Libertarian commentary on the news, #14-34A: More Missouri Misery

By Nathan Barton

Good morning! Some news items from last week to start the week off, so enjoy!

This story is troubling on several fronts.  Police raided a church building in relation to the protests at Ferguson. Their reason (or excuse) was that people were living (actually, sleeping) in the building and that the building was the site of meetings to plan the protests.  A heavily armed squad arrived, without a warrant, apparently and demanded entry to search, and a rector let them in and promised to evict anyone found.  Then the cops came back later, rinse, repeat. This is truly evil and insane.  No warrant , and a reason that indicates as far as the state of Missouri is concerned, there is NO religious liberty.  If churches have their building subject to any petty little zoning regulation the local thus, elected and appointed, can dream up, then every activity a religious organization does is subject to prohibition.

Meetings in a church meetinghouse are NO business of police or city officials, even IF suspected of plotting… this almost certainly would not have taken place if it had been a mosque.  For an officer of the church to have submitted to the cops, even if they had had a warrant, is contrary to godliness and liberty. Yes, there really are people who claim to be some kind of christian who DO obey men rather than God.  The fact that this was virtually NOT mentioned in the media, despite the enormous presence of media, again shows the media only cares about PART of the First Amendment at best, and their hatred for religion, in general.  Freedom Outpost was not wrong in calling this a Stasi-type deal.

Of course, here are a few more related to “policing” and worse:

Just a few miles away, apparently another couple of cops killed another black kid for NO reason that I can see in the recording you too can watch. I don’t know why the protests and press did not immediately move over to this town.

This one is a good story.  For once, Last 4 hostages freed in suburban Chicago standoff. As Mama said, “And in Chicago, no less.”  Imagine this might not even have happened if peaceful Chicagoans were able to legally and easily acquire guns.  Gangsters do, why not non-criminals?

The problem in Chicago is that it has more shootings than some war zones.  And a lot of stupid people in charge.  You know, another story reports that ISIS (the Caliphate) has identified Chicago as a target.  Really?  Why would they attack an ally?

Mama’s Note: I’ve said the same thing for a long time about attacks on the mid east. They are doing a fine job of killing each other and destroying their country. Why should the USG spend our hard earned money participating, not to mention the killing of Americans and the very serious moral hazards involved? As for Chicago, I’d think people of charity would offer to assist those who wished to leave the city, and then those left can kill each other at will – or get serious about defending themselves and their neighbors.

Reason’s JD Tuccille writes, “‘If you don’t want to get shot, tased, pepper-sprayed, struck with a baton or thrown to the ground,’ warns Officer Sunil Dutta of the Los Angeles Police Department, ‘just do what I tell you.’ The thing is, Officer Dutta (pictured) is also an Adjunct Professor of Homeland Security and Criminal Justice at Colorado Technical University. And he uttered those words not in the heat of the moment, but in an opinion piece in the Washington Post responding to widespread criticism of police attitudes and tactics currently on display in Ferguson, Missouri, but increasingly common nationwide”  Here is the full quote:  “Even though it might sound harsh and impolitic, here is the bottom line: if you don’t want to get shot, tased, pepper-sprayed, struck with a baton or thrown to the ground, just do what I tell you. Don’t argue with me, don’t call me names, don’t tell me that I can’t stop you, don’t say I’m a racist pig, don’t threaten that you’ll sue me and take away my badge. Don’t scream at me that you pay my salary, and don’t even think of aggressively walking towards me.” The whole article is not that bad for a statist thug (I know, name-calling) who teaches in a third-rate educational institution.  But WHY do the cops behave this way?  Because they are ALLOWED to and they are TRAINED to.

Other news:

Vets vent to Warner at campaign stop.  Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) was met with complaints and emotional stories from disabled veterans who believe they have been mistreated by the VA at a campaign stop last week. The VA scandal is far from over, although it has successfully been pushed off most front pages.  I am reminded of Heinlein’s story about the Vets and POW/MIA issues: revolts are being brewed in more than just poor black suburbs.

