Libertarian Commentary on the News, 7 July 2015, #15-27B: Politically INcorrect

By Nathan Barton

Politically correct?  The Army asserts, as published in Stars and Stripes, that NO military installations named for Confederate generals will have their names changed, despite many calls and petitions to do so, they “reject” racism and other evils associated with the Confederacy and the Confederate States Army.  This list includes major installations:  Fort Hood (TX), Fort Polk (LA), Forts Lee, Pickett, and AP Hill (VA), Fort Jackson (SC), Fort Bragg (NC), Fort Benning (GA) and probably others. An Army spokesman said, “It should be noted that the naming occurred in the spirit of reconciliation, not division.” 

Of course, that is contrary to the modern spirit of political correctness and hatred for anyone who does not toe the Tranzi line spouted by the squatter at 1600 PA and the rest of the thugs in DC.  No doubt, it will be found that all these Southern generals also did not support same-sex “marriage” and homosexuals in the military, and together with everything else, this will be reason to change the names to honor current or recently dead politicians.  No doubt, Fort Lee could be renamed for former (and now dead) Democratic Senator Robert Byrd.  Perhaps Fort Gordon could be renamed in honor of former Senator and Attorney General Robert Kennedy.  And Fort Hood could be named for that highly-respected Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee.  You know what? I don’t really believe the Army.  American army generals are smelling more and more like the generals of the Wehrmacht after 1933.

Defining politically-correct speech is getting easier, thanks to a university as reported by CNS News.  The list includes things that I don’t agree with CNS News about.  Human race, anyone?  How is “jawing” about price any more offensive than an “Americano” coffee, or yelling “Geronimo” as you jump out of a perfectly good airplane, or telling North Dakota or blonde jokes? Free speech is increasingly attacked and just plain prohibited, lest we “offend” someone, and college campuses seem to be the worst example of it.

Definitely NOT politically correct. But are they getting their priorities straight?  God comes before government according to at least a few preachers in the South, according to World Net Daily in a story about churches flying the “christian” flag above the Stars and Stripes.  A good many people, indoctrinated since birth on flag etiquette, will find this highly objectionable, although your more and more common Tranzi with their own hatred of the American flag (as to the Southern flags) may find themselves torn.  I’ve some family members who have long felt that a State Flag should be flown ABOVE and NOT below the US flag, as a reminder that “sovereignty” does NOT rest at the fedgov level (of course, it doesn’t rest in the states, either, but in each of us individually).  But this sort of action will hasten the deepening split in American society.

In Arkansas, political correctness is limited. The League of the South holds a July 4th rally, offending the many groups and people who consider the LoS to be a racist, hatefilled, and now homophobic organization that wants to re-enslave “black folks” (apparently including many of their members, who seem to take that in stride.)  But the Raw Story is at least somewhat neutral. “Members of the League of the South rallied in Arkansas over the weekend to protest same-sex marriage and recent opposition to the Confederate flag, which they called ‘cultural genocide.’ Arkansas League of the South Chair Robert Miller told KLRT that an effort to banish Confederate flags flying at the South Carolina statehouse and at government buildings was ‘removing our heritage, removing our history. It’s cultural genocide and nothing less, Miller insisted. On the anniversary of America’s birth, League of the South members gathered alongside Highway 65 in Harrison for a combined rally for the Confederate flag and so-called ‘Christian marriage.'” As with other organizations and grassroots campaigns, this bodes well for the future of liberty.

Well, on to other news:

California: The San Francisco Chronicle reports that electricity rates get their biggest change in 15 years.”California regulators radically revamped the way electricity rates work in the state, approving changes Friday that will raise monthly utility bills for the most energy-efficient homeowners while giving many bigger energy users a break. The California Public Utilities Commission voted unanimously to narrow the gap between prices paid by people who use very little electricity and those who consume more. Over time, that gap has grown so wide that the most efficient Californians now pay less for electricity than the utilities spend supplying it to them.”

Mama’s Note: Typical California: Can’t have that!!! My sister and her husband spent a bundle adding solar to their house, and their electric bills have been much lower since. Looks like they’ll be paying on the loan for the solar stuff, as well as high electric bills. Way to go, California.  I hate to think what my power bill would be if I was still in the desert. It was $200. a month in the summer ten years ago, and no air conditioning either.

Nathan: Californians worship too many political gods: “fairness” and “environism” and “equality of outcome” to name just a few.  As a result, they do stupid things like this.

Asian markets dive after Greek referendum, reports USA Today: “Asian markets fell sharply Monday after voters in Greece rejected austerity plans demanded by international creditors, casting doubt on the country’s future in the euro zone. Tokyo stocks dropped nearly 340 points shortly after opening Monday. Losses worsened by early afternoon, with the 225-issue Nikkei Stock Average down 455 points to 20,084.65, or about 2.2%. … In South Korea, the Kospi index fell 1.0% to 2,082.69. And in Hong Kong, the Hang Seng index was down 3.2% to 25,234.75. Chinese shares bucked the trend, with the Shanghai Composite index gaining almost nearly 6% after the market opened.” I don’t know how all the other markets did, but much of the Powers That Be in Europe are distinctly unhappy:  and no one knows if the vote was rigged or not.

Many of us hope that (despite many predictions to the contrary) that this is the beginning of the end both for the Euro and for the European Union, a “democratic” but mostly Tranzi tyranny that has succeeded (so far) where Napoleon and Hitler both hit a cropper.  But there is still every reason to think that the politicians and bureaucrats in Brussels and Frankfurt will figure out a way to keep Greece under their thumb – probably by robbing the Greeks of even more money.  (I should point out that I am told by various sources that the real problem in Asia is NOT the side effects of the Greeks going bankrupt and the EU’s panic over it, but problems with the Chinese government financing buying stocks on margin and other “assistance” to keep the Chinese economy “booming.”)

Apparently, more than a few rabid supporters of gay “marriage” may think more kindly of the hearts, of not the actions, of those attacking christians in Africa.  From the Jamestown Sun comes this story: Nigeria: Suicide bomber kills six at church.  “A suicide bomber killed six people at a church in northeast Nigeria on Sunday at the end of a week in which suspected Boko Haram insurgents killed more than 200 people. The spate of bloodletting prompted renewed international outrage and French President Francois Hollande said he was ready to hold a summit with regional leaders to coordinate the fight against Boko Haram.”

So the bloody killing by Muslims – Islamists – of both other Muslims and christians continued this last week at an increased speed.  Yes, I know that many of those who rage against those who oppose redefining marriage are just in a foul mood and really won’t kill any of their opponents themselves. Rather, they’ll let governments do it for them.  Even governments (like Boko Haram claims to be) that they don’t really agree with.  Of course, once again I have to point out that many people in these locations attacked by suicide bombers and gun-waving madmen are totally defenseless; unarmed, and depend on “government” to protect them.

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Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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