Libertarian commentary on the news, #15-01G: More of France, More of Legislatures

By Nathan Barton

Good morning.

In France (and elsewhere) the terrorist attack drama continues to expand and reverberate, as 88,000 French police and troops scour the country to try and find two of the three attackers, despite early reports that they had been captured or killed.  So far, the only killing and wounding seem to be of French Police. a policewoman was killed in a shoot-out in southern Paris on Thursday, triggering searches in the area as the manhunt widened for two brothers “suspected” of killing 12 people at a satirical magazine in an apparent Islamist militant strike. Police sources could not immediately confirm a link with the killings at Charlie Hebdo weekly newspaper which marked the worst attack on French soil for decades and which national leaders and allied states described as an assault on democracy. [But it turns out that the man and a woman ARE associates of the killers, and have now taken hostages in a kosher supermarket on Friday.]  And at least one French policeman has been wounded in a Paris suburb.  French Interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve said that the officer had stopped to investigate a traffic accident in the suburb of Montrouge when gunfire rang out. Cazeneuve said that a street sweeper was also wounded, and  added that the gunman was still at large and cautioned against jumping to any conclusions about the attack. Sky News reported that the gunman had been wearing a bulletproof vest. Mama Liberty: I’d think the sight of such a vest would be unusual enough to be noted. Obviously, at least one witness did notice… so one wonders why this cop didn’t notice? Poor situational awareness? Probably long practiced complacency, in spite of the serious incentive provided by the Hebdo attack.

“There was an officer in front of a white car and a man running away who shot,” witness Ahmed Sassi, who saw the shooting from his home nearby, told the Associated Press. Mama Liberty: Not clear if the criminal was running away after or during the shot…And it would seem that at least half of the people in Paris are named “Ahmed” something. The police man executed at the Hebdo site was Muslim. Nathan: There are 5 million Muslims in France, out of a population which is only about fifty million: 10 percent.

News of the shooting forced Cazeneuve to abandon a top-level meeting called by French President Francois Hollande after just 10 minutes to rush to the scene. Mama Liberty: He actually left a “MEETING?” Astonishing… must be really serious. Nathan: Maybe the minister was looking for an excuse to leave the meeting… he must be, what, ten levels up from the policeman? Gareth points out that the reputation of the French police is once again significantly damaged, as if that should come as any surprise!

Thursday has been declared a national day of mourning in France, with a moment of silence to be observed across the country at noon local time (6 a.m. Eastern). Following the Charlie Hebdo attack, France was placed on its highest alert level. Mama Liberty: All very sweet, I’m sure. Unfortunately, nothing will change until the people take back control of their lives and communities, of course. Nathan: I don’t think that the French will take back control until they are forced to… the complete failure of their government officials and systems.  It has happened before: the Paris Commune in 1870 when the Second Empire collapsed, the entire Resistance when Petain and the rest sold them out.  But each time, in a matter of years, they all fell back into their ranks…

More about the police in France: Just in case you missed it, it was reported that the first French police to show up at the scene of the massacre were on “push bikes” and unarmed, and retreated as soon as they saw that the attackers were (illegally, of course) armed. Push bikes are bikes without pedals or motors or chains.  Mama Liberty: Singularly useless looking. Pathetic. Unarmed, helpless “police” on things that wouldn’t even make good toys. Nathan: Ah, but they are safer than real bikes: less likely that children (and French cops) can hurt themselves and others playing on them, than real bikes or mopeds or scooters or motorcycles.

This wasn’t the only “terrorist” attack this week: The Albuquerque Journal’s twitter and website was hacked again by the “CyberCaliphate” which may be a bizarre prank or something very evil.  But never fear, I am sure that the New Mexico legislature will outlaw anything at all like this.

