Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-13B: Slippery and slimy

By Nathan Barton

Good afternoon: for us, at least, on the southeastern side of the Pahasapa (Black Hills), this last storm was a bust: less than 2 inches, too much wind, and most all melted or blew away before sunset on Monday: far from the “9 inches of very wet snow” that we really could have used.

But the rest of the world ticked on.  Here’s some things that caught my eye.

When you are unable to keep control of your police force, and keep them from doing stupid things to innocent OR guilty people, it is time to take the next step, and some in the Kansas Legislature are doing just that: they want a law to allow people who complain about the police to be tried and punished for their “scofflaw” attitude.  After all, police are second only to military to protecting our rights and liberties and must not ever be questioned, even if they “sometimes” make a mistake. One more state becoming a police state.

An Australian University has upped the ante for the nasty fight we’ve been waging over global warming for most of a decade, by making the public, official claim that global warming (if not stopped) will lead to the extinction of humanity.  Honestly, who invents these things?  And who hires idiots like this to teach students and do research?  (The answer to both questions is of course government, because this is at least one way to encourage people to surrender MORE of their freedoms.)

In front of the Supreme Court, the Fuehrer’s lawyers are arguing that corporations may be forced to violate the moral, religious standards of their owners, their employees, and even their customers in order to have “equal protection under the law” and to prevent “establishment of religion.” This is nothing less than the perversion of law and of morality, using “religious freeedom” to deny freedom of religion.  (Well, some religions.) It is an attempt to turn the First Amendment into “freedom of worship” instead of freedom to exercise religion, and the Fuehrer’s minions are anxious to further steal our liberties.

A Michigan school has torn out the seating in their baseball stadium because a FedGov agency said it wasn’t equal to the girls’ softball seating. Even though the seats were paid for through donations from parents and even installed by the parents, the thugs in DC ruled they were evil.  Well, we know at least some of the evil in this incident, and it is found in DC.  But the decision of the school board and the parents to give in to tyranny is JUST as evil, and demands as much or more condemnation.

The US Civil Rights Commission, a “nonpartisan” government agency is urging Congress to make the birthdays of Caesar Chavez and Fred Korematsu national holidays, apparently forcing millions of employers to pay for days off to honor the farm labor activist and a man who argued against the roundup and internment of Japanese-Americans in WW2 – and of course, making taxpayers pay for yet another day off from work for millions of federal, state, and local workers.  I think it is time to get rid of both MLK and Presidents’ Day, and think seriously about moving Labor Day and Memorial Day to Sundays permanently. Yeah, proves I’m bigoted and racist and anti-government.  So?

Mama’s Note: Well, I don’t know about that… Seems to me that ANYTHING that would keep the government employees from showing up and “doing” anything would be a big bonus. If we have to be robbed to pay them, I’d a whole lot rather they get paid for nothing as for what they actually do. But then, of course, I’d even more like to see the end to all the theft even more.

I’d have to look into it, but I don’t think there is actually any federal requirement for people in the private sector (what’s left of it) to be given any of these “holidays.” Many are included in various union (or gov.) contracts, and many are traditional, of course, but I don’t think they are required by law as a whole. I might be wrong. I certainly didn’t get many paid “holidays” in all the years I worked for various companies.

The government’s much-vaunted and ridiculous Health Care website stumbles on deadline day and once more, the Fuehrer and his supporters (especially those in Congress) ignore this while praising the Fuehrer and his insanely stupid law and regulations and coding.  The lies grow by the day, the stupidity is more and more obvious, and yet… nothing really changes.

Mama’s Note: The thing I think most people are not emphasizing – or even talking about – is the fact that this abomination “law” is totally evil, and the mechanics or failings of the website are totally immaterial. It would not be a good thing even if it seemed to function perfectly.

