Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-44A: Freaking-out government

By Nathan Barton

Good morning! A few items from over the weekend to start this week’s commentary.  The insanity that IS government grows more obvious, as does the abusive nature of too many in government. With the election tomorrow and a couple of these stories (like the EPA one), one of the quotes for today is worth sharing: “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.— Sir Winston Churchill

Mama’s Note: A “democratic republic” is the delusion that people are too stupid and evil to manage their own lives, but somehow wise and good enough to choose others from among them to do it for them. Don’t vote… The only person you can rightfully control is yourself.

Two recent examples of thugs in blue abusing people who are doing nothing wrong, and indeed trying to be pleasant (as we are taught to be in dealing with cops, to avoid even a bigger hassle).  In one, a parting “God bless you” from a young and respectful looking man is responded to with a profanity-laced and threatening spew of venom; in the other, a young black man, accused of “trying to make eye contact” with a Philadelphia (black) cop is threatened with being beat up.  Supposedly BOTH are under investigation by their respective agencies, but we all know how that is likely to come out.  Both harassed “civilians” better figure on emigrating to a less-enslaved state as soon as possible.

Mama’s Note: I don’t know why so many of us continue to be surprised that this happens, despite all of the video and even eye witnesses. Who is going to hold that cop accountable for his actions? He would not likely be held personally responsible if he’d beaten the man to death, or shot him without any provocation. That happens all the time. Why would the cop be afraid to use mere foul language and intimidation?

It won’t stop until people, generally, stop believing that any government employee, especially “cops,” have any kind of  legitimate authority to willfully and violently ignore even the most common aspects of peaceful human interaction.

I certainly agree that “the French are revolting” but the raw facts of the recent violence in two French cities during protests over the death of an environmental activist blamed on police show that the protesters STARTED the violence and did so in typical French fashion by destroying the property of innocent people and actually attacking police, who then responded.  What they were doing was NOT self-defense, and was clearly intended to get exactly the response that they got.  What they will NOT get is significant support from French businesspeople and workers.  Although the rioters did not appear to be the usual Muslim “suburban youth” who riot so frequently in France these days, they are imitating those actions.

In Massachusetts, insanity has grown to unbelievable levels in the “public schools” (government-run, tax-funded) as far as “zero tolerance” for guns: they are now persecuting students for on-line pictures of activities at home involving Airsoft guns (those silly plastic-pellet things that have replaced traditional bb guns as being safer).  The persecution? Suspension from school for the couple and a police investigation demanded by the school. This is just one more example of how brain-dead schools and the idiots who run them are in 2014.

Mama’s Note: The “suspension,” of course, is actually a blessing. The parents now have both an opportunity and incentive to make other arrangements for the education of their children. The fact that most will not do so, or even consider it, is the real tragedy here. I would hope that intelligent parents would also rethink allowing their children to post anything in social media. I really can’t understand this obsession to acquaint everyone in the world with one’s personal life and habits.

Across the fifty states, the fad (or is it an epidemic) of beheading continues, this time with another “nearly beheaded” victim in Oklahoma, where a fired worker (a Muslim, screaming that “Allah is great”) cut off one woman’s head and was trying to cut another woman’s head off when a company executive shot him – bringing condemnation from the killer’s family.  Last week, a man in the Northeast beheaded his mother before committing suicide by throwing himself under a train, perhaps to spare her the indignity of having to pay for the cost of cleaning up the train and tracks (which is what railroads in Japan do when suicides use their equipment to off themselves).  This young man apparently killed a friend and “almost” completely cut his head off before calling the cops and then jogging through his neighborhood with a bloody knife.  So far, there is no connection with either the Caliphate (or Islam in general) in these two cases, nor with the drug cartels in Mexico, who are known to be fond of beheading their enemies.  It is apparently, just an insane and very sick fad.  The “Crazy Years” indeed.

Mama’s Note: Very sad, and sickening. Seems to me the answer is better situational awareness and the ability (tools and training) to defend one’s life. If someone were to come toward me with a drawn knife of any kind, they would not find an easy victim. That’s just one reason I carry a gun.

With almost 14,000 “known” Ebola cases worldwide, the map shows that only in the Fifty States is there a significant spread of “possible” Ebola cases, including even the Plains States.  But deaths worldwide seem to have slowed, and there is no report that the disease is really spreading in the States, at least not in the past 20 or so days.  But at the same time, panicked responses by people and officials does not seem to have slowed much…

Although this is an article from early last week, I ran across it again and it makes me wonder.  It does make some sense: The hospital with the new case in NYC is very short of staff, as nurses are calling in sick in much higher numbers than usual, supposedly because of fear of catching it. There are also many more claims, some with a tiny bit of evidence, that new cases are NOT being reported publicly in the US and in Europe.

Mama’s Note: It is really hard to know what to believe, but experience makes it pretty clear to me that I can’t believe much of this at all. Hospitals and other medical facilities have been short staffed for a very long time, and it was getting worse each year long before we heard about ebola. Personally, I’ll just skip all the hype of the MSM and not worry about it. There is no “epidemic” here, and there won’t be. It is merely being used as another tool to keep people reacting emotionally, instead of rationally. That’s how they control us for their own purposes.

In what I see as a good step, the Catholic hierarchy in the Fifty States is looking at having their priests STOP acting as “an agent of the state” in signing civil marriage certificates, and the Archbishop of Philadelphia (an AmerInd and former bishop of Rapid City and archbishop of Denver) is seriously considering it.  Many Protestant preachers have already started to refuse, and many preachers of other faiths are considering it or refusing to do so.  The state, frankly, has no business in the marriage business anyway.  Those who claim to follow God who act as agents for government in this (or anything else) are betraying their claimed faith in God most of the time: recall Jesus’ warning about “two masters.”

Insanity that makes me violently ill:  EPA Director Gina McCarthy has praised environmental lawyers for their work, telling them “enforcement really is democracy in action.” I am no advocate for, or fan of, democracy, but to make this claim is disgusting, and shows that so-called government leaders have no business wandering around without a keeper.  Rather than “democracy” in action, even a “democratic tyranny” as democracy often is, public opinion is very much against the kind of abuse that the EPA and its state minions heap on business and individuals. And to call EPA’s action part of the “rule of law” is to make a mockery of the concept.  And is insane.

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