Stupid gunowners, stupid businesses (Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-22B)

By Nathan Barton

Good morning, and you have my family’s prayers for you today.

World news seems to be rather distasteful today.  But I will start close to home. On Friday, both Chipotle’s and Sonic’s both asked their customers to stop openly carrying guns: Chipotle’s exempting “law enforcement” and Sonic limiting their request to their indoor and patio seating areas (yes, many Sonics DO have indoor eating/seating areas these days).  Now, first off, let me say that these businesses are both within their rights AND are being stupid in doing so: especially Chipotle’s – as they open themselves to being “disarmament zones” and therefore seen as more lucrative targets for robbers and holdup artists.  Like others, I expect them to both have one or more of their locations held up sooner than later. (Actually, I’m wrong: a Sonic was held up in Houston the same day Sonic made its request.)

This probably WILL cause me to stop patronizing Chipotle’s – which is really no skin off my nose, as I don’t eat there very often: I think their food is overpriced and frankly, too “new-age” for my tastes anyway, as compared even to those old standby Mex places: Taco Bravo, Taco Bell, and especially Wyoming-based Taco John’s.  At the same time, I suspect that the Chipotle’s franchise holders in the places where I might visit are going to (as do many Starbuck’s stores) ignore corporate and not care about whether I have a pistol on my belt or leg.  Even more so for Sonic:  since 99% of the time I use the pull-up or the drive-through at Sonic, even corporate doesn’t care whether my truck or van has enough weaponry for a mech-infantry squad in it, or not.  And like the other places, I expect the franchise holders of the Sonics I use most to not care a bit, concealed or open.  (Like Allsup’s used to be, where every store had a small sign “no weapons” that even the store managers seemed to forget about.)  If someone IS stupid enough to try and hold up one of those carhops on roller-skates, I figure that in most Western states, about one in three cars will be armed well enough to end the situation favorably.  But then, I’m not an idiot that is going to carry a rifle or carbine or even a sling-mounted submachinegun when I need to use the toilet or check on my gift-card balance.

But I AM going to use this to repeat what I’ve said again about WHY Chipotle and Sonic did this stupid thing.  It isn’t because Bloomberg’s idiotic little “Moms Demanding Action” (MDA) are that powerful, or even that vocal.  (Look what happened in North Carolina at Staples last week.) It is because there are some people that are TOO STUPID and TOO RUDE to be allowed to walk around without a leash on, much less drive or have a gun or a pocket knife. Although we are going to allow them to do so, it is only because of our Lord’s example, and because I HATE cleaning up bloodstains.  (But even the Lord had a limit: look up “cleansing the Temple.”) These are the same kind of idiots who install 100-watt amps and speakers in their lowrider pieces of garbage and anger everyone within five blocks.  The same kind of idiots who (regardless of sex mix) make out in public and gross everyone out.  The same kind of idiots who own and ride $2000 mountain bikes six feet inside the fogline on a narrow, winding mountain road.  The same kind of idiots that light up their cigs ten feet outside the doors to the hospital.  Rude, obnoxious, and soooo proud of themselves for being so cool with their pimped-out ugly guns scaring the soccer moms and the like.  For once I agree with the NRA, telling these idiots to cool it.  Three of these people (you notice that they NEVER go in onesies) in a single “visit” clowning around and crowing about their rights can undo hundreds of visits by Mama Liberty or other Knights of Non-Aggression in a community or a business chain.

Mama’s Note: Indeed… I will call people on bad behavior without question anywhere, not at all limited to appropriate gun handling etiquette. And, since I’m always armed, usually very visibly so, I don’t expect to get any kind of argument about it in my part of the country. Texas? Well, aside from the Texan I married once upon a time… I’ve noted more than an one or two irrational response to things by Texans, but I do love their enthusiasm.

They are carrying the long guns in their protests because open carry of handguns is prohibited, and the penalties for doing so are so severe. I’m quite sure they wouldn’t consider OC of long guns into town and businesses otherwise. Is this tactic going to be effective? I really don’t know, but it is at least raising awareness of the controversy in a great many more minds than would otherwise be reached.

