Racism and society in 2014, part 2 (was Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-49D2)

By Nathan Barton

It is one of those weeks… Racism in America is NOT limited to just being anti-black.  Indeed, sometimes blacks seem to be pretty racist.  Actually, people of ALL races can be racist, despite what the liberals claim.  For example…

The Fuehrer unveiled his plan to “help” young American Indians. In Bismarck, ND, he announced an initiative Wednesday aimed at improving conditions and opportunities for American Indian youth, more than a third of whom live in poverty. Obama’s Generation Indigenous initiative calls for programs focused on better preparing young American Indians or college and careers, and developing leadership skills through the Department of Education and the Aspen Institute’s Center for Native American Youth. Members of the president’s staff also plan to visit reservations next year.

Mama’s Note: With “friends” like this, who needs enemies? More bogus “help.”

Nathan: Of course, the reason that a third live in poverty is because they have lived in a socialist paradise for the last eight generations, or longer.  The FedGov has controlled and dictated to the tribes, and they are in a “perpetual” welfare state in which they are supposedly provided the essentials of life (food, housing, even water) and even jobs and education.  All this “initiative” will do is continue to push the same old-same old, and nothing will change, just as nothing changed after Clinton’s initiatives, or Carter’s or Johnson’s or Nixon’s…The kicker to the joke is the business about the staff visiting: as if he hasn’t already been in office just shy of six years.  Maybe it took them that long to learn how to read a map…  Certainly none of his staff would ever have bothered to visit a western (or eastern) Indian reservation before.

But back to black people. A man delivered an Uncensored Message to Fellow Members of Black Community Amid Ferguson Unrest: ‘I Hate to Break This to You’ He ended with a final message: “Have some pride in yourself, take some responsibility for your life. Everything is not somebody else’s fault. Sometimes it’s just you.”

MamaLiberty and I have been discussing this general topic; here is some of our thoughts.

Mama’s Note: I never have known a large number of black people. No particular reason I can think of, just the way it happened. But most of those I lived and worked near over the years were ordinary people who had jobs, families and mowed their lawns, etc. When I was doing home care nursing, however, I met a whole different sort many times. The “well baby” visits I made especially were often to indigent black and Hispanic people, and their attitude was totally different. The “entitlement” thing was so clear. Anyway, I wonder how many will listen to this man’s message.

Nathan: Not many, I fear.

I had black classmates from First Grade on, in Texas during what was supposedly a “segregated” state that discriminated against blacks.  And worshipped with them, as well.  I have served under, with, and in charge of black soldiers: my very first mentor as a brand-new cadet was a black Lieutenant Colonel, Hollis Brashear, one of the finest officers I’ve ever served with.  My first platoon sergeant, as a second lieutenant, was a black Vietnam-era draftee who stayed in.  I’ve worked with and for black clients and business people, and I’ve worshiped with black people and eaten with them, both in public places and at their home and mine.  Most of the black people I’ve known are good people, honest and hard working and with much faith.  But I’ve also seen a lot of these entitlement-minded folks, the people who refuse to accept responsibility for anything, who demand everything be given to them. It was an angry young black high-school student my own age during an educational visit to DC calling me filthy names and claiming I was a privileged white guy who didn’t know what the brothers had to put up with.  It was an African “prince” sent on a scholarship to my college because of his family connections who expected to be passed with high honors for who he was and not what he did.  It was the descendants of black sharecroppers in Oklahoma whose living rooms were shrines to JFK and wanted more government subsidies for their farms.  It was black people who worshiped as part of a 99% black church in a city of mixed race where every other congregation was a mixture of white, yellow, brown, and black.  It was the relatives of black soldiers who expected a free ride from government (sometimes from their relative!) because, after all, they were poor.  Of course we run into the same kind of white (Anglo or Hispanic or European) and red (AmerInd) and brown (Filipino and Indian and Pakistani); it is not just black.  At least, unlike Arab and Muslim deadbeats whose actions are excused and justified by their religious and secular community leaders, there are good black people who stand up and condemn this sort of parasitical behavior: Thomas Sowell and Bill Cosby (even if now his reputation is destroyed by unproven accusations) and Walter Williams.  We have not just this man, but people like Charles Barkley who speak out in favor of reason and liberty, but they are condemned even more bitterly by fellow blacks and by liberals.  And too many politicians, regardless of color of their skin, are willing to encourage the parasitism of too many people, especially blacks.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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