Consequences – Free E-book

By MamaLiberty

Every choice and action has consequences. Utopia is not an option.

“It” finally happened. The value of the US dollar was at last recognized by the entire world as a negative number and much of the world economic structure that had depended on it collapsed in flames. The container ships stopped arriving and very real threats were made by creditor countries. Very few people could continue to produce much of anything with no cash and no credit possible, so tax revenues vanished. The government could no longer pretend to “borrow” and the printing presses fell silent. And when the checks stopped coming to the millions of welfare recipients, pensioners, government employees at every level…

The manure actually hit the oscillating wind machine and all hell broke loose. The cities burned and the violence of millions of desperate and angry people became the norm. Since most had never learned to restrain themselves, let alone prepare for hard times, soon there was none and chaos reigned.

Consequences is the story of a small group of people who had foreseen this possibility and prepared for it. They have to deal with this chaos, and they are prepared to use as much violence as necessary to defend themselves. As always, there are unintended complications and our heroes must first go out into the holocaust of imploding civilization to rescue some of their own – who had not quite prepared enough.

But the real story is how they carry on the vital necessities of living, working together and forming a whole new society built on voluntary association and cooperation instead of central planning and coercion. These are real people, with real fears, loves, hates, needs and the baggage of history to deal with. They make real mistakes, pick themselves up and go on to deal with other people and their environment the best they can.

Take a journey into this new and challenging world. Consider whether or not it is a place you’d like to live. If it is, start thinking about how you and your like minded neighbors might build a free and prosperous future. The possibilities are exciting and beautiful.

There are literally as many different possibilities and outcomes as there are people in the world. This story doesn’t pretend to be prophetic, or to outline the “only” way to do things. The story is intended to get people thinking about their own potential, planning, outlook, and how they see their families and communities responding to such a situation – or any of the million potential variables.

Integrity, non-aggression, self responsibility and voluntary association, cooperation are the unchanging vital requirements for peace and prosperity. Or do you think it happens any other way?

If you would like a free pdf copy of this book, please write to me here, and use “Consequences” for the subject line. I welcome your feedback either here in comments or at the same email address.

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