Libertarian commentary on the News, #14-13A: Good news, bad news: violence around the globe

By Nathan Barton

Good morning, welcome to a new week and the end of March, as Mama Liberty and I both get another blast of winter!  Yeah!

Government stupidity and hypocrisy are (as always) in the news.  What would we do without ’em?

First off, it seems 63% of Federal workers earning $100K+ are men.  There are lots of reasons for this, including time off for families and the “good ole boy” network, but THESE are the people trying to force private business and individuals to address “sexual income inequality.”  The word is hypocrite, but we can also talk about abuse of the public trust, and the fact that we have too many government workers.

At the same time, it is hard to feel THAT sorry for ANY FedGov worker.  According to the American Enterprise Institute, the typical full-career government employee has a retirement income higher than 72 percent of full-time employees working in that state, nationwide.  Of course, in DC, the “local government workers” are federal workers, and you can bet that they all do better than the poor slob working for the private sector (except, of course, for the Beltway Bandits and the lobbying firms and other “private sector” parasites.

The Fuehrer’s and Democratic Congressmembers’ propaganda attack in support of the Abominable Act (ObummerCare) continues, with these two items of note: Reid says: Obamacare has ‘dropped way down in significance’, I guess in comparison with them getting reelected and controlling the Senate, as well as whether or not we are going to go to war in Ukraine and Syria, and how much the Fuehrer’s hangers-on enjoyed their luxury trip to China (and the ones to Africa and Hawaii, which cost $15.8 million in stolen money).  Of course, that idiot Schumer claims that middle-class concerns ‘trump the Republican attacks on the Affordable Care Act’ (ObummerCare/Abominable Act), which unfortunately is NOT an appeal for an actual revolt against the ever-heavier hand of government BY the middle class, but just an attempt to make them stooges of the DP.

Ukraine Crisis: Fuehrer’s Poll Numbers Drop, Putin’s Climb which is pretty much what has been happening for the past several months.  It isn’t just the Fuehrer’s limp-wristed and wrong-headed response to Russia’s response to the Fuehrer’s meddling in the Ukraine, it is his total attitude towards the truth and the people and States he supposedly serves. Of course, this isn’t going to change, as we see that the Fuehrer ducks opportunity to support NATO membership for Ukraine, Georgia. I’d like to think that this means some of his manipulators have decided NOT to push for World War III, but I can’t count on that: chalk it up to their proven ability to mess up anything and everything, even when it is something that they want very much.

Speaking of a certain lack of “macho” at 1600 Pennsy, the Fuehrer gives Pope vegetable seeds, Francis gives Feuhrer writings on morality. Too bad his comprehension level in reading is so low. (I state this because he claims both to have read the Bible and the Constitution many times, and yet clearly applies nothing from either one of them to his life and actions.)  Brownie points to Francis for trying, at least.

As the cigarette tax rate in New York has risen 190 percent since 2006, the smuggling rate has increased 59 percent, according to the Tax Foundation.  This is surprising how?  Just that the rate has not increased as much as you would expect. Now, here is an interesting thought:  supposedly the smoking rate has been dropping in these places as the tax has gone up.  But are those people who are buying and smoking smuggled cigarettes really replying honestly to these health surveys about their smoking?  Smuggling started here in America about the time that the first colonists made it across the Bering land bridge (yeah, RED colonists not Europeans), and has just gotten better. Internal smuggling? Well, supposedly the Constitution did away with that, but then states came up with excise taxes and lots of other stupid things (try taking an apple you bought in Las Vegas into California some time – remember the Mediterranean fruit fly?).  I am surprised that some states don’t try to make you pay the extra tax on that tank of fuel you bought in South Dakota with a ten-cent state fuel tax, when you immediately drive across the line into Nebraska (with a fifteen-cent state fuel tax).  Twenty gallons, that’s a buck!  Might keep some bureaucrat in Lincoln from getting laid off!

Good news, and way to go: US oil production is more than 10% of the world total, according to numerous sources.  Despite the best efforts of the Fuehrer and too many state governments.

Bad news, and we can expect more:  an Ebola outbreak is spreading through Africa and is just hours away from the rest of the world.  The story is third or fourth page on most news sites/papers and not fully reported, for whatever reason.

Mama’s Note: Yes, the low level of hype about this is a bit of a surprise, but there is no more danger for Americans in this supposed Ebola infection than there was in any of the previous variations of the “flu” that the media was so hysterical about earlier.

Oh, no, not again!  North and South Korea exchanged artillery fire along the disputed western border waters on Monday, while North Korea promised new and different nuclear tests.  While this is behavior as usual, given anger over foreign aid, the Malaysian airliner disaster, and the tensions between Japan and China over some islands, it could heat things up in the region.

Meanwhile, the US and Ukraine ARE trying to heat things up in the southeast European area, with claims that 100,000 Russian troops are massing on Ukraine’s borders.  This smells like propaganda, but we’ll see.

In the last few days, the Albuquerque Police have killed two people under very suspicious circumstances, on video which has been made public.  So it is no surprise that this weekend, protesters swarmed the streets, protesting. The WaPo says the mayor claims the protests turned to “mayhem,” and that ‘hacktivists’ reportedly sparked the protests, participating on the other side of the mayhem and teargas.”  According to local reports, the rioting was in the yuppified traditional downtown, around Central and University: an area I was in just two weeks ago, and there are reports that a THIRD person has been killed by Albuquerque Police.  New Mexico, especially Albuquerque (largest city in the state: Santa Fe is the capital), is known for its hispanic institutions and traditions, which include police forces and often sheriff’s offices that resemble those of Francisco Franco or Juan Peron or Augustine Iturbide (first emperor of Mexico) more than traditional American institutions.  This is far from over.

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