Gun Control – Leaders and Followers

By MamaLiberty

It hit me last night that a lot of us may have been wasting much of our time trying to fight the “gun control” leaders, on several levels.

Obummer has pretty much stayed out of it, being busy with vacations, golf, plotting world war, adding to the latest list of those he’d like to have “renditioned,” and redefining occasional words in the English dictionary, among many other things. Too much work for one man, of course, but it’s been hard for him to really count on Holder, the DOJ, BATFE, NSA and the IRS, etc,. because they have been very busy too. Imagine the scope of all the lies to remember, hard drives to destroy, things to lose and then find, sort of… like emails, guns and stuff. They send out their swarms of armed goons when they can, but it’s not always that easy. Interdepartment political wars and snarking contests make it hard to get down to the real business of destroying liberty and the economy, but they do what they can.

Lots of the boots on the ground work has been taken up by organizations like Shannon’s MDA, or as I like to call them, Mothers Demanding Atrocities. Bloomberg, the pimp-in-chief of all those who think they own other people, has bankrolled and encouraged dozens of efforts to redefine words, demonize freedom, and use real victims to create ever more victims. They can’t exactly plan any actual murders, so they’ve had to be content with talking about killing all gun owners. But I really don’t think they’ve analyzed that desire to any realistic extent.

Wait a minute. “Realistic?” “Analyze?” Not likely. I’m sure Bloomie has plenty of people on his team to distort and misuse statistics, and he can buy a lot of press for the lies generated, but altogether the “gun control” outfits are a joke to anyone with eyes to see. Their lies and irrational behavior simply can’t get much traction with the greater part of the American population much more concerned with making their house payment and putting food on the table. And, as the Nanny/Police State continues to grow and get meaner, they’re going to lose ever more credibility.

So, just maybe, all the efforts to refute the claims of the gun control leaders is pretty much a waste of time. Seems to me that countering a negative, especially with people who have little or no information or sense of the positive, is not a productive endeavor – especially as it becomes more and more clear that none of this is ever going to make them “safe.” The question being asked more and more is, “safe from whom?”

What might happen if we turned all of our attention, energy and money into activities directly related to individuals, looking for people to talk to, one to one, taking them to the range, offering to teach them how to defend themselves and their children in personal, real life terms? Don’t argue with the statistics, the polls, the “laws” and the “vote.” Don’t leave it to the politicians, the “voters” or even the dedicated “gun rights” organizations.

Tell them your story. Make it personal. Start a “Well Armed Woman” chapter where you live. Host an Appleseed. Become an NRA certified instructor. Write a book, a song, produce a podcast. The possibilities are almost unlimited if you put your mind to it.

I’ve taught several hundred folks the basics of armed self defense by now. I talk personally to hundreds of others each year. I’ve given away about 9,000 copies of my free e-book. I hand out cards, books, DVDs, flyers and other things to promote both liberty and self defense.

Don’t just give money to the JPFO, GOA, etc. Use their materials to promote liberty yourself, one to one, with your friends and neighbors, and any strangers you happen to find yourself talking to. Let’s see if we can reduce the number of followers. I don’t think it is going to work any other way.

Other resources:

Claire Wolfe
Hardyville Tales

Cornered Cat – Empowerment for women who are ready to defend themselves and their families.

There are literally thousands more. If you have a specific need, or if you know of a good resource, please let us know in the comments.

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