An Invitation to The Mental Militia

Have you ever thought that America, indeed the whole world, is going the wrong direction and that there truly ought to be a better way to live than the rapidly deteriorating economy in a police state? Do you long for a truly free country, a free market, and life without “big brother” trying to control every move you make?

Do you believe people can live together in peace and prosperity, in spite of their differences, or maybe even because of them… How do you think that could work out, and wouldn’t it be worth a lot of time and effort to make it happen?

Do you think people have to be pushed into violent revolution, or can we outlive, out talk and out think those who would control and destroy us?

Do you shoot, reload, homeschool, garden, raise livestock, cook, love to eat, play music or sing, enjoy crafts or old fashioned tools, antique cars… and wish you had someone to talk to about them without the formality of most single interest websites and fora?

Do you have friends and family who share your concerns, or do you wish you had more and different people to talk to about all this?

Come visit The Mental Militia – an online forum for rational people who wish to talk to each other and explore the questions and possible answers, both as individuals and communities.

I and many others share your concerns about the demise of America, and what’s happening in the world as well.

At The Mental Militia, you will encounter a wide range of opinions about many different topics, and some of them will be controversial and the discussion can even get heated at times. But you’ll find that there is a very well-honed intelligence at TMM, contributed to by Christians, atheists, agnostics, Buddhists, “leftists” and “rightists”, hesitant Democrats/liberals, bashful Republicans/conservatives, free-thinkers, Constitutionalists, min-archists, anarchists, libertarians, tax-honesty people, oath-keepers from the military and law enforcement, Native Americans, a few foreign citizens, and some who are just interested individuals of many sorts. (Did I leave anyone out? – oh, yes – and there may be lurking or active agents provocateur or other representatives of the Federal Power.)

So what you’ll find here is a mix of various perspectives on just about any topic. We here at TMM welcome diverse thought, dissenting ideas, alternate concepts, historic facts, analysis, opinions (especially when they can be backed-up with convincing arguments and facts), “beliefs”, etc.

Visit The Mental Militia and see if you might like to join the conversations.

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