Libertarian commentary on the news, #14-34B: Terrorists

by Nathan Barton

Good afternoon.  Terrorism is in the eye of the beholder, but clearly the world is full of it, and terrorists.

When I first read the headline of this article in The Nation, “How the War on Terror created the world’s most powerful terror group,” I thought it was talking about the FedGov.  Silly me.  They are writing about the Caliphate, or ISIS.  But they are not accurate because they do not consider “legit” governments of nation-states to be terrorist organizations.

But BY DEFINITION, the governments of the world ARE TERRORISTS who use violence or the threat of violence to force political decisions to be made, to force people to obey them.  It is NOT just police states who do so.  Even before Honest Abe, the FedGov forced groups and individuals and nations to obey.  Some WAS defensive: the fight against the Barbary Pirates, and the fight against impressment by the Royal Navy and against French revolutionary privateers. But look up the invasion of Canada, the Whiskey Rebellion, the Mormon Rebellion, the Red Stick War and Trails of Tears, and see who the terrorists were.

As you can see in this case.  Last week, Gaza gunmen executed 18 ‘collaborators’ in Gaza as Israel pursued air strikes, as hostilities resumed.  Who ARE the terrorists? Hamas-led gunmen in Gaza executed 18 Palestinians accused of collaborating with Israel on Friday, a day after Israel tracked down and killed three top Hamas commanders, the highest-ranking militants to die so far in the conflict.  Both sides kill and maim and threaten civilians and noncombatants. BOTH sides use terror.

In this next case I don’t really think the 16-year-old kid is a terrorist, even if he said he killed his neighbors’ pet dinosaur. But the school and the cops surely are.

Cops and mundanes:  a series of stories showing the true colors of the occupation forces in America, and their auxiliaries (as the emergency medical services and even fire services have  become), and how people are reacting to fight them.

A group of black families and neighbors have begun protesting police violence against the community by protesting WHILE legally openly carrying weapons, an action which has the Fuehrer speaking out against it, proving that he wants us to forget history.  I still think that protests are pretty much a waste of time, but going armed to them makes sense.  A great deal of sense.

In Arizona, Activists protesting the fatal shooting of a mentally ill woman by a Phoenix police sergeant last week carried her coffin to City Hall on Friday, demanding an independent investigation.  Sounds too Arab to me, and I’d suggest guns instead of a body next time.

Mama’s Note: I suspect that carrying the coffin is based on the hope that it will shame the target audience into changing their ways. A dear friend in New Zealand has expressed many times her surprise that Americans don’t just exert enough pressure to “shame” these rogue cops and make them behave. I’ve tried to tell her how impossible that is, at least here. They have no conscience in so many cases. Sociopaths cannot be “shamed.”

In California, a cop is in a coma after a gunfight in which the rookie he was training fought off and killed the attacker.  My question is, why would the FIRST reaction of a man in a group approached by two cops be to pull out a gun and start shooting?  We will never know, of course.  But MAYBE he thought he was just defending himself against yet another pair of killer cops?

In New Orleans, that bastion of good, honest, and helpful cops, a police officer turned off her body camera just minutes before shooting a suspect in the forehead.  She said she turned it off as she was ending her shift and heading to the station, but she’d had a run-in with this guy earlier in the shift.  How very convenient! Was she hunting him down?  Body-cameras are proving to reduce violence BY and even against police officers, but if they can be turned off whenever the wearer wants, they lose most of their effectiveness.

In Tennessee, the first responders (ambulance service and fire crew) said the man was too severely injured after a suicide attempt to survive, so they left. But the man… well, MamaLiberty picks it up: “What a muddle. The man obviously did live, at least for 11 hours – and who knows what would have happened if he’d been treated immediately. All of the ‘they acted appropriately’ is b***s***. By their own criteria, the man should have been treated as any other victim with a pulse and respiration. Even a botched suicide can’t be treated differently, and his suffering in that 11 hours is hard to imagine. Sounds like firemen and EMT folks have joined the cops in never being held accountable.”  Amen.

Although you’d be hard pressed to tell from the wire-service, mainstream media reporting, Kroger dealt the rabidly-hoplophobic milion moms a blow by rejecting the group’s demand that Kroger ban its customers from carrying weapons in the various  chains that make up the company.  (Smiths, King Soopers, City Market, Dillons, etc.)  Kroger  says that they trust their customers.  What a novel idea.  And a good response to thugs in and out of uniform.  Kroger makes up for Target and Starbucks and others.

Mama’s Note: To be fair to Starbucks, etc., few of them have actually posted signs to ban guns, but have simply asked people not to display them. This is their right, obviously. I think Kroger’s response is the best I’ve seen so far, and I think it is ultimately a great one. It’s the same policy WalMart has had in place for quite a while, even though many of their managers are not compliant with it and cause trouble. WalMart and Kroger are in business, private business, and have no good reason to alienate any of their customers if they can avoid it. Therefore, with this policy, people can choose for themselves. Those who wish to carry will continue to do so. They simply have to be prepared to deal with the reactions of other customers as they always have, so nothing has changed except that the snootie, nanny mommies didn’t get to push people around this time.  YAY!

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Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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