NYPD settles with man arrested for photographing police; reminds officers they cannot object to being filmed (so obviously they have to come up with other excuses to arrest, humiliate, beat, and kill people taking pictures. The New York Police Department has awarded a $125,000 settlement (paid for by stealing from taxpayers) to a man who filed a civil rights lawsuit against the department, following a 2012 incident in which he was allegedly arrested and strip searched for filming police officers on duty.  (Seems like “alleged” is not the right word now, since NYPD paid up.)

Shrinking government: Federal hiring down, departures up , and isn’t it too bad?  The article is a closer look at how federal hiring has declined in recent years while the number of departures has increased.  Of course, too many of them continue to feast on the public teat…

Does it always cost $245,000 to raise a child? The Department of Agriculture (USDA) released a report this week detailing just how much a household spends to raise a child.  The numbers are bogus and the reasoning childish, of course.  One size does not fit all, for one, and how much of this is (a) due to being enslaved to government, and (b)really higher because government is paying for school and welfare (WIC, AFDC, etc)?

Social Security Needs Real Reform and we know it is not going to get it.  Social Security needs an injection of $15 trillion today in order to earn enough interest to pay recipients full benefits over the next 75 years.  The solution the FedGov will use is inflation.  Assuming they do not just cancel the whole thing and that there is a FedGov after the next ten years.

Education Poll Reveals Drop for Common Core Support.  No surprise given the way, once people woke up, the opposition roared into action.  It actually is a surprise that many liberals (not Tranzis, of course) are fighting it. While 65 percent of the public supported the Common Core standards in 2013, that figure has dropped to 53 percent.

Misleading Info in Phoenix Pension Debate: Taxpayers will save up to $1.6 billion over 25 years if Phoenix’s pension reform is put into place.  And they would REALLY save a lot if they could get rid of a mere 80% of the City’s bloated bureaucracy.  REASON needs to take a stronger stand for liberty, in things like this.

Britain’s Education Secretary claims Creationists are as dangerous as Radical Islam.  He is claimed to have said that you can’t fight one brand of extremism with another brand of extremism. Moreover, just because a radical group believes something does not mean that everything the group believes is wrong. For example, Adolf Hitler got behind the “people’s car” project.

He is building his case on false premises, of course.  Creationists do NOT go around beheading those who disagree with them, or even hint at holy war.  They do not issue fatwahs to encourage others to do it, either.  They do not practice slavery, have multiple wives, demand children be mutilated, or believe it is okay to lie to non-Creationists. (An aside: it seems to me that the Volkswagen project WAS wrong in many ways, including its government control and use of stolen money AND slave labor.  But presumably this minister is a socialist…)  The biggest crime of Creationists, in the eyes of the State, is that they resist the state and refuse to conform either to the State’s religious beliefs or to those of the various churches who have sold out to the State.  (And as related to the next story, how many Creationists have run off to join the Caliphate’s fighting forces?

Whether true or not, U.S. intelligence officials will only divulge to media that they believe a “small handful” of Americans are currently fighting as soldiers within the Islamic State. But one British parliamentarian believes that the terrorist “caliphate” now boasts more British Muslim recruits than are currently enlisted to fight in Britain’s own armed forces.   At risk of condemnation by some readers, there is less and less reason for the US or Her Majesty’s forces to enlist OR commission ANY person who is or claims to be Muslim.  Furthermore, anyone who enlists to fight for the Caliphate, regardless of religious, has obviously forsaken their loyalty and allegiance to either Queen or Constitution: they are no longer Britons nor Americans.  (Not saying this is a good or bad thing, mind you.)  But it raises the issue of what their allegiance was to in the first place.

Readers know that I believe that my first and predominant loyalty is to God, and country is down the list.  But we have been told by hundreds if not thousands of experts (including many Muslim clerics and the Fuehrer) that Islam’s God is a god of peace, and that Islam is a religion of peace.  So the loyalty to the bloody, violent Caliphate is NOT a religious duty.  Based on that, these people must be traitors to the UK and US.  Right?  We know that they are enemies of liberty, as ISIS itself has demonstrated time and again.

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