On to other news:

In violation of its own laws and common sense, the US DoD traded five Taliban senior leaders, detainees at Gitmo, for a US soldier “held hostage” for five years.  It turns out that there is more and more evidence that this “soldier” (like the killer Nidal Hassan of Fort Hood) was in fact a turncoat, a traitor, who has spent the last five years training and supporting the Taliban in Afghanistan, and has now helped them at least one more time.  This man needs to face trial, to determine if these accusations are true or not.

On Friday, it was reported that the new mother of an American child, in prison in Sudan and on death row (for converting from Islam to christianity, even though she was “raised” as a christian) was NOT going to be executed, but on Monday, it seems that the execution is still on.  Anger with the Fuehrer’s actions (or lack) on this, especially as compared to the Bergdahl case, seems to be rampant in the US and elsewhere.

The new religion of global warming (or whatever euphemism it goes by right now) gets a huge boost from the White House. The Fuehrer is again using the “pen and phone” to go around Congress in ordering a thirty-percent reduction in ozone and other emissions, which will trigger huge cuts in power production, employment, and huge cost increases, for dubious benefits.  Nanny state tyranny is so much fun!

The Police State of Colorado pushes more, as a Denver-area baker is made a slave by being ordered by state government to bake cakes for “same-sex weddings” and thereby not just told that his religious beliefs are bogus and worthless, but that he is under involuntary servitude to what used to be his customers. The ruling was not unexpected, and lots of us are commenting negatively on it: putting ourselves in place to probably suffer similar penalties from the incredibly arrogant and abusive state government.

Mama’s Note: Can’t remember where I read it now, but I think the baker has found at least one temporary solution to the problem… he’s decided not to bake wedding cakes for anyone. I hope that he can figure out a way to deprive the Denver area of his services totally soon. Probably not enough business for him in Wyoming, but they’d likely welcome him with open arms in Las Vegas. Not that it’s perfect in Nevada, by any means, but they most certainly have a lot of weddings there.

Last week, I commented on a story about a 19-month-old child now in critical condition (in an induced coma) after being wounded by a Haversham County SRT flash-bang grenade thrown into the child’s playpen during a failed drug raid.  It now turns out that back in 2009, this same SRT/drug task force murdered a local preacher, in “investigating” his alleged drug connections (he was counseling and providing benevolence to a druggie), in very bad circumstances, in which the cop which killed the preacher was untrained and involved in drugs: the preacher’s widow and unborn child were awarded $2 million dollars for a wrongful death.  This is the result of the occupation of America by murdering, tyrannical, and just EVIL thugs in (or out of) uniform.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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3 Responses to Stupid gunowners, stupid businesses (Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-22B)

  1. Fred Mangels says:

    Mama wrote, “They are carrying the long guns in their protests because open carry of handguns is prohibited, and the penalties for doing so are so severe. I’m quite sure they wouldn’t consider OC of long guns into town and businesses otherwise.

    True story about California in the very recent past:

    It used to be legal to carry unloaded handguns and long guns in California until not long ago. Then the Open Carry folks started making a big issue about showing up places with handguns. That got a number of people upset which, in turn, got the state legislature upset so they banned open carry of unloaded handguns.

    Just to prove they weren’t going to be intimidated, the OC folks switched to rifles and shotguns. That got a number of people upset which, in turn, got the state legislature upset and they banned open carry of rifles and shotguns as well. Boy, the OC folks sure showed them!

    There’s probably a better way to write the moral of this story but sometimes it’s best to not be too obvious with your freedoms. When people pay notice to them they often take them away.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      Well, I look at it just the other way around, Fred. The difference wasn’t the guns, but the attitude of the people who carried them. Dumb, in your face idiots will never be popular, nor will they help the whine and cheese crowd understand reality. When those around you have been brainwashed to believe that the mere presence of a gun is “threatening,” that’s exactly what they will see – especially if the person with the gun is acting strangely or irresponsibly. That’s what has to change. But hiding every gun everywhere is certainly not going to help normalize the carry of weapons (any sort).

      I carry a gun every day, everywhere I go. And that includes at work. Nobody here is worried about it. It has become normalized here, so people have no fear of ordinary people going about their everyday affairs fully armed. If we always hide them, that’s never going to happen other places.


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