Disappearances: American Style?

By Nathan Barton

Warning: This column contains disturbing information and speculation which may anger and upset many people.  It is intended to challenge us to think outside the box and our comfort zone, and examine if things are much, MUCH worse than we might imagine.

Mexico’s civil war continues, as the sides are seen more clearly.  The cops (now being merged into a single national “federale” police force, apparently) are one side: an enemy to the people as a whole as well as to the drug lords and the other government officials.  According to the WaPo, Mexicans’ search for students’ bodies reveals a history of hidden deaths. Forty-three students went missing in September, but they were hardly the first. Their abduction by police has let loose a flood of new accusations.

Which raises another issue for us here, stateside:  each year in the Fifty States there are hundreds of thousands of people who go missing.  Some (the younger ones) end up on milk cartons: in 2011, the FBI reports that 220,000 children went “missing” (but no information on how many were found then or later).  Some end up on Post Office walls (a practice not done in most post offices, these days, I admit), or crime “reality” shows.  Some disappear because they want to and some are “abducted” by non-custodial parents or by lovers.  We know that some end up in slavery, sexual and/or otherwise.  But just how many disappear because cops make them disappear?

Indeed, disappearances in the Fifty states have made the news recently.  Here is a sampling from the past month:

(1) Thousands of black women are missing (The Root), and a girl recently rescued is supposedly just one among America’s 64,000 missing black women, according to the Black and Missing Foundation. Despite being only 13 percent of the U.S. population, African Americans account for nearly 40 percent of missing citizens, most under suspicious circumstances. Supposedly media refuses to report most because “they are not worthy” to be listed and attention made about them.

That is right: ONE story.  Lots of other “disappearances” (like from jobs, and rest areas and the like), but NOT anything to compare to the furor over those Mexican students.   For every story about an American missing more than a few days, there are a dozen about the missing 43 Mexican school children. But if 220,000 children were reported missing in one year, that is 600 a DAY!  If only HALF that number of adults are missing, that is still 300 a DAY.  What if some of these are NOT angry non-custodial parents, NOT people seeking to get out of a bad relationship or out from under crushing debt, or NOT people that drove off a highway and buried their car in a ravine in the middle of a snow storm?  What if someone – someone “in authority” is making them disappear?  And what if some of those are other people being made to disappear by other thugs NOT in uniform, but who don’t make the news because like the black women, “they aren’t worthy” to be in the news?

In a land in which cops can take the word of a criminal who stole a family’s SUV that the family has meth, raid the home, and KILL the homeowner who responded to what he thought was a burglary by firing 17 shots of which 4 hit the man and TWO hit him while he was lying facedown on the floor – from behind, and yet not make national news, should we not wonder about how many people are being “disappeared” by these cops and their comrades?

This is NOT Ferguson or NYPD, but the dozens of people shot down in cold blood or beaten to death by angry cops for little or no justifiable reason, given a pass by their bosses, the court system, and ultimately, the public.  Houston, Albuquerque, Chicago, NYC, Los Angeles, San Francisco…  We are talking about a system in which people, not even charged with a crime, can be left to rot in a holding cell for months, nearly starving in some cases, because a “mistake” was made.

It happens in Mexico.  It has happened in Honduras, and Chile; in Haiti and Serbia.  It happens in China and Cuba and Vietnam.  It happens daily in most Muslim-majority countries: and while a large part of that can be attributed to bombings (folks, without DNA and lots of other modern techniques, do you REALLY believe that 5-20 people blown to pieces by a suicide bomber in a market in Mesopotamia or Yemen or Libya are identified?), many of those are KNOWN to be attributable to those who claim to be in political power: whether it is the “legitimate” government of “Iraq” or Kurdistan or Syria or the Caliphate or Hamas or some Al Qaeda operation – or the CIA, NSA, FBI, FSS (Russian), MI-5, Surete, or one of their contractors.  Should we not at least suspect that SOME of these hundreds of thousands of disappearances each year in the Fifty States are caused by a local police force, sheriff’s office, or state police – or even a federal agency?  Or their contractors?

A young Saudi Arabian couple with no political ties or influence could keep a slave in their house in Denver itself for FOUR YEARS without out it being found.  A border jumper held a woman as a sex slave for two years in Twin Falls, Idaho without it being found until just this year. So, how many MORE disappeared people could be hidden and enslaved/imprisoned across the Fifty States?  Especially with people having powerful connections and influence, in urban or suburban areas?  And how many bodies can be disposed of, on a regular basis?  If a “lone wolf” like John Wayne Lacy or other recent serial killers can dispose of dozens of bodies and not be found for years, how many “official agencies” can dispose of bodies that can NEVER be found? We are not talking unmarked graves or mass graves, ala Bosnia or Mexico or some ancient convent in Ireland or boarding school in Canada or Indian Country: we are talking about industrial-scale disposal of unwanted bodies and evidence.

If that bloody butcher Kermit Gosnell of Philadelphia could kill hundreds or perhaps THOUSANDS of new born children, and tens of thousands of unborn ones, with the knowledge and even cooperation of state and local agencies over years, then how much more are these infamous agencies able to get away with?

Once, police were respected (whether it was deserved at the time or not) and once this nation followed a moral compass.  But now, there is NO moral compass except “might makes right,” and we daily – DAILY – see cops kill, maim, torture, threaten, abuse, and steal from innocent people AND “perpetrators” as defined by the cops themselves and their accomplices in the courts and the “justice” offices.  What if, indeed, we are seeing just the tip of the iceberg?

Look around, protect yourself, protect your family and friends and your community by paying attention and preparing for the gloves to come off.  No, I’m not talking about the “velvet gloves” over the iron gauntlets of tyranny: those velvet gloves are long gone.  I am talking about the gauntlets being removed to expose the acid-dripping talons and pinchers of the monsters that humans can become, and that they HAVE become in Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Ukraine, Lebanon, Tunisia, and elsewhere.  The people with that potential live and work right here in the Fifty States, and very well may be driving pass you in those black-and-white cars and trucks with the bubblegum machines.  Aided and abetted by the people in the comfortable chairs at the tables and benches in City Hall, the County  Courthouse,  the Statehouse, and tens of thousands of federal and state office buildings across the land.

Mama’s Note: Amen, brother.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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