Libertarian commentary on the news, #14-36C: Get Real!

By Nathan Barton

Good morning.  We all WISH we had a horse and ice cream (and could eat it without feeling guilty or triggering nasty things in our bodies).  But most of us are adults and realize that some things are fantasies.  But not politicians and others of their ilk.

Mama’s Note: Not sure what you mean here Nathan… I do have a horse and I eat ice cream whenever I darn well want to. 🙂 Neither the horse nor the ice cream are essential for life, naturally, but I enjoy them both very much.

Nathan:  “If wishes were horses…” and “I scream, you scream…” when we are adults we realize that sometimes things cannot be as neat as we thought when we were children:  we’ve grown up and realize that unlimited ice cream for us to eat personally is not realistic: our eyes are bigger than our stomachs and we know it.  And horses are living creatures that come with responsibilities and costs and are not something on the shelf to take down as needed… Both are things to wish for and have, but reality has “strings.”

Republican Senator Ted Cruz demonstrated the usual GOP failure to “get it,” when he suggested a response to ISIS (the Caliphate):  “Secure The Borders, Strip Citizenship From Americans Who Join Jihadists.” Sen.Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on Monday told fellow lawmakers that the nation’s borders must be secured to protect Americans from the possibility of the Islamic State terror group launching an attack on the homeland. Come on, give me a break.  First off, there is NO way to “secure the borders” sufficiently to keep someone who is reasonably smart and dedicated (or paid enough) from slipping themselves and every kind of device or chemical they want into the US.  It is NOT just a matter of technology or tactics, but of will and ethics and dedication to duty.  Stopping a massive invasion?  Not even that – 300,000 illegals (border jumpers) have crossed from Mexico into the four states on the southern border in less than a year.  And stripping citizenship?  Please!  They already have rejected their American citizenship in every way that matters.  The only possible advantage I can see to formally making them aliens would be that a few idiots would no longer object to them being murdered by FedGov agents.  They certainly are not going to find themselves fleeing from a failed attack and pleading at a US Consulate for emergency aid and a ticket “home” to America.  Or applying for Social Security or Medicare!

Mama’s Note: I do wish there was a way to verify the numbers of immigrants actually entering the territory. I’ve read everything from this “300,000” number to reports that “illegal” immigration is actually in reverse numbers now due to the economy. Unfortunately, nobody indicates any solid proof of their numbers, or how that number was determined. I tend to discount most of it as hype to keep the population hysterical over improbable and invented threats.

Always good for a laugh.  If this had been pushed in the Fall of 2008, it MIGHT have made a difference.  Today?  Nada, zip, zilch, machts nicht!  One more person has used that e-Verify website and found that if the Fuehrer wanted to hire on with their company, he couldn’t because DHS will not recognize his social security number as belonging to him.  They would be breaking FedGov employment law to do so.  But of course, he wouldn’t be charged.  The only logical reason I can see that the Fuehrer and his handlers have allowed this charade to go on all these years is to distract and divert resources from fighting all the other garbage that the White House ships to us. (And here I am, wasting another 122 words on the subject!)  Get real: it doesn’t matter any more.

Florida deputy’s son, 2, accidentally fires father’s personal gun. Supposedly the two-year-old reached in his father’s pocket and pulled the trigger!

Mama’s Note: Illustrating the insanity of carrying anything, anywhere without a holster that covers the trigger. And, once again, what possible difference does it make if the gun was his personal property or was issued by the department? ZERO difference to anyone but hoplophobes, of course, because they are convinced that an “official” gun is not nearly as evil as a “personal” one. The guy is really lucky nobody was badly hurt, and I do hope he will find some competent training for himself, as well as teaching his children better.

Nathan: We don’t know what really happened. A two-year-old “stands” in line. Huh?  And is tall enough to put his hand in his father’s pants pocket?  Maybe a thigh patch pocket?  And the idiot didn’t feel what the boy was doing?

Mama’s Note: Indeed… but the discharge was totally preventable with a good holster and some situational awareness on the part of the father.  I vividly remember my own sons at that age. They move FAST, and their movements are almost unpredictable often, so you have to cover the bases as much as possible before they can get into trouble. I’ve stood in a line with a two year old many times… sometimes with a four year old holding his hand. The potentials for disaster are mind bending, depending on what sort of line you are in, of course. The real miracle is that so many two year olds survive to become four…

Nathan: Got that right.  Of course, this deputy reminds me of SOOOO many deputies.  You wonder why God lets them breed.

Higher Wages for Fast-Food Employees Come at a Cost.  Really?  Of minimum wage workers, two-thirds receive raises within one year of employment. So if the minimum is raised, regular longevity/step increases are not available.  If someone is making $7.50 to start and gets a raise to $10/hour after six months, that 33% incentive is great.  Another 33% increase in a year to $15 is even better.  If everyone starts out at $15, not only will there be fewer hired, but there will be less incentive to stay and less chance for any increase in pay.  Of course, a recent cartoon pointed out that a $15/hour fast food worker looks very much like a touch screen with a slot for a credit or gift card.

We all like looking back into the past – enjoying the nostalgia of growing up, or of raising our children a decade or two ago.  ABC did the same thing with a twist: five things that parents did in the past that would get them arrested today. The list is not a shocker, if we have been paying attention:  (1) letting your kids get chubby, (2) lighting up in a car with your kids, (3) Not making your kids wear seat belts, (4) letting your kids be alone in the house, neighborhood, or park, and (5) taking naked baby pictures.  Though ABC tries to show how these are logical and reasonable, I see nothing but a bunch nanny-state tyrants and too many people who WANT this sort of control on others AND on themselves, because they do not want the responsibility and accountability that life demands of people.   The heart of the problem is that, however logical this criminalization of everyday acts is, the laws are simply bandaids hiding the bleeding, gaping wounds caused by stupid and unreasonable acts committed by people and the governments they made into monsters decades ago.  Keep in mind, MOST people won’t get arrested for these “crimes” but they will be used as hammers by authorities and opponents and enemies.

US House tries to stop EPA overreach, or at least they are pretending to.  Has the EPA finally attempted one bridge too far?  The EPA has proposed to regulate nearly all ditches, including those that are man-made.  It has been pushing for decades, and the impacts are accumulating to the point that people are either just plain giving up or getting ready to rebel. I don’t think that Congress is collectively smart enough to push the EPA (or ANY Executive Branch agency) back.

The Texas Public Policy Foundation claims that “School Choice” means higher teacher pay.  They say that teachers’ salaries would increase if states would introduce school choice.  I really doubt that, but have to point out that it is a moot point:  REAL choice in schools, or even the joke of charter schools and a ghetto for home- and private-schools, will be rejected by the edu-crats and the education unions because they really don’t care about teacher salaries or the teachers themselves: the real classroom teachers are nothing but a resource to be exploited and (I hope this isn’t too tacky) treated like the 99.9995 percent sperm that DON’T fertilize the egg.  What the administrators and union bosses and political bosses and contractors care about is the money and power which they would NOT have if there were a free market, or even a somewhat fragmented market for pre-adult education.

Get real!  The time is here.

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Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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