Libertarian commentary on the news, #14-36D: This and that

By Nathan Barton

Good morning.  Yesterday, the Fuehrer gave the orders for dealing with the Caliphate – or so it was claimed.  Frankly, for such a speech and order on the night before the anniversary of Bloody Tuesday (9-11), the message made no sense.  More on that later: here is a short commentary for this Thursday, 11 SEP 2014.

Enjoy this little video if you can.  James O’Keefe again demonstrates how porous the borders are, by having a boat bring an “ISIS” fighter (all in black with mask and hood) and the fighter’s “Ebola-contaminated” gear and bags of “ricin” from Ontario into Cleveland, Ohio, and then into a “significant potential target.”  No one stopped or even questioned or looked twice at the guy.  So much for “homeland security.”  Theoretically, O’Keefe and crew violated the law by not voluntarily stopping at the local DHS/CBP fortlett. Right.

In Florida a small business owner has been told by the city that he is NOT allowed to fly a Gadsden Flag (yellow with a rattlesnake), and that only a US flag (not even a Florida fag) can be flown.  Which he says is very strange since other businesses are flying flags and have not been threatened with $200-$250/day fines.  Mexican and Irish are okay…

Freedom Outpost has a great article about the massive increase in domestic terrorism in the Fifty States, stating that “Serve and Protect” is now “Search and Destroy.” They are right, and details in the article prove it. They provide data and links to document every bit. It is not EVERY police force that does these really outrageous actions, but they all have the “legal” power to do so.  Even Barney Fife was “commissioned” to use deadly force.  We need to be prepared when he suddenly turns out to be far more competent at killing and frightening people than he seems.

Well, I start to understand why Kroger’s is encouraging their customers to shop while armed.  The video, by a member of the mob, shows at least two white people being attacked and beaten by a mob of scores of black teens.  This is in Memphis at a Kroger’s supermarket, and it is clear that the teens are having fun doing this.  Maybe Kroger’s should start arming all their employees!  (Panera’s and Target REALLY need to think again.  At least in my part of the country, Sonic and Starbucks seem to be ignoring their corporate dictates.)

NPR has followed up on research done by a number of people on the massive transfer of “surplus” military weapons and equipment from DoD to various police agencies, including County Sheriffs, municipal police forces, state law enforcement agencies (such as State Police, State and Highway Patrols and Investigation bureaus), and colleges and universities (presumably to their police forces), in the 1033 program.  Oddly enough, NPR identified the transfer of 11,959 bayonets from 2006 through April of this year. Political Outcast questioned just WHY police agencies needed bayonets, why they need to “knife” someone to death in dealing with riots, protests, and other civil disturbances.  Well, the answer is clear to anyone with some experience and exposure to or training with bayonets.  Originally created to give infantry a weapon when they fired single-shot muskets and rifles and did not have time to reload, bayonets still provide a deadly weapon when the last round in the magazine is fired, OR when the orders are NOT to fire.  But bayonets are ALMOST the last type of “cold steel” on the modern battlefield OR in “domestic disturbances.” (The other two are Kurkis – those fearsome Ghurka knives, and machetes.)  People who are willing to be shot for their cause are very often NOT willing to face naked steel:  just as most people would face a bullet from a revolver or automatic pistol and cringe from a shotgun.  There is SOMETHING about sharp, pointed steel, even at the end of a short rifle like an M16, that terrifies people, even before they get stuck.  A squad or even a fire team with bayonets can control and cow (terrorize) as many rioters as a full platoon can with bare rifles or pugil sticks or riot sticks.  And the enemy can get stuck and have a relatively minor wound that looks and feels horrible. (I’ve never been stabbed or sliced by a bayonet but have been stabbed and sliced by other nasty sharp, pointed objects, and it looks and feels incredibly bad.)  And people around react:  a wounded casualty of the enemy (including a mob) is far to be preferred to just killing them. In the middle of combat, dead people don’t scream and demand and beg for help.  Wounded ones DO.

It is a MILITARY tactic, but remember that in the past, bayonets WERE used for crowd control.  Consider Boston under British occupation in 1774-75.  Baltimore under Federal occupation in 1861.  Dozens of railroad worker and mine worker strikes (including the Ludlow Massacre, 100 years ago).  Overseas are thousands more examples.  In reality, more than guns and automatic weapons and MRAPs, bayonets signify that the police which accepted these weapons see themselves in a war, a war in which John Q. Public is, if not a declared enemy, certain to turn into one when the balloon goes up and the “sovereign citizens” and other “domestic terrorists” start killing the cops and the bureaucrats and the minorities.

Mama’s Note: That might work out well for the controllers in the cities where people are generally unarmed and unable to defend themselves, yet foolish enough to go against the “cops.” Other places, maybe not so much. The defenders of liberty might want to stand off a way and look for the head cheese. The cop “troops” are not generally composed of people who think for themselves, and the overwhelming desire for “cop safety” might prove to be a problem for them as well.

I think that obtaining this equipment makes them feel big and powerful, and it will certainly be used against those who allow it to happen… but not everyone is going to do that, and even then it won’t last long. Only a fool takes a knife to a gunfight. Only a fool enters a fight for their lives without the best tools they can obtain and learn how to use. We shall see just who the fools are.

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Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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