Libertarian Commentary on the News: #14-51A: Schools – places of fear, trauma and death

By Nathan Barton

Good morning.  Government-run, tax-funded “public” schools continue to be more and more of an embarrassment to the Fifty States and our communities, as they seek to denigrate any ideas or beliefs not accepted by the educational elite, further destroy parental authority and responsibility, and promote the ideals of transnational progressivism in every way.  But it is more than just their educational philosophy and practices that makes these such evil places.  There is the brain-dead stupidity of too many of them, the dogmatic certainty and predilection to slavish obedience to laws and regulations and whims, and the fact that they are target rich environments for perverts, sadists, and abusers of all kinds.

Thanks to Hunter for this one, from his home town.  A Canute (Neosho County, Kansas) elementary school student was suspended for five days for have a SPENT casing in his pocket at school, the day after his parents were sighting rifles for hunting season. As Hunter wrote: “Well, the insanity has reached my old home town, too. Guess I already knew that, but it’s still a bit of a shock to see a story like this from a place like Chanute.” Apparently the school was planning to expel the child for 186 days, until the County Attorney intervened to say that a spent shell was NOT “ammunition.”  The principal and superintendent apparently remain adamant that they are in the right to abuse the child by threatening him and telling him the piece of metal was bad before even telling his family.  His grandmother believes this is an intentional attack on what the family believes and teaches at home.

Frankly, the public schools in this nation have a LOT more to worry about than a spent casing in a kid’s pocket: an epidemic of sexual predation by teachers on students.  A report indicates that there have been AT LEAST 740 cases of alleged sexual misconduct by teachers since January 2014, in just ONE state (Pennsylvania).  It is estimated that 6% of California public school students are the victims of some kind of sexual abuse.  Just as with “gun free zones” which provide warehouses of easily acquired living targets for madmen, “public schools” make it easy for perverts to find the objects of their “affections.”  To say nothing of student-on-student sexual predation and abuse.

In a place almost as shocking as Canute, Amarillo, Texas, a police officer body slammed and arrested an 8th Grader at Sam Houston Middle School, for daring to wear a rosary to a football game. The kid was detained and had to be hospitalized for the injuries provided as part of “serving and protecting” by the cop. Apparently, religious liberty must take a backseat to the arrogance of police officers who consider rosary beads to be a sign of membership in a gang.  Of course, ANYone under the age of 21 is fair game these days for cops since they are not legally allowed to be armed in any state.  Especially not on school grounds: the cop can beat and terrorize the student (child or teen) with less fear that someone (such as the victim) can fight back.

Back in Ohio, the coroner’s autopsy report on one of the recent cop killings uses the phrase “homicide” which seems to mean something different than it really does to a good many commenters.  For the ME’s report to say the cause of death of the 12-year-old Tamir Rice (shot 2 seconds after the cops arrived on scene to respond to a report of a boy with a toy gun) does NOT mean that the cop is being charged with homicide, or with ANYthing.  That report has to go to a prosecutor or to a grand jury.  No doubt one of the claims to be made by the killer is that he “feared” for his life from the 12-year-old (who WAS 5-foot-7 and weighed 193 pounds: definitely a big kid), so much so that he could not wait to tell the kid to drop what he was holding from the safety of his big armored cop car. This kid wasn’t at a school, but the next best thing: a recreation center. Close enough for government work. (In nationwide protests this week, for the first time that I am aware of, Rice was remembered in addition to Brown and Garner.)

A “school shooting” incident near Portland, Oregon last week turns out to be gang-related: at least two of the four victims were identified as having gang connections, and the one suspect captured so far is a gang member.  Again, schools are convenient places to find targets!

How many more children and teens must be abused or killed or wounded or traumatized in public schools and recreation centers before Americans say enough is enough?

Now, I don’t rate this as abuse, but a Cambridge Massachusetts elementary school has sacked Santa Claus this year, from their usual school event. Apparently someone complained.  If a parent or group of parents complains about explicit sex education, or promoting “Heather has two mommies,” those complaints are dismissed and dissed.  But let someone complain about a child wearing a religious tee-shirt or Santa Claus (a non-religious figure, I might add), and the schools can’t move fast enough to take action.  This is like the EPA getting sued by Environists, or Brer Rabbit getting thrown into the briar patch.

Last week’s disgusting authorization of another year of theft and waste by the FedGov (the approval of a $1.1 trillion dollar omnibus spending bill plus $600 billion dollars in “defense” spending) was a clear victory for the business-as-usual GOP and Democracy, and for the White House.  Both ObummerCare and the Fuehrer’s border-jumper amnesty were fully funded, while billions in porkbarrel spending (“earmarks”) and a lot of other garbage were passed, snuck into the 1600+ pages.  WITH the full agreement of the GOP leadership AND a lot of so-called “conservative” politicians.  Godfather Politics properly chastises a few congressmen, calling what one did “Going Turbo” (from the animated movie, Wreck-It Ralph, referring to a good guy gone bad).  The fact that GP does NOT point out is that these conservative congressmen are NOT good guys and never HAVE been: they are scumbag politicians that chose ONE color of camouflage for their evil ambitions, but are just as dirty, just as corrupt, just as power-hungry and morally reprehensible as their RINO and Democracy packmates. The Blaze lists the 24 GOP senators that voted for this piece of junk, but I don’t think any better of those who did not.

At least one Army chaplain is standing up for the religion he is supposed to be representing, and the service his is supposed to be providing to fellow military person, in refusing to abandon use of the Bible for training and counseling, despite a complaint made by a soldier that he was offended by that use.  The role of military chaplains is one that deserves and receives a lot of criticism and discussion, but the destruction of this valuable institution is well advanced and does NOT serve the defense of the Fifty States well.

Mama’s Note: Oh dear… that mean old “assault” bible just jumped out into the middle of the hallway and FORCED that poor soldier to read it, I guess. (/sarc) Or maybe the chaplain chased him down the field screaming bible verses? I don’t think so…

Back to the growing riots and protests and “uprisings” oriented around the Brown-Garner-Rice killings:  the movement seems to be taking an increasingly black-oriented tone, and “non-black” allies are being told by some participants to butt out. Marches held in dozens of cities, including an estimated 25,000 in DC, are not being reported as violent and destructive as in past weeks.  The problem is not limited to cops killing blacks, of course, but cops killing and terrorizing and abusing people of all colors and origins.

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Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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