This one of course is “NOT” terrorism, just “workplace violence”: On Fort Bliss, Texas, a gunman fatally shot a doctor at a VA clinic.  The VA clinic of course (although on base) had NO ONE armed to defend themselves, because it is “illegal” to have arms in a VA clinic.  Obviously the gunman didn’t obey the sign posted on the front of the clinic…

Claire Wolfe has joined many of us in calling for action against Islamists, AND she understands (even if she is still not totally convinced) that Islam itself: the religion, is to blame.  But she misses a key point: that the many moderate and peace-loving Muslims are heretics to their more “righteous” fellows. That is why her solution of having “moderate” Muslims deal with the Islamists is NOT going to work:  the reason MOST Muslims move to the US and even Canada is to escape from and have protection from their vicious, murdering, women-hating, pedophilic, torture- and beheading-loving “brethren.”  If they were able to stand up against them, they would have stayed and fought.  All arming about 95% of the moderate Muslims in places like Mesopotamia and Persia and Aram (Syria) and Canaan does is provide cheap weapons for the Caliphate, the Sunni and Shi’a and Wahhabi “militia” terrorist groups, such as ISIS, Hesbollah, Al Qaeda, Fatah, the Muslim Brotherhood and Uncle Emir Hussan’s local beat-up on everyone team. What WILL work is if moderate Muslims are taught that Islam is a false, bogus religion and has been from its beginning, AND are shown how to defend themselves and provided the opportunity to do so: whether they become “Christian” or “Jewish” or “Jainist” or “Reformed Muslims” or “Libertarian Muslim” is not as important as LEAVING Islam and its bloody doctrines and past, and being able to defend themselves.  But they can’t stay as part of any current major sect of Islam, or depend on anyone else – including ANY government.

On to more news:

Earlier this week, I reminded everyone that Congress and the legislatures of many states are now in session, sometimes for their every-other-year sessions (yes, there are still states that don’t think that their supreme “law-making body” must be constantly operating).  Silly and foolish things are happening: here are a few of interest.

We are all enjoying lower fuel prices: I got Diesel for only 2.889 a gallon yesterday, and saw gasoline as cheap as $1.599!  But never fear: some in Congress – INCLUDING the Republicans! – are going to protect us from the dangers of cheap(er) fuel.  The incoming Senate chairman of the transportation committee has decided it is time for a MAJOR federal fuel excise tax increase to let the mad building of more and more highways and other transportation boondoggles go on.  Of course we can afford it, is basically his argument.  Makes me sick.

In New Hampshire, their House votes to allow concealed weapons in chamber. State representatives may now again carry concealed weapons on the floor of the House. The New Hampshire House voted 228 to 149 on Wednesday to allow the carrying of concealed guns in the House chamber. This is a return to the policy of the last Republican-led House from 2011 to 2012. Democrats repealed the policy in 2013.  What an example of stupidity and “democracy” – a mere vote can take away the freedom of hundreds of people of New Hampshire to do what their ancestors fought and bled for to gain for them?

You know, many people have wished for a totally fresh start.  Apparently that includes John Boehner, who apparently is exhibiting significant mental problems. Boehner now vows to fight ‘Tooth and Nail’ against the executive amnesty he funded during the last Congress.  Is that silly or not?

I’m sure I will have more examples quickly.  These next two stories point out that legislatures have done stupid things in the past, too.

In Colorado, the state (Colorado Department of Transportation) has gone into competition with private business even more, by starting a state-owned bus service that will ONLY operate on two of the state’s three interstate highways: service from Fort Collins to Denver to Colorado Springs, and Denver to Glenwood Springs.  That means it will serve almost a quarter of the state!  Amazing. It will build on the tremendous success of the RTD (Regional Transportation District) for Metro Denver, which sucks up billions in taxes for subsidies.  Even worse, it has the disgusting name of “Bustang.”

In California, a Federal nazgul (judge) has blocked the state’s foie gras ban. Foie gras lovers in California can rejoice,  buy and eat the fatty duck and goose liver. But for the wrong reasons: U.S. District Judge Stephen V. Wilson permanently blocked the state attorney general from enforcing the law that took effect two years ago, finding that the federal government’s authority to regulate foie gras and other poultry products supersedes the state’s. California barred farmers from force-feeding birds with a tube, which is how foie gras is produced. The state also banned sales of the delicacy.  Another stupid legislative trick (and governor trick), but there is NO justification for the FedGov to regulate foie gras either.

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