Libertarian News and Comments for 10 JUN 2015, #15-23A: Nazgul & Disabilities & More

By Nathan Barton

Today, I have the commentary in two parts. Enjoy!

Nazgul (Judges) especially in committees

What power does Congress have?  According to a Washington Post article, not much: the Nazgul ruled Monday that the president alone has the power to recognize foreign nations, and it struck down as unconstitutional a congressional attempt to allow Americans born in Jerusalem to list Israel as their birthplace on passports. Now, I don’t see how whether or not Israel, as a nation, has any bearing on whether or not a city in Israel is considered part of Israel or not, but that is the Supremes for you – proof of the IQ of a committee, even if it is only a “majority” of a committee making these things up.

Speaking of Nazgul and committee intelligence levels, USA Today reports that, according to  SCOTUS, Constitutional protections don’t cover the people of San Francisco.  “The Supreme Court refused to weigh in again Monday on one of its most controversial topics, the right to bear arms. The justices declined to reconsider the rights [sic] of local governments to constrain that right, upheld by the high court in two landmark decisions over the past decade, by requiring that handguns be disabled or locked up when they are not being carried. The high court left standing a San Francisco law imposing those restrictions, but Justices Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia dissented.”  Good for those two, but the system is still failing to protect basic human rights.

No free speech on line? Wired Magazine reports: “Last week the Department of Justice issued a grand jury subpoena to the libertarian media site, demanding that it identify six visitors to the site. The subpoena letter, obtained and published by blogger Ken White, lists trollish comments made by those six Reason readers that — whether seriously or in jest — call for violence against Katherine Forrest, the New York judge who presided over the Silk Road trial and, late last month, sentenced Silk Road creator Ross Ulbricht to life in prison. … The subpoena calls for to hand over data about the six users, including their IP addresses, account information, phone numbers, email addresses, billing information, and devices associated with them.” Now, I hope that most people are smart enough NOT to give any of that info to (or any other website that is political in nature) and be careful about giving that even for buying things on-line.  But we should not have to protect ourselves because of what we say on-line.  Free speech is free speech!

As the above story reminds me, I realize that grand juries are committees, too, but once in a while… Down in South Carolina, according to the WaPo, the North Charleston, S.C., police officer who fatally shot Walter Scott as he fled a traffic stop this year was indicted Monday by a grand jury on a charge of murder. This indictment comes two months after Michael Slager was charged with murder for shooting and killing Scott, an event recorded by a bystander’s cellphone and shared widely on cable news and social media. Slager was arrested April 7 and fired from the North Charleston Police Department. This is good news, and I can only wish that MORE communities would hold their police officers to the same standards that ANY citizen is expected to follow.  But why so long?

A survey reported in: Christian Science Monitor shows (or purports to show) Abortions down dramatically across both blue & red states. “…fewer women are having abortions, according to a new survey by the Associated Press. Abortion rates dropped 12 percent nationwide during the past five years, the report found. The news is cause for celebration among both abortion-rights and antiabortion activists, who each claim that their tactics are behind the drop. Antiabortion advocates say that more women are gaining an understanding of the humanity of a fetus — and so are choosing not to terminate their pregnancies. Abortion-rights advocates say the decline is linked to a decrease in the number of unplanned pregnancies thanks to easier access to contraception and sex education.” I wonder if part of this is also due to a reductions in subsidies for abortions and abortion providers? Whatever the cause, it is good news.  Sadly, both sides fail to have proper respect for human life, and do not understand the Golden Rule (Zero Aggression Principle).  Those who are right in being anti-abortion have a distressing tendency to give government a pass for killing foreigners as “collateral damage” in wars (even if the war itself is justified, which usually isn’t the case).

Disabilities and Financial Collapse

It is more than just having no desire to read; it is an inability to read, and it has been a trend for more than a generation.  Michael Reising in Eagle Rising, a libertarian-conservative website, provides a commentary that is full of news and facts about “Reading and the Decline of America” that is as much about the decline of reading as of the Fifty States.  The root of the problem is government-run, tax-funded schools who cannot teach children and prefer to indoctrinate them, and the idiotic parents who refuse to take their children out of those institutions.  (Of course, after 3 or 4 generations of GRTF-educated parents, they have an excuse for their idiotic behavior, I guess.)

Educational disability is one of the things that the government encourages and promotes, but does not provide welfare for, at least not directly.  Anything else is fair game. NCPA points out that not all disabilities are alike in today’s Fifty States.  As of December 2013, there were 10.2 million individual disabled workers, disabled widowers or disabled adult children receiving Social Security Disability… That is ten million out of 300 million, and does not include disabled people being supported by other programs (such as VA or military or civil service retirement, or directly through private funding or other welfare programs.  Keep in mind that, unlike Social Security retirement, which is supposed to be a insurance/retirement program, SSI is pretty much a pure welfare program. You don’t have to pay a dime into the “trust fund” to be eligible for “benefits.”  So, what happens when Social Security AND the FedGov go bankrupt and all those checks stop going out?  Or won’t be cashed by a bank or business?

And what happens when Social Security goes bankrupt and the normal SS checks The Institute for Policy Inovation points out a problem in “Retired and Broke”.  The Government Accountability Office found 52 percent of households aged 55 and older have no retirement savings in an IRA or a defined contribution plan like a 401(k)… And honestly, many of us who DO have 401(k) or IRA probably have nowhere near enough, or put into things that may not be worth much when the FedGov goes financially belly-up.  Of course, if the Troubles (the prelude to Final Collapse, sadly) may end up killing off a lot of the elderly and disabled.

Of course, just what will cause the FedGov’s finances to collapse, or for that matter, the entire “United” States of America?  (The Fifty States)?  It is not the only one ranked in the top ten of “nations that may not exist in twenty years).  China is also on that list, and many people have commented on the severe economic and political problems faced by the People’s Republic, even while Peking seeks to gain power and influence worldwide. . CForbes is the latest, pointing out that China leads the world in oil Imports.  China is embracing crude oil and natural gas consumption at a rapid pace…  Despite the vast size of China (including Tibet), it apparently either has no known significant oil and gas reserves or refuses to use modern technology (like fracking and horizontal drilling) to exploit those reserves.  Instead, it appears more willing to steal them from others – Siberian Russia, or those in the South China Sea (stealing from the Philippines and/or Vietnam and others by building artificial islands on reefs).   We are told that China is not interested in causing the FedGov or the fifty States to collapse, because it has so much invested in the Federal Debt and the economy.  I wonder…

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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1 Response to Libertarian News and Comments for 10 JUN 2015, #15-23A: Nazgul & Disabilities & More

  1. Paul Bonneau says:

    The cynic responds:

    “the system is still failing to protect basic human rights.”

    Nathan, the system is not failing at all. It is doing what it was designed to do, keep the established government in power. Only incidentally if at all, is it concerned with rights, and never if that conflicts with government power. Even with cases like McDonald, what it gave us with one hand it took away with the other. Advances in RKBA do happen, but they have more to do with fear among politicians and enforcers, than anything else.

    “The Government Accountability Office found 52 percent of households aged 55 and older have no retirement savings in an IRA…”

    Which may be a blessing in disguise when government institutes a “bail in” programs and raids those IRA accounts.

    “This is good news, and I can only wish that MORE communities would hold their police officers to the same standards that ANY citizen is expected to follow. But why so long?”

    Maybe because there are so many of such outrages. Only a few of the worst examples, that happen to be fortuitously recorded by a cam, have the chance to generate enough outrage for the rulers to consider throwing their hired beast off the cart. The others are merely “investigated” away.


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