Reid, that piece of garbage that the idiots in Nevada keep in DC, forgot that he called Americans liars on ObummerCare, and has made statements that are only “normal” if compared to the even more wild statements of people like Boxer, Pelosi, and Jackson-Lee (of Texas), has spurred a response. Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) went on the Mike Gallagher Show and mocked Reid’s remarks, saying “I didn’t think Mormons used drugs.” “I think the longer you stay in Congress, the more detached you come from reality,” Rep. Gowdy said.  Well, it has been obvious for most of his life that Reid is as good a Latter-day Saint as Pelosi is a Catholic, or the Fuehrer is a… whatever he is. Gowdy puts his finger on some of the truth, but the reality is that 99% of these people who go to DC were detached from reality, morals, and sanity before they ever got there.

As more an more people reject gun control laws, the DP may find it a serious problem in the 2014 elections.  That, coupled with ObummerCare, could poison the election for them.  Sadly, the GOP is really not better on these than the DP: just say nicer words.  And while a lot of folks see major losses for the DP this year, they’ve said that before, and the GOP has thrown away victory, and when they HAVE victory, are just as bad as the Dems: another form of Tranzi.  BOTH the old parties need to have all power removed, if we want our children and grandchildren to live free.


Ron Paul explains why aid to Ukraine (last week Congress gave the thugs there a billion dollars, as well as passing more meaningless, ineffective sanctions against Russia) is a bad deal for everyone, and points out it won’t be the last time by any means.  It is as if the FedGov – the Fuehrer – WANTS a war there, and WANTS to make Russia an enemy.


A columnist for Freedom Outpost headlined his article, “It’s Time to Hang the Elected Traitors in Washington with Their Own Legislation.”  I think he was too wordy, and should have used four fewer words, though his actual article comes closer to the ideal, suggesting that DC, like Rome, should have its main approaches lined with crosses.  This is, you have to admit, getting pretty radical for “mainstream” today. His main beef is the US vs. Castleman case remanded by the Supreme Court, 9-0, which says that ANY state domestic assault misdemeanor, even for pushing someone or giving them the finger, is an excuse for stealing that person’s right to self-defense, to keep and bare arms.  The columnist says that negates the Bill of Rights: but I’ve got news for him, the Bill of Rights was negated a long time ago.  The 1968 Gun Control Act in essence made the Second Amendment a privilege, no matter what Heller and other recent cases have done, and no matter how many states allow “shall-issue” concealed carry or open carry.  Every OTHER aspect of the Bill of Rights is either ignored, overturned, or tap-danced around.  And the ONLY way the Constitution is upheld is in the matter of procedure: elections every two and four years, term limits for presidents, and so forth:  the rest was and is nullified: there is nothing but a hollow shell.


About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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2 Responses to Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-13B: Slippery and slimy

  1. How about a different POV on corporations? They are created by and are creatures entirely of the State. As such, can anyone really morally object to the State treating its property in any way, shape, or form that it chooses? To the extent that individuals do not wish to use the corporate form, but rather partnerships, limited partnerships, or DBA ownerships, then yes, the State needs to butt out. But once you sign up on the Devil’s Dance Card for your own benefit, you really don’t get to gripe on what sort of waltz he leads you. 😉

    Just a thot.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      I think it’s a chicken and egg sort of thing now, for many people. Many small businesses incorporate simply out of self defense, to avoid being devoured by the tax people. I think it’s like anything else, people do things for all sorts of reasons, often not understanding everything about it. I would not automatically condemn someone for incorporating, any more than I would condemn the person who pays protection money to the mafia. “Nice place you have here… would be a shame if something happened to it…” A great many people don’t see that they have any other option, whether they actually do or not. They just want to survive.

      The key to liberty and justice is to get over the idea that the “state,” in any form or at any level, has ANY legitimate authority whatsoever over people against their will. Those who refuse to be self owners, willingly opting for slavery to a “state,” are quite welcome to be slaves. They just aren’t welcome to enslave me as well.


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