Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-37A: World wars, Islamic and other

By Nathan Barton

Good morning.  World war?

The Pope declared last week that the various conflicts around the globe are effectively a “piecemeal” Third World War, as he condemned both the arms trade and ‘plotters of terrorism.’  What?  The amount of violence and wars around the world is little changed in the nearly seventy years since the end of WW2.  If we just lump them into decades, surely we must be up to World War Eleven by now, right?  Wars WILL continue as long as we have governments and bogus religions and anyone else who thinks that THEY can and should have power over OTHER people.  The Pope seems to be slowly realizing the truth of things, doesn’t he?  The problem is, he (and his organization) will NOT see the real cause and the real solutions to this violence.

Islamic wars: more and more dead, more and more destroyed lives and property and society. In Mali, a UN “peacekeeper” was killed by a mine. In Uganda, six “terror suspects” were arrested and explosives from Somalia were seized. Australia will provide up to 10 aircraft and 600 troops to terrorize those already being terrorized by the occupying Caliphate, and is prepared to accept Islamic terrorists targeting Australians.  They will supposedly be joined by several Arab nations which will also launch air raids on the Caliphate, as part of a coalition of Kerry’s fevered imagination, and violating (as usual) the concept of the Ummah, or land of peace and submission.  In Afghanistan, after several days of relative quiet, a US drone has been used to kill seven suspected militants, including more “leaders.” In Mesopotamia, the “prime minister” of the failed state of “Iraq” had his promise broken when a hospital in Fallujah was again bombed by the “Iraqi military,” one of the various thug-terror factions fighting in the region. And of course, France is hosting a conference to see how much more terrorism can be used against the people of the Middle East to fight against the Caliphate, as the panic over the Caliphate is ballooned still more.

By the way, I noticed on Friday, and it is now FOUR days after the ominous 13th Anniversary of Bloody Tuesday: 9-11 and the four hijacked aircraft full (it is claimed, at least) of murdered passengers which completed three successful attacks and killed thousands of people.  All the threats and fears of more terrorist attacks by either foreign or domestic terrorists, and of false-flag attacks, and of massive crackdowns appear not to have come to pass.  No biological or chemical attacks, no Libyan airliners staging Bloody Tuesday II, no subway or train bombings or suicide bombings or armed assaults on school buses… well, at least not on the US or any other major Western nations.  Funny, huh?  Exactly how and why is the Caliphate so great a danger that we must attack them?

In non-Islamic wars, the killing also continues.  In the Donetsk People’s Republic, Ukrainian shelling killed six and wounded fifteen, despite the cease fire in place since 5 September.

In another kind of war, Snowden continues to reveal nasty secrets of the various statists, including the FedGov.  His latest is that the NSA has tapped the cable between Australia and New Zealand, both (for now) allies of the US.  Of course this seems to have been done in cooperation with various Aussie and Kiwi government agencies.  Just who is the enemy?  Too many US police forces could tell them the answer NSA and the rest want to hear: the people.

A war on children and families and common sense. Stupid government-ruined, theft-funded schools continue to behave, well… stupidly! An eleven year old girl was not allowed to wear a T-shirt remembering those who died on Bloody Tuesday (9-11) because it violated the school’s student uniform policy, in Orangevale, California.  In Michigan, a serving Army National Guard officer was not allowed to enter HIS daughter’s school for a parent-teacher conference in uniform because the uniform might be offensive to some students (or somebody).  Yes, I understand uniform policies, and yes, I understand that we have a zero-tolerance policy in most schools that verges on insanity.  Which is why I again urge parents, GET YOUR CHILDREN OUT OF THESE INSTITUTIONS!

War on NFL?  The NFL is going through a “domestic violence crisis” as more and more players are pilloried for domestic violence: such things as fighting with (and knocking out) a wife, assaulting and threatening a woman, and switching their 4-year-old.  (Which is, at least in Minnesota, considered child abuse and negligent injury, although it may be in part based on the severity.)  Some have questioned if this is an attempt to destroy the NFL by emasculating it.  Others have more correctly pointed out that the measures taken by the NFL will actually encourage HIDING such things, because the penalties will be viewed by the victims of the abuse as being so great and so harmful  to their own lives that they will not report but will instead endure it silently.  Once more we see how society is fragmenting and growing MORE insane.

Assaulting ANYONE is a wrong and should be a crime and deserves some form of punishment (preferably restitution).  For a man to assault a woman, except in self-defense where death or severe disabling injury will otherwise result, is also wrong – and many of us face a moral dilemma even in that case.  For a parent to punish a child by spanking or switching or other punishment (REASONABLE punishment) is NOT wrong – indeed, failure to discipline a child is WRONG.  But the NFL, like the rest of this sick society, cannot and will not see the difference, and the Tranzis seek to make it worse.

A war on Anti-Semitism?  Frau Merkel, the Bundeskanzler, says it is EVERY German’s duty to fight anti-Semitism, as part of the continued attempts to atone for the Dritte Reich and the Final Solution, which is of course a reason to attack her for everyone that considers the State of Israel to be a new version of the Dritte Reich, the Union of South Africa, and the antebellum American South all rolled up in one.

A war on Americans by their own government? Minions of the Fuehrer in the White House deny that the Fuehrer threatened legal action against families if they paid ransoms to the Caliphate to free family members later executed.  Never mind that the long-standing FedGov policy of not paying ransom to terrorists has been totally wrecked for years, NOW it becomes an excuse to help support more wars.  The FedGov CONSTANTLY threatens legal action to get Americans (and everyone else) to do what they want us to.

A war on business? New York City and a coalition are cracking down on websites that are offering or helping “illegal hotels” and “illegal restaurants” to operate in the city. Changes in the economy and technology – “anything new” – are almost ALWAYS opposed by government, entrenched business interests, and others.  People will find a way to work around this.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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  1. rkshanny says:

    “peacekeeper” . . . Orwellspeak at its finest!


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