The Caliphate and the Fuehrer

By Nathan Barton

On Wednesday night, interfering (supposedly) with the Wednesday night Bible class or prayer meeting of millions of Americans, the Fuehrer gave a grand speech about fighting the Caliphate (which he insists on calling ISIL – which is NOT the “International Society for Individual Liberty” (I think)).  But even liberal and conservative media seemed to agree on a few things, at least, some of which are several things I think are clear:

1.  He lies.  A lot.  Indeed, he lies more than he speaks the truth.  I realize this is nothing new, but it is surely more obvious to more people after last night.

2.  He refuses to understand (or admit, at least) that US killings and other meddling in Yemen, Somalia, and elsewhere is both evil and a failure – if the goal really is to eliminate the Muslim terrorist threat.  Claiming that his “fight” against ISIL/ISIS/Caliphate is anything different from what he has been doing since he occupied the White House is yet another lie.

3.  He is giving every appearance of being very stupid, especially regarding military matters.  Massive bombing and use of American air power worked so WELL in Vietnam, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Pakistan, in Libya, and in Bosnia and Serbia that of COURSE the mere threat will cause the Caliphate to cease and desist.  So the fact that the US has also been so successful in training and using surrogate, Sepoy armies in Vietnam, Columbia, Mesopotamia, Afghanistan, and elsewhere is a moot point, right?

4.  He has no sense of strategic or operational security.  Or of military strategy and operations. His contempt for the military and true defense of the nation is obvious, though concealed as usual.  Actually, his contempt for everyone (except selected “black” people and Muslim monarchs) is pretty clear.  I believe that he thinks that people are too stupid to figure out what is is saying and doing.

5.  He considers Congress to be an irritant or nuisance, but nothing more.  His imperial majesty will do whatever he wants (or that his handlers/backers want).  Congress is further made a toothless institution. The Constitution is mummified and dusted off, but otherwise ignored.  And Congress, like the Senate under Augustus and Tiberius, seems to be satisfied with squawking loudly and nothing more.

6.  He has (or pretends to have) no sense of world politics and religion.  He claims that ISIL/ISIS/etc. is NOT Muslim and is NOT a “state.”  (Actually, several  conspiracy-minded friends of mine would agree,  claiming it is an Israeli/American false flag op.)  Islam DOES (like many other religions in the past) kill innocents, and has for nearly 1400 years, including their own adherents, as the wars of succession in the 600s and 700s demonstrated, and the bloody fields of the Great War (and dozens of wars before and since) have shown.  And who and what defines a state?  Control of land and people, NOT some armchair observer.  (It was reported that the Caliphate now has more than 30,000 troops, controls an area larger than 50% of the nations on the planet, and controls millions of people.  And, like most nation-states, it is seeking to disarm anyone but its own soldiers.  If it smells like…

7.  He still claims that it is all Bush’s fault.  His constant excuse is that his extraordinary actions are necessary because of what he “inherited” and that without his police state tactics and killings, the US would already been in the dustbin of history.  This policy, like the rest of his actions, seems designed to accelerate that trashing of a once-great and sometimes-good nation.

8.  His proposal will fail, on its face: the Caliphate will not be reduced or destroyed.  But he probably will succeed in his hidden agenda.  The Caliphate is an even BETTER star for the current and future “security theatre” as the enemy/bugaboo and danger to let the police state continue to grow at home and the Imperium to swell around the world.  If it becomes a permanent fixture of the world, so much the better from the point of view of the Fuehrer and his masters.

Now, putting everything together, ISIS/ISIL/the Caliphate is NOT a threat directly or indirectly to the United States EXCEPT as an example of how stupid and incompetent the FedGov is.  And clearly the Fuehrer IS a threat directly to liberty, freedom, and survival of ANY of the Fifty States.  This latest “non-war” is little more than an excuse to crack down more at home and abroad on anyone who dares to not serve the Fuehrer and his “associates.”

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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