that the Secret Service and the USMC are having to modify the passenger compartments of the limo and USMC-One to accommodate longer nose measurements?

Mama’s Note: There IS no real difference. Aggression is aggression, and there is no better or “worse” kind. Putin is obviously an evil, aggressive bastard, but no different than any other in the essentials. They both remind me of nasty bullies waiting for their next victim in the grammar school hallway. Some are taller, stronger, or more confident… but they remain equally evil.

Meanwhile, IN Mesopotamia (formerly Iraq), the Maliki-appointed election commission resigned en masse and at the same time, the bloody death toll of muslims killing each other and everyone else continues. You don’t suppose that the election commission assumed (seeing how many election officials have been offed in recent years) that continuing to serve might be mildly dangerous?  Maybe they figured that since elections mean nothing to the Fuehrer and the Fedgov these days (Crimea, Michigan, California, etc.), why bother?

Moving on to other topics:

The government withheld information on the basis of national security 8,496 times last year — that is a record, and it is a 57 percent increase over 2012.  Hmmm, the old saying “if you aren’t paranoid, you aren’t paying attention” applies to these FedGov johnnies as well.  They are starting to really, REALLY be afraid of what we can find out about them.  We need more Snowdens, and MORE Wikileaks.

Mama’s Note: I guess…Nothing Snowdon revealed surprised me in the least. In fact, espionage in one form or another was always a given. It’s been going on since the first water glass was pressed to the wall so some people could listen to conversations of others, whatever their motives.

We already know that those who pretend to have any “authority” to control our lives and property are murderers, thieves, liars and frauds. What more do we need to know? And if people give up the superstition of “rulers,” and that someone else needs to “protect their rights,” they would quickly eliminate this criminal class. Unfortunately, being a slave is just easier and more appealing to far too many people.

Black powder bullets, an expended .270 shell, a misfired 12-ga shotgun shell, an empty holster, resulting in “guilty of possession of unauthorized ammunition” a $50 fine, several days in jail, registration as a “weapons offender” and probably loss of his business license as a financial manager, in the District of Criminals.  I’ve been following this story for some time: beyond the fact that the idiot was willing to live in DC, it was obvious that somehow the police and courts were going to railroad him.  And now they have.  His best hope is to find a way to start his own business in a western state that will view this conviction as a badge of honor and override the morality clause of their licensing laws.

Mama’s Note: Sure, but he needs to pick a profession or start a business that does not require a “license” at all. Why feed that beast?

Last Resistance, a quasi-libertarian news and views site, reports on a woman who claims to be “pro-choice” because she is a “christian” and reads it in the Bible.  This is one really sick, messed-up woman.  Sadly, too many who claim to be followers of the Christ think like her, or don’t know enough about their own religion to understand their evil.

Just how weird is this? Jerusalem Post says that the entire Israeli Foreign Ministry is going on strike and closing all embassies and consulates on Sunday. The hysterical conspiracy fringe says this (together with the Malaysian airliner and a half-dozen other things) is leading to an Israeli attack on Iran and Syria AND the US (false flag attack, it seems) and is either intended to destroy the “American empire” or launch the Second Coming or rebuild the Temple or all of the above.

Mama’s Note: Oooh, oooh, can I vote for the end of the American Empire? The sooner the better, however it comes about.

In New Mexico, the stupidity of attorneys and judges and a major company (COSTCO) caused a million jars of peanut butter to be dumped into a landfill and wasted, literally. The stupidity and bureaucratic mind set of too many companies resembles that of government workers today.  We may be wealthy, but that is so stupid, and a lot of people could have been helped.  Instead, a combination of government and business stupidity and irrational fears and bad publicity wasted millions of dollars of food.

Mama’s Note: Good grief, that is just so sick…

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