Is it time yet?

by Nathan Barton

One of our better known libertarian authors has been asked this question often, starting with her 1996 book (my oh my, 18 years ago now!): “America is at that awkward stage; it’s too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the b*******s.”

This week, the question was in essence asked again, this time from a surprising source: a retired, senior Air Force officer who is a very conservative Christian, father and grandfather, and very much a lover of liberty  in both religious and secular views.  It is just WHOM he is suggesting needs to be shot that makes this more surprising.  At least from him.

Keep in mind that these past weeks have NOT been easy on a number of different fronts:

  • Ferguson, Missouri:  a mysterious shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a white cop in a majority black town with a virtually pure-white police force has been followed by a week of riots and attacks on businesses and individuals, a massive militarized police-force presence, and finally occupation by the State patrol.  The pictures are more like Fallujah 2004 than ANYthing that should ever been seen in the State of Missouri or any other of the Fifty States.
  • In Maryland, a federal judge has ruled that AR and AK style weapons, and magazine capacities of greater than 10 rounds are NOT protected by the Bill of Rights for public, general ownership.
  • Overseas, although a truce again seemed to be holding in the latest Gaza war, there are still Israelis and Muslim Arabs killing each other, and other Arabs (non-Muslim) as well, there in Canaan. And then it all fell apart, again.
  • The Islamic State, or Caliphate was forced to lift its siege of refugees on a mountain, but still continues to kill, rape, enslave, and torture with impunity, Christians, Yazidi, various Muslim sect members, captured prisoners of both the Iraqi and the Kurdish armies, and apparently anyone that they don’t like in Mesopotamia and the nearby highland regions.  And then they publicly executed a photographer.
  • Other rebels continue to fight and kill civilians as well as Syrian government troops and officials.  Ditto in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and elsewhere in the wonderful land of the Ummah: the Dar al’Islam or House of Peace (and Submission).
  • Of particular note is Nigeria, not just threatened by Ebola, but home to Boko Harem, which by some accounts has murdered more than 4,000 children, women, and men of various faiths and ethnicities, in the last four weeks, while beginning to imitate ISIS in taking and occupying villages, enslaving and raping women and girls, and offering public beheading and spiking of the heads.
  • In the region of the Ukraine, relatively low-level fighting and maneuvering threatens to spark WW4, because of the stupidity of DC and other Western capitols, and their determination to demonize the Russians and a whole bunch of other folks.
  • In the capitals like DC, London, Paris, Berlin, the deaths seem anything but a cause of grief, and indeed, actions are being taken to CONTINUE to arm and ally themselves with various Muslim groups and nations, from the gangsters that rule Saudi Arabia to the religious fanatics that rule Persia, to the bought-and-paid-for criminal politicians of Liberia, Ghana, Nigeria, “Somalia,” “Iraq,” and elsewhere.

The question is probably better stated as WHOM to shoot, not rather it is TIME to shoot.  And that is the point my friend, the retired USAF flag officer, is trying to make:  he believes that it is time to create a containment around the Muslim nations, just as was tried for decades around the Communist nations.  He doesn’t go so far as to say it is time to exterminate Muslims, just Islamists. (Frankly, who can tell the difference, and when one becomes the other?

When was the last time a mosque leadership here in the US condemned ANY of these fanatic murderers or rioters?  But he also knows that the progressives in DC and all the rest of the West are NOT going to do that, so his mission order has at least ONE implied task:  replace the current progressive administrations, legislatures, and judiciary in the Fifty States AND at least the Commonwealth and EU with people who will defend Western Civilization.  He sees this  as both necessary AND urgent.

And THAT is what is scary in seeing something like this.  It is one thing for a grief-stricken mother or father to call for both internal AND external war to save civilization (and avenge their dead), but for an elder, senior officer with a life record of sacrifice and honor and keeping the peace and liberty as much as he could, even against his own leaders and nation, to say something like this is very much a worry.  He seems to (although he was NOT stupid enough to say it outright) answer both of Claire’s questions:  It IS time to shoot, and the b***d’s are a regular Legion of Super Villains list that includes everyone from those storm troopers in Greater Saint Louis and that federal Nazgul in Maryland to the squatters in DC and Westminster and Paris to the butchers of Nigerian and Kurdish and Syrian villages to the rocket-launchers of Gaza and Ashdod to the fat, bloated, greedy “princes” of crime in Riyadh.

I agree both on whom, and that it is time.  Do you?  The remaining question is “how,” and that I will, Lord willing, look at in another article.

But if something is not done soon, liberty and prosperity (and more) will vanish in most places.  There is no longer any reason to protest or campaign, or vote.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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4 Responses to Is it time yet?

  1. Jeff Allen says:

    534 criminals: because MY representative is the good one! ref. Tip O’Neill, Heinrich Himmler.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      Oy vey… 🙂 Good at or for what? Problem is that they are of no earthly use to us, no matter how “good” they are.


  2. Richard says:

    We start with the 535 member of the elected elite in the District of Criminals. Well with that statement I am back on the list again but wait I do not think I was ever taken off.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      I hear you, Richard. 535 criminals to try and incarcerate would be a good start, but the real problem is the 50%+ of the rest of the population that manages to delude themselves they can live at someone else’s expense, one way or another. Trying to get them to give that idea up is probably the better alternative, but both are going to take one heck of a lot of effort.

      And don’t worry so much about the “lists.” The PTB would love us to think they are invincible, and omnipresent, but they ALL put their pants on one leg at a time. Well, when they are sober anyway. 🙂 In other words, they are their own worst enemies in the long run. I’m going to live, the best and most free I can manage, and chuckle as they crash.


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